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All crafting recipes & combos in Infinite Craft


The browser-based game Infinite Craft has taken the Internet by storm with its crazy combination and seemingly endless possibilities. Getting started with Infinite Craft is easy enough, but you’ll eventually hit a wall as you try to create specific things.

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Some basic materials like Metal are shockingly hard to create, and sometimes the game will give you something completely random even if you’re deliberately trying to discover a certain item or ingredient. This guide contains a complete list of every crafting recipe that has been discovered in Infinite Craft, so it should be able to help you on your journey to create the rarest combinations in the game.

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Every Crafting Recipe in Infinite Craft

Item First Ingredient Second Ingredient
A Letter Sunflower
Abominable Snowman Water + Yeti Yeti
Adam Mud Venus
Adobe Brick Mud
Adobe Flash Adobe Steamboat
Alchemist Scientist Pyromancer
Alfred Batman Wisdom
Alligator Swamp Trump
Alimony Money Divorce
Alphabet Book Delta
Amazon Jungle River
Amazonium Amazon Periodic Table
Amber Cologne Fossil
America Rainbow Continent
Ammonite Fossil Roll
Amoeba Microscope Water
Anagram Dictionary Snake
Anime Camera Japan
Ancient Ruins Town
Android Software Planet
Angel Human Eternity
Anime Japan America
Anniversary Birthday Marriage
Apple Fruit Adam
Apple Pie Fruit Tree America
Apocalypse America Nuclear War
Aquaman Metropolis Atlantis
Aragorn Lord of the Rings Sword
Ariel Whale Vase
Arsonist Stalker Fire
Art Drawing Mountain
Arwen Aragorn Love
Asia Ash Continent
Ash Fire Tree
Athens Ancient Town
Atlantis Island Ocean
Atlas Titan Earth
Avalanche Wind Mountain
Baby Dinosaur Dinosaur Egg
Baby Lovebird Lovebird Lovebird
Bacon Pig Fire
Baconator Volcano Bacon
Bacteria Virus Virus
Bank Money Zombie
Basketball Jordan Plant
Bat Black Vampire
Batista Batman Wrestler
Batman Bat Bat
Battle War War
Best Friend Friendship Friendship
Big Bang Time Universe
Bigfoot Golem Loch Ness Monster
Bird Kite Eagle
Birthday Cake Cake Cake
Bitcoin Coin Pop Tart
Beauty and the Beast Beauty King Kong
Black Hole Galaxy Galaxy
Blizzard Snow Wind
Bog Swamp Swamp
Boat Wood Ocean
Boiling Frog Fire Frog
Book Paper Paper
Bonsai Japan Tree
Boulder Godzilla Rock
Box Pandora Beauty
Breakfast Egg Bacon
Brick Clay Clay
Bride Wedding Beauty
Brownies Mud Chocolate
Bullet Glass Train
Bullet Train Train Rice
Burnt Toast Toast Fire
Butter Toast Oil
C-3PO Lightsaber Robot
Caboose Train Hut
Cactus Desert Plant
Cake Butter Egg
Canada USA North America
Cannon Fire Ship
Cannonball Fire Cannon
Captain Frankenstein Shipwreck
Captain Beefheart Captain Electric Zombie Orchestra
Captain Hook Pirate Dragon
Captain Sushi Captain Beefheart Sushi
Casino Gambling Divorce
Castle House War
Cat Mouse Knight
Chef Egg Omelet
Chemistry Periodic Table Element
Chest Pirate Treasure
Chat Communication Communication
China Chinese Island
Childhood Happy Meal Happy Meal
Chinese Asia Human
Chlorine Emerald Periodic Table
Chocolate Mud Rainforest
Choo Choo Train Pirate
Christmas Tree Pine Battery
Chuck Norris Serial Killer Vomit
Clark Kent Man Superman
Class Student Student
Clay Mud Mud
Clean Dust Weed
Cloud Wind Steam
Cloud Strife Cloud Greatsword
Cobra Sand Snake
Coin Mud Metal
Cold War America Russia
College School Earth
Cologne Alcohol Perfume
