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Here are the patch notes for Free Fire’s OB30 update, Booyah Day

Free Fire’s OB30 update dropped yesterday along with the global launch of Free Fire Max. With that, the Booyah Day patch notes were also released on the battle royale’s dev blog. The new update brought changes to the Clash Squad mode, as well as many character and weapon adjustments.

Clash Squad fans can now enjoy the new six-vs-six matches available in the custom room. The mode has been a hit among players and the new update offers the opportunity to play it with more friends. 

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The Booyah Day update didn’t bring any new characters, but some traditional characters received some adjustments. Chrono has been a controversial character since being introduced to the game and has already been nerfed once. Now, his Time Turner skill is being adjusted one more time with a higher cooldown and decreased movement speed and shield duration.

Wukong also had his movement speed decreased by 20 percent when activated while Andre “The Fierce” had his damage reduced. Shirou, on the other hand, had his cooldown reduced by 10 seconds so he can be more present during combat. A new item named Jai’s Microchip was also added to the game, giving access to his Raging Reload skill. 

Here are the patch notes for Free Fire’s OB30 update, Booyah Day
Image via Garena

For weapons, two armor attachments and a new treatment sniper were introduced to the game. The SPAS-12 and P90 also had their range increased by 10 percent, while the FF-Knife now has 50 percent more base damage and a 20 percent higher rate of fire. The grenade had its maximum damage decreased by 25 percent and the Vector suffered nerfs in many stats. Finally, the SKS had its minimum damage increased by 25 percent and the AWM now has eight percent more armor penetration.

Details about other changes made to the battle royale, Training Grounds, and generic gameplay fixes are available on the official Free Fire website.

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