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FC 24 Year in Review Player Pick: How to Complete the SBC During Black Friday: Thunderstruck


The FC 24 Year in Review Player Pick is now available in Ultimate Team during the Black Friday: Thunderstruck promotion.

Year in Review SBCs are released periodically throughout an Ultimate Team calendar year. These SBCs traditionally reward players with a previously released SBC or Objective player for those who might’ve skipped out on a card. Sometimes, this SBC gives players the chance of getting a real endgame card depending on who received, for example, a Player of the Month SBC.

This latest Year in Review Player Pick contains players released exclusively as SBCs or Objectives in October. This Player Pick excludes Icons and Heroes from the player pool. As well, the SBC has an 84+ rating threshold on it.

Here’s how to complete the FC 24 Year in Review Player Pick:

This SBC is limited-repeatable meaning players can complete it once per day, each day when it refreshes at 1 p.m. ET until it expires for good. As far as value, there are some top tier cards players missed out on if they got into the game this November.

Here are the best players you can get from this player pick:

Players other than these are generally a miss, but players can recycle the card into the other SBCs available or wait until the next day to use it into another Year in Review Player Pick.


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