Communication Language Translation
Computer System Fire
Conductor Train Captain
Confucius Book Chinese
Continent Island Island
Copper Bronze Platinum
Cough Pencil Sick
Cough Syrup Cough Alcohol
Cow Salt Lick Salt
Crispy Bacon Fire
Crypto Bitcoin Toast
Cthulhu Kraken Frankenstein
Cupid Vase Pegasus
Cured Meat Cow Salt
Curtain Wind Window
Cruise Ship Bullet Train Boat
Crusader Paladin Knight
Cryptozoology Loch Ness Monster Bigfoot
Cyborg Planet Robot
Daisy Duck Donald Duck Donald Duck
Dandelion Flower Wind
Dandelion Patch Dandelion Dandelion
Darth Vader Light Saber Dragon
Date Oasis Plant
Death Life Vampire
Death Note Death Anime
Death Star Star Wars Planet
Defenestration Vomit Window
Desk Table Table
Delta Earth River
Dengue Mosquito Egg
Desert Sand Sand
Dictionary Alphabet Book
Dinosaur Rainbow Fossil
Divorce Marriage Love
Doctor Sickness Wisdom
Donald Duck Duck Hot Air Balloon
Donatello Prince Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Donkey Kong Oil
Drawing Pencil Earth
Dracula Vampire Earth
Dragon Swamp Fire
Dragon Ball Goku Asia
Dragon Ball Z Fight Anime
Dragon Ball Z Kai Dragon Ball Z Time
Dragonborn Splitting Pains Dragon
Dr. Disrespect Vtuber Scientist
Dream Surfer Sandman
Doll Matryoshka Russia
Duck Dandelion Patch Lake
Dust Wind Earth
Dust Bunny Curtain Dust
Dust Bowl Dust Storm Sandstorm
Dust Storm Sandstorm Sandstorm
Dwayne The Rock Johnson Rock Hollywood
Eagle Kite Mountain
Eclipse Sun Open
Egg Dinosaur Dinosaur
Einstein Newton Newton
Electric Guitar Lightning Music
Electric Zombie Orchestra Zombie Orchestra Tesla
Electricity Windmill Wind
Elf Arwen Swamp
Elon Musk Casino Tesla
Elon Gambling Elon Musk Gambling
Elon Zeus Elon Musk Zeus
Elvis Wedding Rockstar
Elvis Presley Elvis Bacon
Emerald Oz City
Eminem Wind Rapper
Energy Windmill Fire
Engine Steam Fire
Eruption Wind Volcano
Emo Mermaid Goth
Eternity Time Europe
Europe Fjord Continent
Eurovision Japan Europe
Excalibur Mud Sword
Explosion Energy Fire
Eve Adam Venus
Evil Chaos Destruction
Farmer Man Earth
Femac iMac Feminist
Femboy Femac Tomboy
Feminist Woman Hypothesis
Fight Battle War
Final Fantasy RPG Japan
Firefighter Arsonist Mirror
Fireman Doctor Arsonist
Fire King Fireman King
Fire Truck Firefighter Firefighter
Fire Queen Fire King Marriage
Fish Water Ocean
Fishing Rod Hook Hook
Fishbowl Water Fish
Fisherman Fish Fishing
Fjord Lake Mountain
Flock Bird Bird
Flower Plant Rain
Fog Water Smoke
Fool Stupid King
Football Mud Mud Bowl
Forest Tree Tree
Fortnite Castle Internet
Fortress Superman House
Fortress of Solitude Superman Castle
Fossil Plant Stone
Fragrance Perfume Rose
Frankenstein Swamp Electricity
Freddy Nightmare Cyborg
Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fire
Freedom America Rainbow
French Fries France Salt
Friendship Frodo Legolas
Frodo Hobbit Lord of the Rings
Frog Fish Swamp
Frog Prince Kermit Cupid
Frogger Frog Truck
Fruit Sun Tree
Fruit Tree Fruit Fruit
Fuel Oil Fire
Gambling Rockstar Vegas
Game Software Earth
Gamer Game Computer
Garden Love Earth
Galaxy Star Star
Germany Berlin  Dust
Geysir Stone Steam
Girlfriend Best Friend Love
Glass Obsidian Steam
God Universe Eternity
Godzilla Dinosaur Japan
Gohan Goku Mountain
Goku Dragon Ball Z Anime
Gold Treasure Engine
Golem Swamp Zombie
Google Translate Chat Translation
Goth Black Passion
Gotham Batman Castle
Grand Theft Auto Robbery Video Game
Greatsword Longsword Longsword
Green Copper Chlorine
Grim Reaper Death Death
Guitar Electric Guitar Wood
