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FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Team 2 Released: Everything You Need to Know

FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Team 2 Released: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Team Two has been released with Lionel Messi being the headlining player of the bunch.

This is the second half of the Ones to Watch promotion that started last week on Oct. 1.

In the tweet above, EA Sports released the information for Ones to Watch Team 2.

Here is the full squad:

Some of the more interesting cards highlighting the bunch are of course Messi, Lukaku, and Ramos.

With Messi and Ramos being pillars of the FIFA franchise for a long time now, it is pretty easy to assume they will each be getting multiple upgrades this year along with Chelsea forward Lukaku.

Some of the card that may be worth a long term investment are Memphis Depay and Danny Ings

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FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Team 2 Released: Everything You Need to Know

Memphis Depay

Depay is the front and centerman for FC Barcelona. So far this season while watching Barcelona, it seems that the attack runs through Depay. This will lead to many opportunities for him to score and possibly upgrade his card.

Danny Ings

Ings has been an absolute gem in the Premier League for a couple of years now. Wherever he goes, if healthy, he scores. Although he is not a world-beater or anything, the man knows how to find the back of the net in the big leagues. Keep an eye out for him to receive some upgrades this season.

Overall, the team looks very good with a couple of investment opportunities available. I look forward to seeing what else EA release while this team is available in packs.

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