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Here are the patch notes for Brawl Stars’ Jurassic Splash update



Brawl Stars’ new update, titled Jurassic Splash, is here with a lot of new content.

The update is bringing two new Brawlers, as well as lots of skins, pins, events, and other changes. The two Brawlers are called Buzz and Griff. The former is the chromatic Brawler for the season.

Here are the complete patch notes for Brawl Stars’ Jurassic Splash update.

New Brawler: Buzz

Buzz is the chromatic Brawler for the season.

Main Attack: Buzz Off

  • A series of short-range attacks that goes from left to right.

Super Ability: Torpedo Throw

  • Buzz shoots his Torpedo Buoy and pulls himself to the target enemy or a wall.
  • The Brawler briefly stuns enemies in the area after arriving at the location. The stun length is based on the distance traveled.
  • Buzz can charge his Super ability passively from nearby enemy Brawlers, the range is visualized as a circle around the Brawler.

Gadget: Reserve Buoy

  • Instantly charges the super ability but removes the stun effect from the next super activation.

Star Power: Tougher Torpedo

  • Minimum super stun length is increased by 0.5 seconds.

Star Power: Eyes Sharp

  • Super ability charging area is increased by 33 percent.

New Brawler: Griff

Griff is an epic Brawler who is the boss of Colette and Edgar. He uses tips from these two Brawlers’ tips jar to attack.

Main Attack: Coin Toss

  • Griff tosses nine coins at the enemy which spread out the further they go.

Super Ability: Cashback

  • Fires banknotes that return to Griff’s location after a brief duration dealing damage when traveling both ways.
  • Damage dealt is increased based on the distance from Griff.

Gadget: Piggy Bank

  • A bomb that explodes after a delay destroying walls and dealing damage to enemies in the area.

Star Power: Keep The Change

  • Increases the fire rate of the main attack.

Star Power: Business Resilience

  • Heals seven percent of missing health every two seconds. Minimum of 10 health healed per activation.

New skins and visual improvements

New skins

  • Burger Lou
  • Surfer Carl – Brawl Pass Tier 1
  • Born Bad Buzz – Brawl Pass Tier 70
  • Coco Rosa
  • Summer Dino Leon
  • Beach time Mortis
  • Dino Jet-ski Jacky – Power League exclusive skin
  • Whale Watch Nita – Supercell MAKE skin
  • Hermes Max
  • Mega Box Darryl – Free Skin celebrating 1 year of Brawl Stars released in China
  • True Gold/Silver Colt
  • True Gold/Silver Mr. P
  • Vicious Bibi
  • Wicked Stu
  • Trash Poco

Latin America Masters League

  • Multiple football Club skins.
  • Boca Júniors Shelly, America Shelly, U de Chile Shelly, El Primo Universitario, El Primo Club Nacional, EL Primo Corinthians, Atl. Nacional Colt, Cerro Porteño Colt, River Plate Colt, Club America Colt, LDU Quito Mike, Flamengo Mike, Chivas Mike.


  • Each Brawler has been given a new Rare rarity Clap emote pin. These won’t be animated in this update yet.
  • New animated Pins
    • 8-Bit
    • Edgar
    • Max
    • Byron
    • Sandy
    • Amber
    • Gale
    • Surge
    • Colette
    • Lou
    • Ruffs
    • Belle
    • Gale – Brawl Pass
    • Surge – Brawl Pass
    • Colette – Brawl Pass
    • Ruffs – Brawl Pass
    • Belle – Brawl Pass
    • Lou – Brawl Pass
    • Brawl Esports 2020 Champie Pins

Seasonal events

  • Brawl Pass Season 7: The Jurassic Splash
    • Loading Screen
    • Main Menu Background
    • Main Menu Music
  • “Bad Randoms” punk music event
    • Main Menu Background
    • Main Menu Music

Game modes/event rotation changes

General changes

  • Respawn changes
    • Brawlers now spawn without ammunition after being defeated.
    • Respawn locations are now marked on the ground.
  • Active map modifiers are now displayed during the battle intro.

Gem Grab

  • Gems now spawn in a fixed order around the mine shaft.


  • Knockout has been added as a permanent game mode to the game.
  • Knockout now has an advancing poison effect similar to Showdown to bring the match to a conclusion and the damage based tiebreaker has been removed.


  • Damage from Showdown poison is now calculated individually for each player from the moment their Brawler enters the poison instead of being applied to every Brawler inside the poison at the same time.

Team Events slots

  • Two team events slots now have a two hour rotation per map and won’t award Tokens anymore.
    • Team Events slot one: Heist, Hot Zone, Siege
    • Team Events slot two: Bounty, Knockout

Weekend events

  • Added a 50 token reward to the weekend event start.


  • Challenges during Brawl Pass Season 7
    • Griff Challenge – Beat the challenge to unlock Griff a week early!
    • Vicious Bibi Skin Challenge – Beat the Challenge to win Vicious Bibi
    • LATAM Masters Challenge – Beat the Challenge to win a Mega Box

Power League

  • Power League Season 3
    • 2 Player Profile Icons rewards
    • Jet Ski Jacky skin reward – You must WIN 50 Power League matches to unlock it.


