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Lelen Ruete’s Cannabis Photography: ‘The Plant Is Artistic, I Propose To Enhance It’


Today, we’re sharing the art an Argentine cannabis photographer currently living in Uruguay. In recent years, Lelen Ruete has become one of the most prominent figures in marijuana photography in Latin America.

Her inspiration, she tells us, comes from what the plant itself proposes.

“I am learning about it and everything that happens around it inspires me: its shapes, colors and textures… but also its history, its botanical characteristics, all the information there is to give and everything there is to teach to many people who do not know anything on the subject,” she explains.

Lelen Ruete's Cannabis Photography: 'The Plant Is Artistic, I Propose To Enhance It'

But Lelen also likes to tell stories. With a background in the fashion world, Lelen Ruete seeks to combine the classic style of fashion editorial stories with the photography of cannabis plants.

“I think there is a very powerful fusion in that. I am inspired by the spiritual relationship between humans and plants and the analogy between the two species,” she said.

Getting to know the cannabis space

Lelen started taking photos of cannabis thanks to a friend who was a well-recognized grower in Uruguay. “When I saw his plants I went crazy for photographing them,” she said.

That first session included photos of live plants and cured buds. Lelen’s talent was evident from day one. In fact, it only took her friend to share some of her photos on Instagram for the organizers of the Kangaroo Cannabis Cup (Copa Cannábica Kanguro) to contact her to photograph the samples of the…

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