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How to Improve Transport Fleet Efficiency

Here are some tips and things to consider in routing your vehicle fleet. Related articles on this topic have appeared throughout our website, check them...

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Vauxhall appoints James Taylor as interim managing director

Stellantis UK's director for B2B sales James Taylor has taken the helm at Vauxhall after being appointed as managing director on an interim basis. Taylor,...

Partnership to Bring Automation to Service Vehicles

The collaboration between Oshkosh and Robotic Research will bring automation to service vehicles such as fire engines and garbage trucks Specialty truck manufacturer Oshkosh has...

The 2022 AM Awards Leasing Operation of the Year winner is Fleet Financial, part of Lookers Vehicle Solutions

The 2022 AM Awards Leasing Operation of the Year winner is Lookers Vehicle Solutions – Fleet Financial, its operation in Northern Ireland. A ‘perfect mix’...

More Starlink satellites ride into orbit on predawn launch of Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center at first light Friday with 53 Starlink internet satellites, completing an all-nighter of space operations just five hours after returning four astronauts to a splashdown off the west coast of Florida.

Splashdown of SpaceX capsule caps busy season of space station crew rotations

Four astronauts returned to Earth from the International Space Station early Friday with a parachute-assisted splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida, the sixth crew launch or landing in support of the station program in fewer than 50 days.

SpaceX rolls out rocket for another Starlink deployment mission

SpaceX raised a Falcon 9 rocket vertical on pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center Thursday, ready for a pre-sunrise blastoff Friday with 53 more Starlink internet satellites, using a booster stage flying for a record-tying 12th time.
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Rocket Lab briefly catches booster in mid-air after successful launch

Rocket Lab used a helicopter to capture a spent Electron first stage booster and its parachute after launching satellites from New Zealand Monday, a significant step forward for the company's rocket recovery and reuse program. The helicopter dropped the rocket a few seconds later.

SpaceX launches Falcon 9 booster for second time in three weeks

SpaceX continued throttling up its launch rate with another Starlink mission from Cape Canaveral Friday, completing a rapid recycle with a Falcon 9 first stage booster flying for the second time in 21 days.

Arabsat orders first fully software-defined satellite

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Saudi Arabian fleet operator Arabsat has ordered its first fully software-defined geostationary satellite to provide flexible coverage across the Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe. 

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SpaceX shooting for rocket turnaround record with next Starlink launch

With a mission Friday to deploy more Starlink internet satellites, SpaceX will try to shave nearly a week off the company's previous record for the shortest time between two launches of the same Falcon 9 booster. The first stage on Friday's mission is scheduled to fly just 21 days after its previous launch and landing.

Four astronauts arrive at space station for long-term stay

Three Americans and one Italian astronaut floated into the International Space Station late Wednesday after a nearly 16-hour commute aboard a SpaceX crew capsule from a launch pad in Florida, ready for a multi-month expedition performing experiments, maintenance, and upgrades.

Three Americans, one Italian launch on SpaceX’s new “Freedom” spacecraft

Four astronauts rocketed into a clear predawn sky early Wednesday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, riding SpaceX's newest Dragon spacecraft -- named "Freedom" -- to kick off a planned four-and-a-half month science expedition at the International Space Station.
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