  • Map rotation has been refreshed for multiple game modes.
  • Some old fan-favorite maps have been added back to the rotation.

New limited-time summer modes

  • Basket Brawl – Starts on June 28
  • Hold the Trophy – Starts the following week
  • Volley Brawl – You know the deal now.
  • Trophy Thieves (previously known as Present Plunder)

Map maker

  • Added modifier options to player-made maps.
    • Energy Drink
    • Angry Robo
    • Meteor Shower
    • Graveyard Shift
    • New Modifier: Fast Super (Super Charges much faster)
    • New Modifier: Fast Players (Everyone is faster the whole time)
  • New map elements
    • Damage dealing spikes
    • Healing tile
    • Speed up tile
    • Slow down tile
    • Gas cloud
  • Added map hashtag (#) to the map preview screen.

Brawler balance

New Gadgets

  • Rico: For the next basic attack, each time a projectile bounces, Rico will be healed for 300 health.
  • Lou: All enemies in the super area gets an extra 50 percent snow cone mark.
  • Pam: For Pam’s next attack, each hit on enemy brawlers removes 25 percent of their maximum ammo. Pam reclaims 50 percent of the stolen ammo to herself.
  • Edgar: Edgar gets a shield that blocks the next 2000 damage dealt with him. The shield gets weaker over time.
  • Sandy: Sandy’s next attack makes the opponent fall asleep for 1.5 seconds. They will however wake up from any damage.
  • Leon: Leon drops his lollipop to create an invisibility area for him and his teammates.
  • Spike: Spike creates a large cactus with 3500 health to give him and his allies cover. Upon destruction, it bursts and heals all allies around it for 1000 health.
  • Ruffs: Ruffs calls for air back up. It targets a large area at the closest enemy and deals 700 damage with each hit.
  • Gale: Gale uses his leaf blower to create a local tornado, which will push away any enemy that tries to pass it.
  • Stu: Stu’s next Super can bash through walls, making pieces of the wall fly at the enemies on the other side. Each piece deals 500 damage to opponents.


  • 8-BIT
    • Super ability damage boost decreased from 50 to 35 percent.
    • Boosted Booster now adds a 15 percent damage boost to the super ability in addition to the increased range.
  • Belle
    • Main attack bounces are now limited to up to three bounces.
    • Main attack bounces now charge Belle’s super ability.
    • Super ability range increased by 6.7 percent.
  • Bo
    • Super Totem now gradually loses health overtime after being deployed until it’s destroyed.
    • Super Totem no longer loses Super charging effectiveness over time.
  • Colette
    • NA-AH Gadget has been reworked. It now adds an additional 1000 damage on top of Colette’s basic attack damage instead of dealing damage based on the opponent’s maximum health.
  • Nani
    • Manual Override damage decreased from 2000 to 1800.
    • Autofocus max damage decreased from 2500 to 1600.
    • Super Charge Rate from the main attack increased by 33 percent (Nani can charge up her super with two attacks if she hits all projectiles).

The following Brawlers now charge their Super from all damage received from enemy Brawlers or their summoned turrets and pets. They have this passive ability described in their Brawler profile now under “traits”.

  • Bull
  • El Primo
  • Frank
  • Jacky


  • Byron
    • Malaise enemy healing reduction effect increased from 50 to 75 percent.
  • Gale
    • Freezing Snow slow effect increased from 0.3 to 0.5 seconds.
  • Penny
    • Main attack damage increased from 900 to 940.
  • Shelly
    • Clay Pigeons projectile speed increased by 20 percent.
  • Lou
    • Hypothermia enemy reload speed reduction effect increased from 50 to 75 percent.


  • Carl
    • Decreased main attack projectile speed slightly.
  • Jacky
    • Hardy Hard Hat damage reduction decreased from 15 to 10 percent.
  • Tick
    • Last Hurrah shield damage reduction decreased from 100 to 50 percent damage reduced while the shield is active.
  • Stu
    • Nitro Boost no longer knocks enemies back upon hit.
  • Max
    • Super Charged charging rate decreased by 50 percent.
    • Main attack damage decreased from 320 to 300 per hit.


  • Added support for skin variations in the Brawler Menu
    • Bo & Crow Mecha skins
    • LATAM Masters skins
    • Mortis hat & no hat variations

Bug fixes

  • Issue in Brawl Ball where area damage abilities were not always dealing the damage when used near the edge of the map has been fixed.
  • Issue that prevented Belle from charging her super from the main attack secondary bounces has been fixed.
  • Issue with Squeak’s main attack projectiles not being visible after they landed inside bushes has been fixed.
  • Issue in Brawl Ball when certain Brawler attacks immediately kicked the ball if they received it while firing has been fixed.

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Warzone Community Find Temporary Fix for Untracked Kills and Wins



Warzone is no stranger to unfortunate bugs, and for stat junkies, this one stinks

Warzone is no stranger to unfortunate bugs, and for stat junkies, this one stinks / Raven Software and Activision

An odd bug has cropped up in Warzone, resulting in players’ kills and wins not being properly tracked in the Barracks. The Warzone community has responded by finding a temporary fix of their own.

