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How long does it take to recharge Transporter Energy in Pokémon Go?


How long does it take to recharge Transporter Energy in Pokémon Go?

Players now have the ability to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Pokémon HOME, but Niantic have added a rather large hurdle that players will need to clear if they want to utilize the new feature fully. 

The new HOME Transporter is powered by a new type of energy called Transporter Energy, which is used to facilitate each and every transfer. 

Transporter Energy is not like some of the other resources included in Pokémon Go, in that it will recover over time rather than players needing to go out and get more. There is also a very controversial in-game purchase option that can refill the energy instantly, however.

You will start with 10,000 Transporter Energy in the  HOME Transporter, and it will recover at a rate of 60 energy per hour. If you use the entire tank up in one go, this essentially means that you will have to wait seven days for a full recharge. 

That is going to be a pretty common occurrence for players, as the cost to transfer a single Shiny Legendary or Mythical Pokémon basically takes up the energy supply. You can transfer multiple Pokémon at once, but again, each Pokémon has a specified cost in Transporter Energy, with Legendary, Mythical, and Shiny Pokémon costing a lot more per transfer. 

Players will have the option to use PokéCoins to recharge the transporter instantly, with a full charge of 10,000 Transporter Energy costing 1,000 PokéCoins or roughly $8.33 per full charge. This cost is reactive, meaning the closer you are to a full charge, the less PokéCoins you will need to spend on a recharge. 

It is unlikely that this method will remain the way it is now for long as nearly the entire Pokémon community has already started blasting Niantic for this decision. However, no change has currently been announced, so you will either need to wait or pay PokéCoins to recharge your Transporter Energy if you want to get all of your Pokémon from Go to HOME.

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