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Eve Air Mobility collaborates with Flexjet to advance urban air mobility through innovative software simulation


Eve Air Mobility, in partnership with Flexjet, has achieved a significant milestone in the advancement of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) by conducting an innovative software simulation of Eve’s Urban Air Traffic Management (Urban ATM) solution. The collaboration involved an initial testing phase that took place at Flexjet’s Tactical Control Centre in Farnborough Airport, UK, shadowing live helicopter flights operated by Flexjet’s UK division. The simulation aimed to refine the software interface and evaluate its value within the industry.

Focused on London’s helicopter market and future eVTOL operations, the simulation demonstrated Eve’s Urban ATM software capabilities by mirroring live helicopter flights over four days. Flexjet, a leading UK helicopter operator, provided its fleet and expertise, collaborating closely with Eve’s Urban ATM team. The initiative received additional feedback from NATS and London Heliport to ensure the solution’s value across the UAM ecosystem.

Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve, emphasised the partnership’s significance in advancing urban air mobility by exploring innovative solutions. Flexjet’s President of Global Helicopter Operations, Eli Flint, highlighted the importance of shaping the future aviation landscape and meeting customers’ evolving needs through advanced aviation solutions, including the potential of eVTOLs for sustainable short-range flights.

The simulation covered various operational scenarios, including business operations, atypical situations, and specific eVTOL flight requirements, focusing on vertiport integration and validating Urban ATM capabilities. Eve’s objective is to enhance future eVTOL operations’ safety and efficiency while exploring immediate benefits for existing helicopter operations. Post-simulation, Eve and Flexjet plan to review findings, discuss improvements, and explore further software integration possibilities to optimise the Urban ATM solution’s potential.

Eve’s Urban ATM solutions aim to maximise aircraft and vertiport utilisation, reducing operational costs compared to current helicopter operations. The collaboration between Eve and Flexjet underscores their commitment to shaping the future of urban air mobility, offering efficient and sustainable transportation solutions for urban communities.


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