Hacker Technology Computer
Hangwish Hangover Wish
Ham Salt Cured Meat
Hamburger Pig Cow
Hammerhead Shark Pork
Happy Meal Hamburger French Fries
Harry Potter Hogwarts Book
Hatsune Miku Android J-pop
Hawaii Island Volcano
Hawaii Five-O Napoleon Complex Hawaii
Heart Love Wind
Hera Zeus Divorce
Hero Zeus Hercules
Hercules Hydra Zeus
Hiragana Google Translate Katakana
Hip Hop Honey Pop
History Paper War
Hobbit Lord of the Rings House
Hogwarts Wizard School
Holy Water Water Wine
Honey Pollen Water
Hook Captain Hook Peter Pan
Hot Air Balloon Dandelion Patch Steam
House Window Glass
Hulk Hogan America Wrestler
Human Rebirth Zombie
Human Adam Eve
Hypothesis Theory Theory
Hydra Dragon Monster
Ice Snow Water
Iceberg Titan Water
Igor Conductor Frankenstein
Illusion Smoke Mirage
iMac Mountain Dew Apple
Incense Plant Smoke
Internet Bullet Train Satellite
Island Ocean Earth
Jack Titanic Pirate
Jacksepticeye Jack YouTube
Jail Break Jail Bomb
Japan Continent Tea
Japanese Language Sushi
Japanese Name Name Japanese
J-Game J-Rock Game
J-Pop Japan Electric Guitar
J-Rock J-Pop Guitar
Jedi Star Wars Lightsaber
Jedi Pig Lightsaber Pig
John Cena Wrestler Toilet
Jordan Holy Water River
Jujutsu Kaisen Katakana Satoru Gojo
Jungle Rainforest Rainforest
Kaleidoscope Mirror Mirror
Kamehameha Goku Water
Katakana Japanese Alphabet
Kermit Miss Piggy Fight
Kindle Amazon Computer
King Palace Stupid
Kindle Amazon Internet
Kingdom Palace Castle
King Kong Godzilla Dinosaur
Kite Tea Wind
Knight Warrior Warrior
Knight Rider Lightsaber Car
Kobe Basketball Cobra
Kraken Sea Serpent Pirate
Kung Fu Goku Chinese
L Death Note Anime
Lake Water Water
Language Dictionary Alphabet
Laser Lightning Bullet
Lava Fire Earth
Lego Star Wars Brick
Legolas Elf Lord of the Rings
Lens Glass Fire
Leprechaun Pot of Gold Warrior
Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Oasis
Life Venus Steam
Lightning Fire Cloud
Lightsaber Laser Sword
Lil Wayne Rapper Fire
Link Crusader Mario
Lion Cat Cat
Loch Ness Swamp Island
Loch Ness Monster Swamp Monster
Longsword Sword Sword
Lord of the Rings Ring King
Los Angeles California Aquarium
Love Mermaid Prince
Lovebird Parrot Cupid
Luigi Mario Smoke
Luffy Monkey One Piece
Madden Football Computer
Mangrove Tree Swamp
Map Paper Lake
Marriage Wedding Love
Mario Mushroom Tsunami
Mars Elon Musk SpaceX
Marsh Swamp Water
Matryoshka Russia Mosaic
Medusa Mirror Stone
Mermaid Donkey Sea
Metal Rock Oxygen
Meteor Rock Tornado
Metropolis City City
Michaelangelo David Statue
Microscope Lens Water
Milky Way Solar System Fjord
Mirage Desert Ocean
Mirror Glass Obsidian
Miss Piggy Pig Beauty
Money Gold Tornado
Monkey Jungle Tarzan
Monkey D. Luffy Monkey Luffy
Monster Loch Ness Wind
Moon Earth Reflection
Moonstone Moon Stone
Mosaic Shards Vase
Mountain Earth Earth
Mountain Dew Mountain Dandelion
Movie Popcorn Love
Movies Hollywood Picture
Mud Steam Earth
Mud Bowl Dust Bowl Mud
Mule Donkey Farm
Multiverse Universe Universe
Music Rock Roll
Musk Rose Elon Gambling
Musketeer Musk Zeus
Mushroom Fog Plant
Name Anagram Fame
Napoleon Europe Time Machine
Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Dynamite Star
Napoleon Complex Napoleon Bonaparte Paradox
Napoleon Dynamite Big Bang Napoleon
Narwhal Fish Unicorn
Naruto Anime Ninja
Newton Apple Stone
Nightmare Dream Dream
Ninja China Warrior
Nuclear War Uranium Cold War
Oasis Desert Water
Obsidian Stone Lava
Ocean Water Lake
Oil Fossil Earth
Oink Pig Mirror
Olympus Zeus Titan
Omelet Pancake Egg
