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A U.S. CBDC: Disaster, or An Idea Who’s Time Has Come?

The notion of a digital dollar for the United States has been increasingly in the news over the last month. Research into a potential Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) was called for by an executive order from President Biden in March, and it’s easy to see why: between efforts abroad from China to make moves in the space, to the increasing adoption rate of cryptocurrencies and other faster payments technologies, it’s clear to see that the technology has caught up to the vision, and implementation could offer significant advantages. However, not everyone thinks that a Federal Reserve-backed digital currency is

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Knox Wire Offer Innovative Financial Services through Futuristic Cross border Functionality

knoxKnox Wire announces big news of a new plan. The plan is claimed to be changing the financial industry with ...


Privacy in Web3

The fact that blockchain transactions are always public and immutable means Web3 will upend our expectations of privacy

MELD Protocol: DeFi Banking on Cardano

Whether you like it or not, crypto hasn’t yet taken over the world. In most places, fiat currency is used for the majority of financial transactions. This means that not all of your funds can go into crypto since you’ll need some cash to pay for your expenses. Yes, you could sell your crypto whenever […]

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FTM, ADA, and XMR Garner Investors Attention Amid Market Fumble

FTM, ADA, and XMR Garner Investors Attention Amid Market Fumble

Monero’s latest increases have been double-digits despite the current market scenario. The Cardano network will reach the 3.5 million address

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Mexican Drug Cartels Are Using Bitcoin Increasingly: Report

The Mexican drug cartels are using bitcoin more than ever as per the UNDOC reports whcih suggest the cartels are using crypto in their criminal activities more than they do traditional methods so let’s read more in today’s latest crypto news. According to recent reports, some of the Mexican drug cartels are using bitcoin for […]

Why has Pix done so well while CoDi has struggled?

Mexican digital payments system CoDi has been around for more than two years yet a large part of the population is unaware of it.

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4 Reasons to Use ACH for Your Business

Your company’s payment process can have a much higher impact on your overall performance than is apparent. This is because paper checks are increasingly losing relevance, as they slow down the payment processing time and can become a hassle for businesses and consumers. In this era of digitalization, where competition is constantly increasing, a more […]

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DeFi Yield Protocol is Building its way into the Future

The fast-growing sector in the crypto industry now boasts nearly $78 billion locked in multiple protocols, per the latest data from DeFiPulse. The DeFi movement has shown no signs of slowing down over the past year as new protocols continue popping up regularly. These emerging platforms leverage decentralized networks to transform traditional financial products into trustless protocols governed by smart contracts.  

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Yield farming aggregator platform DeFi Yield Protocol is leading the charge in the new world order for the financial system by offering rewards in native tokens such as ETH, BNB, and AVAX. The project opens the door to a booming decentralized finance economy that brings crypto proponents options to put their coins to work in a safe and secure environment.

Crypto investors on the innovative platform can earn rewards across the Ethereum, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain networks. DYP users have to choose the contract that best serves their needs and watch their wallets grow without the disadvantages of impermanent loss.

The DYP Team Unveils Their Rebranding Plan!

Following up on the launch of their new smart contract that optimizes the buyback, farm, and staking solutions, the DeFi solutions provider has now announced their complete rebranding process. The plan aims to integrate new and cool stuff that gives the DYP ecosystem fresh air and a unique perspective that will significantly impact the crypto and DeFi community.

Mihai Busica, the DeFi Yield Protocol founder, has unveiled part of the features scheduled for launch this year to create a strong brand and take the project to the next level. The team is building a new logo, website, and Dapps for users to give DYP a new face. They also intend to launch new smart contracts for yield farming, staking, borrowing, and lending that allow the community to benefit from high rewards and maximize their profits.

Moreover, the dedicated team will integrate new exciting products, including a Monthly Lottery and a ‘Special Staking Pool' to bring more utility for the DYP Tools and generate revenue for the platform.

The fully decentralized lottery will reward DYP Tools users and participants who purchase tickets with bonuses from the Special Staking Pool. The new functions generate sustainable rewards for all users, proving that the DYP protocol is here for the long haul.

The DYP developers reiterate their commitment to creating an original project that builds its product and smart contracts from scratch, giving the project an edge over competitor platforms that copy or use ideas from existing platforms.

DYP is developing a Metaverse Play-to-Earn Game

The DeFi Yield Protocol team is currently designing a Metaverse platform that features the Cats and Watches Society NFTs collection as one of the main characters. The super cool cat digital collection dubbed ‘CAWS NFT' will bring many benefits to users and have excellent utilities in the upcoming Metaverse.  

Crypto enthusiasts who purchase the super cool cat that collects luxury watches will hold much more than a simple collection of digital art. They will enjoy plenty of advantages on DYP, including the ability to mint an additional stand-alone watch NFT for free.

CAWS NFT holders will also have access to ‘'THE SOCIETY BENEFITS”, allowing them to receive a share of 10% minting fees that will be redistributed to the other NFT owners. 

Holders of the Funky Cat will also receive 2.5% royalties on all secondary sales after the minting process is over and access a special staking pool. CAWS members will also be able to leverage their unique NFT Cat character to gain exclusive access to the Metaverse platform and all DYP products.

Furthermore, The DYP team plans to develop a virtual play-to-earn game, which will be the main attraction of the DYP Metaverse. The V.R. game allows DYPians to enjoy a unique GameFi experience, interact with their peers, make alliances, discover treasures, and earn rewards. Gamers can invest in upgrading their tools and equipment to dig faster for treasures and collect more bonuses.

How DYP is changing the Future in Crypto Earnings

The DYP protocol gives yield farming and staking new perspectives, empowering crypto users to earn even more passive income with their diverse range of products. Per a recent tweet from the team, the protocol has paid a total of 9194 ETH, 9949 BNB, and 25201 AVAX in rewards to users.

The project offers an APR of up to 320% across multiple chains, backing up DeFi market participants with the capacity to lend, borrow, stake, earn interest, and much more. The unique platform grants everyone with an internet connection access to transformational financial solutions such as yield farming, staking, NFTs and DYP Tools.

The latest offering from the leading protocol brings a new DYP Earn Vault that is now ready for action. The product introduces exciting features with compound integration and support for ETH, WBTC, USDC, USDT, and DAI. The contracts have no lock time and deliver 10% APR for ETH and BTC deposits, as well as 15% APR for USDT, USDC, DAI deposits.

Singapore to Impose Restrictions on Russian Financial and Crypto Transactions


In a rare move, Singapore is going to introduce restrictions on certain Russian financial transactions and crypto operations aimed at evading sanctions. The decision comes amid officially expressed concerns that Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine is a threat to the security of small states around the world. Singapore Becomes First Southeast Asian Nation to Impose Sanctions…

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Bitcoin And Trust Are Equally Unavoidable

Why webs of trust may be unavoidable even in an optimally decentralized world.

Pushing Russia out of crypto one country at a time: Singapore, Switzerland and Japan will join in the sanctions

Ukraine’s call on banning Russians from the crypto market was rejected by crypto exchange giants like Binance and Coinbase unless law required it.

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Business Aviation Companies Could Be Hindered by Sanctions on Russia

According to legal experts and aerospace specialists, new Western sanctions on Russia might have a significant impact on the business aviation industry, potentially entangling aircraft brokers, lessors, maintenance providers, and other businesses. Because of the sanctions’ intricacy and the proclivity […]
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