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European Commission updates EU Air Safety List and bans Fly Baghdad from flying in the European Union


The European Commission has revised the EU Air Safety List, which catalogues airlines either banned or facing operational restrictions within the European Union due to inadequate adherence to international safety standards. The latest update includes the addition of Fly Baghdad to the list, following safety concerns raised by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) leading to the denial of a Third Country Operator (TCO) authorisation.

Furthermore, the update retains the ban on carriers certified in Nepal due to persistent safety issues identified during an assessment visit in September. Despite ongoing efforts by the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority to enhance safety oversight, the ban remains in place.

As of the recent update, 129 airlines are prohibited from operating within EU skies, encompassing carriers certified in 15 states due to insufficient safety oversight and others identified for severe safety deficiencies. Airlines from countries such as Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Suriname, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea face either a ban or operational restrictions based on safety concerns.

The decision to update the EU Air Safety List stems from a consensus among Member State aviation safety experts, convened under the EU Air Safety Committee, adhering to international safety standards outlined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

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