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Why Prefer Laravel for Developing SAAS Application

Table of Content
1. Introduction


2. What is Laravel?


3. What is SaaS?


4. Why do I prefer Laravel for SaaS Applications?

I.            Applications That are built with Laravel SAAS

II.            Technologies to Create SaaS with Laravel


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Why Prefer Laravel for Developing SAAS Application

5. Laravel and SaaS Revenues

I.            Supports all SaaS revenue models

II.            Simplifies SaaS revenue processing


6. Conclusion


When you’re planning to develop a SaaS application, developers need to overcome numerous challenges when it comes to working on the ecosystem and structure of the product. Creating a Software as a Product app is a task itself. Due to this reason, developers choose the Laravel framework as it is powerful and robust. So, choosing an ideal framework is a key factor as it determines how well the final product will perform and what features it will offer.

The integration of Laravel and SaaS products is one of the most popular choices made by developers as it offers numerous benefits and delivers a successful product. So, if you’re planning to build a Laravel SaaS application, then choose a reliable Laravel development company that guarantees to deliver successful business outcomes using its top-notch development services such as:

(Taken from – Laravel Development Services page)

When it comes to software performance at the backend, Laravel is the only framework that has the ability to enhance the performance of an application as it is extremely powerful and steady. Due to such reasons, Laravel becomes a great choice for developing a SaaS product, and it is going to be used by a large number of users in the future.

Many experienced and dedicated development teams of developers can identify these complexities by choosing a framework that would take the product to the next level.  Over the past few years, Laravel has gained immense popularity when it comes to developing a SaaS product as it creates a high-performing app aimed at a large user pool with various features from the backend. Despite this, Laravel’s in-build tools allow you to manage the SaaS subscription process and guarantee the success of your projects.

In this post, we’re going to discuss why Laravel is an ideal choice for building a SaaS product and discuss some important factors related to it. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Why Prefer Laravel for Developing SAAS Application

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source MVC web application framework that allows you to develop custom apps using PHP and its expressive and elegant syntax. As an MVC framework, it provides a scalable structure to developers so that they can write elegant code which is easily understandable and offers a creative experience.

Its excellent features handle various things during the development process that are annoying such as authentication, routing, and templating HTML. Despite this, it provides a system where you’re not required to worry about building the product from scratch. Laravel developers should only need to work on security, caching, sessions, password hastings, navigation, and routing. Basically, it provides peace of mind and plenty of top-notch features that take care of eCommerce modules, database migrations, unit tests, and permissions.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service(SaaS) is a distributed software model where the users utilize the software and communicate with it directly over the internet. It offers pricing models that are suitable to various types of the budget when it comes to end-users. Most software solutions are not required to download as they can be directly accessed online using the internet and getting the full value of it.

If we consider pricing factors and SaaS revenue processing, there are several in the market that are of one-time sale and others only generate recurring revenue to the business.

When we examine SaaS in terms of developers, it interprets and simplifies product development and helps to deploy them. As we know, it is a distributed model, and hence it streamlines the product deployment, and then it goes under some update while adding new features

Why do I prefer Laravel for SaaS Applications?

SaaS applications are designed in such a way that users can use two accounts on the same device without logging out from any device. The use case implemented in the SaaS apps uses existing products to build a scalable web application that consists of various features that allow you to add value to your online businesses.

People across the world want to learn how to create a SaaS application because it is not an easy process. Building a SaaS product using Laravel is an excellent choice because it offers all the essential components that allow you to create modules such as subscriptions, payments, admin dashboards, and an amazing user experience.

Using Laravel for SaaS product development offers functionalities such as deal-based offers, free trials, full users, and much more. Apart from this, if you’re planning to choose Laravel for building your SaaS product, then you’re on the right path as its products have numerous users as well as it brings robustness and extensibility to the project.

Laravel is Customizable

Laravel helps you to simplify the application architecture and it is a great choice for development teams as it offers all the required features for developing a customized SaaS product without worrying about code maintenance issues.

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Why Prefer Laravel for Developing SAAS Application

The three components – Models, controllers, and views are separated when you’re using the Laravel framework. This allows developers to use these components independently of each other without disturbing the application design and other development-related component connections. Laravel comes with in-built optimized features such as eager loading, JIT compiler, routes, CDN, and minification.

 Third-party tool integration

While developing a Laravel SaaS application, developers are also required to connect third-party APIs according to their requirements that must work mutually and create data views for the users. The Laravel API management process is another reason why developers choose Laravel for building a SaaS product and removes development complexities based on API connection and management.