One Piece Anime Pirate
Open Window Perfume
Opposite Yin Yang Dust Bunny
Orchestra Conductor Clay
Origami Paper Japan
Otaku Anime Computer
Owl Bird Flashlight
Owlfish Owl Fish
Oxygen Rainforest Plant
Oz City Rainbow
Palace House Oasis
Paladin Knight Crusader
Palm Desert Tree
Pancake Breakfast Cake
Panda Black Pig
Pandora Panda Beauty
Pandapig Panda Pig
Pangaea Continent Continent
Paparazzi Stalker Movie
Paper Fuel Tree
Paradox Multiverse Time Travel
Paris France City
Parrot Bird Garden
Passion Love Fire
Patrick SpongeBob Love
Peach Princess Toadstool
Pencil Ash Tree
Perfume Incense Water
Periodic Table Pewter Helium
Peter Griffin Baconator Quagmire
Peter Pan Captain Hook Fire
Phoenix Ash Fire
Pickle Green Salt
Pie Apple America
Pie Fight Apple Pie Fight
Pig Rainbow Mud
Piggy Bank Pigpen Treasure
Pigpen Mud Pig
Pigsty Pig House
Pikachu Pokémon Anime
Pikasushi Pikachu Sushi
Pina Colada Alcohol Pineapple
Pine Smell Forest
Pirate Ship Dragon
Planet Earth Dust
Plant Water Earth
Play Toy Childhood
PlayStation Final Fantasy VII Software
Pluto Napoleon Complex Planet
Poison Sushi Pufferfish
Pokemon Anime Fish
Pollen Dust Plant
Polly Parrot Fireman
Poor Poverty Divorce
Pop Balloon Fire
Popcorn Butter Toast
Pop Tart Toast Energy
Poseidon Zeus Tsunami
Pot Pottery Hut
Pot of Gold Rainbow Treasure
Pottery Clay Coin
Poverty Alimony Divorce
Prayer Water Prayer Water
Prince Frog Cupid
Princess Mule Beauty
Princess Peach Daisy Duck Toadstool
Prison Cake Cake Jail
Program Software Train
Professor University Fish
Prometheus Titan Fire
Psychopath Sicko Love
Pufferfish Fish Dandelion
Pyromancer Professor Fire
Quagmire Swamp Mud
Rain Cloud Earth
Rainbow Rain Fire
Rainforest Rain Forest
Rally Mud Car
Raphael Brick Ninja Turtle
Rapper Paper DJ
Rap Battle Rapper Rapper
Rapunzel Princess Ruin
Reddit Boiling Frog Internet
Reflection Mirror Ghost
Rice Sushi Earth
Ring Heart Metal
Robber Train Bank
Robbery Robber Divorce
Robot Steampunk Earth
Roblox Fortnite Program
Rock Rock and Roll Vase
Rock and Roll Elvis Presley Electric Guitar
Rockstar Electric Guitar Conductor
Roll Sushi Seaweed
Roman Reigns Gladiator John Cena
Ronin Samurai Ninja
Rose Flower Beauty
Rose Jack Titanic
RPG Quest J-Game
Ruin Rain Sandcastle
Sail Wind Ship
Sailor Moon Anime Frankenstein
Sasuke Ninja Sword
Saiyan Goku Flower
Salmon Fish Waterfall
Samurai Japan Warrior
Salt Lick Salt Salt
Sand Dust Dust
Sandbox Desert Software
Sandcastle Beach Sand
Sandstorm Desert Storm
Satellite Rocket Rocket
Satoru Gojo Anime Satoru
Sashimi Sushi Rain
Sasquatch Bigfoot Swamp
Scent Perfume Perfume
School Teacher Teacher
Scientist Professor Earth
Sea Monster Water Monster
Sea Serpent Water Dragon
Seaweed Fish Plant
Serial Killer Stalker Psychopath
Shards Explosion Vase
Shark Tank Shark Oil
Ship Water Island
Shipwreck Tornado Pirate
Sick Dengue Vacation
Sickness Divorce Sick
Sicko Movie Sick
Silicon Valley Amazonium California
Siren Mermaid Bacon
Smell Perfume Steam
Smoke Wind Fire
Smoke Signal Smoke Sunflower
Smoker Cigarette Smoke
Sniper Gun Telescope
Snoop Dogg Rapper Water
Snow Avalanche Steam
Snowman Rain Yeti
Socrates Athens Loch Ness Monster
Software System Computer
Soil Earth Ash
Solar System Sun Galaxy
Solar Sun Fire
SpaceX Elon Musk Divorce
Spain Sand Europe
Spider-Man Venom Universe
Splitting Pains Divorce Window
SpongeBob Squidward Heart
Squidward Squid Tourist
Stalker Psychopath Love
Star Planet Planet
Star Wars Star Lightsaber
Steam Water Fire
Steamboat Hawaii Steam Engine
