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Gadze Finance launches US$25 million DeFi crypto fund

Gadze Finance

Gadze Finance is a unique blend of hedge fund and fintech, with a novel approach to crypto investing

Gadze Finance launches a DeFi focused crypto fund with an initial US$25 million under management, growing to US$100 million over the coming 6 months. The new fintech startup launched by Mike Silagadze and Andrew McGrath aims to democratize access to safe crypto investing strategies. Gadze Finance is based and operated in Cayman Islands.

Crypto is a US$2 trillion asset class, and DeFi (decentralized finance) is a rapidly growing US$100 billion segment where quick and efficient smart contracts, rather than central financial intermediaries, power financial transactions. Productive assets that are being built on DeFi that span finance, gaming, and art. While new and exciting, the investments within this space can feel uncertain and volatile.

“Our goal is to democratize access to safe high yield investment strategies in crypto,” said Mike Silagadze, CEO of Gadze Finance. “We decided to launch operations in Cayman because the regulatory environment in Canada is unclear and risky. We believe DeFi is going to be one of the most transformational technologies of the 21st century. Eventually all value will be transacted on the blockchain.”

The founders of Gadze Finance, Mike Silagadze and Andrew McGrath, are tech entrepreneurs who have been active in the crypto space since the very beginning in 2010.

Gadze Finance will use an initial US$25 million as a pilot fund intended to prove a market-neutral yield investment strategy in crypto. In addition to the capital under management, Gadze Finance raises a US$1.6 million equity financing. The equity financing is meant to help launch the fund and bring in smart investors around the table in preparation to scale the fund to US$100 million and beyond over the next 6 months. The equity financing is led by Boris Wertz from Version One Ventures, one of the leading investors in the crypto space. Also participating in the financing are Michael and Richard Hyatt and Som Seif, the CEO and founder of Purpose Financial.

“Gadze Finance is a unique blend of hedge fund and fintech, with a novel approach to crypto investing,” said Boris Wertz, founder and managing partner of Version One Ventures. “We’re excited to back the team we are strong supporters of their mission to democratize access to safe crypto investing for everyone.”

“We’re happy to back two amazing entrepreneurs with proven track records and further invest in the emerging crypto ecosystem,” says Som Seif, founder and CEO of Purpose Financial and Purpose Investments, which launched the world’s first Bitcoin and Ether ETFs. “We have been excited about the potential for the crypto computing system for some time and believe the best way to learn and participate is by backing the best thinkers in the space. Mike and Andrew are building a unique investment platform to take advantage of the exciting opportunities that will be presented over the coming years.”

The initial investors in the fund are primarily US and Canadian tech entrepreneurs, many of whom have been active in the crypto space. Representing Gadze Finance in Canada is Robson Capital Management. The fund is administrated by Sudrania Fund Services and audited by Moore Cayman.

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Gadze Finance is a next-generation crypto DeFi fund that offers intelligent asset management to investors. Gadze Finance uses a unique recipe of yield farming, liquidity provisioning, and arbitrage strategies to generate predictable returns while minimizing risk to investors. Check out Gadze Finance at

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