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Apex Legends Monsters Within: Map, Skins, Game Mode

Apex Legends

The Shadow Royale mode in Apex Legends

The Shadow Royale mode in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

Respawn has released official patch notes for the upcoming Halloween event, giving players early details on the Apex Legends Monsters Within event’s new map, game mode and skins.

Spooky season is finally upon us and Apex Legends is preparing to celebrate everything macabre from Oct. 12 through Nov. 2 with the Monsters Within event. This event will add new Halloween-themed cosmetics, add a new map to the Arenas game mode set on Seer’s home planet, and see the return of a fan-favorite game mode.

The new map being added to Arenas, known as Encore, is located on Seer’s home planet of Boreas. This map has two high-ground positions on either side of the map that will provide good lines of sight over the rest of the map. Running through the center of the map in between these two power positions is an alley of semi-elevated structures providing much-needed cover in an otherwise wide-open map. This creates two lanes of low ground, one on either side of the map, that could be useful for rotations, but also potentially leave players without cover.

New details have been released about the Apex Legends Monsters Within event's new map, skins and game mode.

New Arenas Map – Encore / Credit to EA/Respawn

In total 40 new cosmetics and items are also making their way to the in-game store for this event. Revenant, Bloodhound, Caustic and Seer are all getting new skins and skins from previous Halloween events are also being re-released. There will also be limited edition Monsters Within packs that are guaranteed to have a non-duplicate limited event item. These packs will cost 400 Apex Coins apiece through the in-game store.

The fan-favorite Shadow Royale mode is also making a return to Apex Legends for the last week of the Monsters Within event. Eliminated teammates will respawn in a shadow-form where they can use melee attacks and added movement abilities to help defend their teammates who are still alive. Shadow lives are infinite and a squad will not be fully eliminated until the last living legend on that squad falls.

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