Steampunk Steam Planet
Steam Engine Steam Money
Steam Locomotive Steam Engine Energy
Steve Austin Sphinx Stone Cold
Stone Earth Lava
Storm Rain Wind
Straw Hat Monkey D. Luffy Pirate
Student School Teacher
Stupid Donkey Cupid
Sun Star Fire
Superman Goku America
Super Saiyan Goku Dragon Ball Z
Sushi Mountain Seaweed
Sushi Chef Sushi Hero Cruise Ship
Sushi Hero Sushi King Hero
Sushi King Sushi King
Sushi Zombie Sushi Electric Zombie Orchestra
Sumo Mud USA
Superman Aquaman Metropolis
Super Mario Mario Mushroom
Surf Wave Steam
Surfer Wave Surf
Swamp Lake Earth
Sword Blade Blade
System Planet Solar
Table Tea Wood
Tablet Paper Stone
T-Rex Death Dinosaur
T-Rump T-Rex Trump
Tea Plant Steam
Teacher Desk Tea
Tea-zilla Godzilla Tea
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chaos Teenager
Telescope Sun Star
Tent Perfume Hut
Terrorist Bomb Freedom
Tesla Car Electricity
Tesla Coil Tesla Swamp
Theater Movie Popcorn
Theory Einstein Mountain
Therapist Doctor Devil
Thunder Lightning Beauty
Thunderstruck Electric Zombie Orchestra Lightning
Tidal Wave Golem Tsunami
Time Paradox Time Paradox
Timebomb Clock Bomb
Time Machine Wormhole Time Travel
Time Paradox Black Hole Time Travel
Time Travel Black Hole Wormhole
Titan Kraken Earth
Titanic Captain Tsunami
Titanic II Titanic Tesla
Titanic III Titanic II Elon Musk
Titanic IV Titanic III Tsunami
Titanic Orchestra Titanic IV Orchestra
Toadstool Fog Mushroom
Toast Breakfast Fire
Toaster Strudel Pop Tart Energy
Toilet Clean Venus Flytrap
Tokyo Godzilla Island
Tomboy Child Feminist
Tornado Wind Wind
Tornatroll Troll Tornado
Tourist Vacation Statue
Toxic Poison Poison
Toy Lion Doll
Tractor Mud Engine
Trap Rapper Earth
Train Steam Engine
Translation Language Language
Treasure Pirate Earth
Treasure Map Map Pencil
Tree Earth Plant
Triple H Triple Cheeseburger WWE
Troll Earth Monster
Truck Box Car
Trump America Drunk
Trump Cake Trump Cake
Tsunami Water Tornado
Twilight Vampire Love
Unicorn Godzilla Rainbow
Universe Galaxy Black Hole
University School School
USA America Sun
Vacation Pina Colada Ocean
Vampire Mirror Bullet
Vantablack Mirror Black
Vase Wedding Pottery
Vegas Elvis Presley Divorce
Vegeta Goku Earth
Venice Water Metropolis
Venom Toxic Poison
Venus Planet Fog
Venus Flytrap Monster Flower
Video Game Football Madden
Virtual Reality Gamer Illusion
Virus Computer Hacker
VR Chat Virtual Reality YouTube
Vtuber VR Chat YouTube
Vodka Money Water
Volcano Mountain Earth
Vomit Burnt Toast Sick
Wall Trump Party
War China Japan
Warrior Amazon War
Waterfall Mountain Rain
Wave Water Wind
Wedding Wine Castle
Windfarm Windmill Windmill
Windmill Engine Wind
Window Glass Glass
Wine Plant Alcohol
Wisdom Owl Smoke
Wish Genie Lamp
Wood Forest Tree
Wormhole Black Hole Black Home
Wrestler Dust Sumo
Xbox PlayStation Poor
Yer a Wizard, Harry Harry Potter Y
Yeti Blizzard Monster
Yin Yang Dragon Phoenix
Yoda Star Wars Chocolate
Yogurt Bacteria Milk
YouTube Geysir Internet
Zelda Link Game
Zeus Titan Wind
Zombie Human Explosion
Zombie Orchestra Titanic Orchestra Zombie

With that, you now know every recipe that has been discovered so far in Infinite Craft! Since the game is so massive, people are discovering new combinations every day so this post will be updated regularly with everything that the community comes up with. There’s a new First Discovery happening every few minutes, so jump in and experiment to see what you can find!


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