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Are FIFA 22 Team of the Group Stage Items Live?


Team of the Group Stage is FIFA 22's next promo, coming this Friday.

Team of the Group Stage is FIFA 22’s next promo, coming this Friday. / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

EA SPORTS has announced the Team of the Group Stage FIFA 22 promo for this Friday. The promotion celebrates the best players from individual teams in the Champions, Europa, and Conference League group stage tournaments throughout Europe, giving them big boosts in all stats.

Some fans who are new to the promotion are curious if, like the Road to the Knockout cards that upgraded with their teams’ performances in the tournaments, the Team of the Group Stage items will be live as well. Here’s what we know.

In past FIFA installments, the Team of the Group Stage items have been static cards, not being upgraded live based on player or team performances. Only the Road to the Final/Knockout cards are upgraded as teams progress in the competitions.

This year’s Team of the Group Stage will likely feature an 11-man squad on launch day, with three or four additional TOTGS items added to the pool of packs a few days afterward.

Some of the players rumored to be featured in the TOTGS would make for amazing cards. They include:

With TOTGS, RTTF, and FUT Freeze all expected to be coming in the next few weeks, it looks to be a busy month of content in FIFA 22.

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