Applications That are built with Laravel SAAS

Now that we’re aware of why we should prefer Laravel for SaaS products, I would like to add up some real-world examples of Laravel-based SaaS applications for better understanding.

1. Laravel Envoyer

Laravel Envoyer is a zero-downtime deployment service that allows developers to leverage all the advantages of continuous deployment for their projects. GitHub, deploy to multiple servers, GitLab & Bitbucket Integration, and unlimited deployments are some powerful features provided by Laravel Envoyer. However, Envoyer is an excellent example of Laravel SaaS applications.

2. Laravel Spark

Using Laravel Spark, you can choose subscription plans for your project depending on your requirements and provide your customers with a favorable billing portal. This billing portal allows their customers to update their plans, download their invoices, update their payment information, and subscribe to plans.

This Laravel package implements all required scaffolding for basic SaaS product functionalities such as invoicing, billing, team management, and subscription. The best part is, you’re not required to worry about the security features of the applications such as 2FA, authentication, profile picture, and password resets.

3. Cloudways

Cloudways is another great example of a Laravel-based SaaS product. It is an open-source MVC architecture and Laravel hosting platform that simplifies cloud hosting for all users and allows for continuous integration of the applications and rapid application development. Despite this, you can also deploy your Laravel app on existing servers.

This Laravel package allows their users to use various SaaS features such as payment gateway, billing portals, invoicing, and manage their Cloudways hosted apps.

Technologies to Create SaaS with Laravel

Basically, a SaaS application consists of three architectural components namely frontend, backend, and web stack. These three components help to deploy the business logic and feature set of the application. This is not visible to the end-users, as they can only see a dashboard and a set of features that are used for business processes.

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Why Prefer Laravel for Developing SAAS Application

There are numerous frameworks available for creating the frontend and backend of your application to recommend anything for building a SaaS product. You can add multiple packages and libraries that offer excellent services and numerous options go high to become a challenge for web developers. If you want native support for your SaaS-based application, then make sure to consider the Laravel framework as it supports all industry-leading packages that you’ll require during the development process.

Laravel SaaS applications often face performance and optimizations issues if numerous concurrent users start increasing exponentially. Due to this reason, the application fails and users start experiencing performance issues.

Single Window view for Laravel SaaS

To know why Laravel and SaaS products are a great combination, let’s consider an important aspect shared by various SaaS Dashboards.

Dashboards are located at the heart of SaaS products and they consist of all information touchpoints to the users. In several cases, users are only able to see a dashboard having all the important configuration options that every SaaS product has.

Laravel and SaaS Revenues

When building a SaaS product, revenue is an important factor to take into consideration. According to an anonymous report, SaaS products earned more than $85 in 2019, and it is expected to reach more than $100 by the end of 2021. So, are you interested to know more regarding the SaaS revenue predictions? If yes, then keep reading!

Support All SaaS Revenue Models

SaaS supports a variety of revenue models ranging from pricing, resource consumption, and overall usage, SaaS-based products offer it all and generate revenue. However, it is all about recurring revenue generation.

All the SaaS-based products prefer a subscription-based model for revenue generation that ensures sustained income and gain user feedback that helps you to improve your product and get new ideas. So make sure that the SaaS product aims largely on generating revenue for the business. In this way, a new idea can be put ahead to excite and satisfy the users.

Simplifies SaaS Revenue Processing

As we discussed earlier, Laravel is one of the most preferable choices for building SaaS products and developers recommend using it too. It is gaining immense popularity when it comes to feature improvements and adding payment collection and processing components easily to the platform. You’ll be surprised to know, you can also code your collection module for payment processing, isn’t it great!

When you’re developing SaaS products using the Laravel development services, go for the Laravel Cashier Package for a subscription-based product component for collecting recurring subscriptions. You can easily configure and set up your SaaS product that is readily available.


SaaS is a great way for users to continue using software products that provide all the possible features by leveraging the package and library created by the Laravel community. As we all know, Laravel offers a wide range of features and a stable framework that simplifies the development process and allows you to create excellent SaaS products.

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Why Prefer Laravel for Developing SAAS Application

To deliver a feature-rich Laravel-based SaaS product, developers should use managed cloud hosting solutions at every stage of development as the cloud hosting provider will take care of all other services themselves. So make sure to invest a good amount of time in choosing a reliable SaaS product development teams for your project and then start your project.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence

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