Call of Duty Warzone’s in-game stats in the Barracks that keep track of crucial stats like kills and wins are not being properly tracked.

Interestingly, using a third-party stat tracking website like WZ Ranked or WZ Stats will present the player with their true stats. Similar to League of Legends‘ Make sure to make your stats public, which will then allow you to see an accurate and comprehensive breakdown of your Warzone stats.

Neither Raven Software nor Activision has gone out and commented on this stat tracking error bug yet. Until then, third-party websites will be your best to find an accurate representation of your stats.

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T1’s Canna reaches 100 game wins in the LCK



Although many may still consider T1’s top laner Canna a rookie, he already reached his 100th game win after today’s match against Liiv SANDBOX.

Canna’s performance saw a drastic increase recently. He underperformed at the start of the split, and fans expected T1 to bench him in favor of the hyped-up substitute top laner Zeus. Canna bounced back in recent weeks, however, and has been putting on a good show in the LCK. He earned four MVP votes throughout the split and has been a reliable carry or frontline for his team, depending on the meta.

Canna began his professional League of Legends career in May 2019 as a trainee for SKT, T1’s former name. After six months, he was promoted to the starting roster and has been the starting top laner since the 2020 LCK Spring Split. He had a stellar performance during his debut split and won a title alongside his teammates after a 3-0 series over Gen.G in the playoffs. In the Summer Split, the team fell off and was unable to put up a good performance. As a result, T1 missed the 2020 League world championship.

Even though T1 underwent coaching staff changes during the offseason coming into this year, their performance didn’t change that much since the team finished in fourth place during the 2021 LCK Spring Split. While his team is currently in fifth place and will most likely reach playoffs, it’s unclear whether they’ll be able to pick up one of the four spots for the upcoming 2021 League world championship if they don’t improve their performance.

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Team WE stomp EDG in Clearlove’s return to starting roster



Team WE took down EDward Gaming in a quick 2-0 series today in Clearlove’s return to EDG’s starting roster after being absent from professional play for over two years.

EDG were the favorites going into this series until the team benched its jungler, Jiejie, who is leading across most stats compared to other LPL players in the position. Team WE had a fairly dominant split and looked coordinated today, taking down the experimenting EDG with ease.

Even though EDG had the chance to bring back Jiejie for the second match, they opted to play their other substitute Yu “JunJia” Chun-Chia in hopes of turning the series around. However, Team WE’s beishang, who is considered to be a top-three LPL jungler after his performance during this split, outmatched both junglers.

Mid laner Shanks and bottom laner Elk, the carries of Team WE, picked up the MVP votes in today’s League of Legends series. Shanks had a stellar performance on Sylas, using his opponent’s ultimates against them in a much more coordinated manner while also doing a lot of damage in teamfights. Elk had a great game on Ashe, landing critical ultimates to get easy picks on his opponents while also providing a good amount of damage during teamfights.

In both matches of today’s showdown, Team WE had the upper hand due to their jungler’s superior performance compared to his counterparts. Beishang picked up huge leads for his team in both matches before focusing on picking up the dragons for an early Dragon Soul. In both matchups, they were favored and the Infernal Dragon Soul spawned, giving Team WE a huge damaging buff once they picked it up to finish the series quickly.

Related: Here are the 2021 LPL Summer Split standings

EDG (10-3) remained in first place in the standings following this defeat. If they keep experimenting, however, FunPlus Phoenix (10-3), who looked much more dominant in their recent series, can overtake them. Team WE (8-4), on the other hand, are sitting comfortably in fifth place and look like good contenders for this split’s LPL champion title. Their next matchups are Rogue Warriors, Invictus Gaming, and Royal Never Give Up. The first two should be easy wins while RNG will be a hard matchup, considering their recent win streak in the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

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Cypher player discovers two Spycam spots on Haven



A VALORANT player found two useful new spots for Cypher’s Spycam on Haven that provide excellent views of A and C sites and can be tough to find or counter.

Players can place a camera on an awning to the right of A Heaven with a lineup from the window. If done correctly, they will have a view of the entire site and can even catch a glimpse of B site. The second spot tucks Cypher’s camera into the corner of C site, above the entrance to Garage. This placement can help teams retake the site since it provides a clear view of almost every corner, and it can also help secure easy picks. 

Both spots require a precise lineup to place the camera, but players can master the technique with a bit of practice. Players should use these spots sparingly in matches and avoid activating their cameras for an extended period of time to decrease the chances of detection.

Both spots require a precise lineup to place the camera, but players can master the technique with a bit of practice. Try to use these spots sparingly in matches to keep enemies from learning your secrets. Also, avoid activating your camera for an extended period as this increases the chances of opponents finding your hiding spot. 

Cypher’s Spycam is an excellent ability that can help players track enemy movement without putting themselves in danger. The camera stays active for a long time, and a well-hidden camera can be a game-changer, especially if enemies can’t find it. There are several spots on every map where Cypher players can set down their cameras with specific lineups, and learning these locations can significantly increase your chance of winning. 

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