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Venture Construction Group of Florida Sponsors Tampa Walk to Defeat…



A local and national advocate for ALS research and awareness, Venture Construction Group of Florida (VCGFL) sponsored the Greater Tampa Bay Walk to Defeat ALS on May 1. The car parade commenced at 10 a.m. and kicked off at Armature Works. The event raised $104,279, reaching nearly 72 percent of it’s goal of $145,000. The event is still accepting donations.

Switching gears due to distancing, the car parades have replaced the traditional Walk to Defeat ALS events for the time being. The ALS Association Florida Chapter offers comprehensive support and resources for people living with ALS, their caregivers, and loved ones. All services and programs provided by care services are free of charge and are funded solely through fundraising efforts of The ALS Association Florida Chapter. Learn more or donate online at

“Participation in these events has an enormous impact on people living with ALS and their families. Through education, support groups, access to care and advocacy, we are working to defeat ALS and provide hope to people living with ALS and their families. We’re very grateful for the support from Stephen Shanton and the team at Venture Construction Group of Florida,” said Cal Brooks, vice president of development, ALS Association Florida chapter.

VCGFL is the Premier Statewide sponsor for a series of fundraising events throughout the year, starting with the Central Florida Walk to Defeat ALS in Orlando on March 20. Other events organized sponsored include the Broward Walk to Defeat ALS in Davie on April 10; the Jacksonville Walk to Defeat ALS on April 17; the ALS Ring of Honor Golf Classic in St. Augustine on May 10; the Southwest Walk to Defeat ALS on May 15; the Orlando CEO Soak on June 24, the South Florida CEO Soak in Dania Beach on August 26. More details on upcoming fall events will be announced at a later date. Learn more, donate, or get involved at

About Venture Construction Group of Florida

Founded in 1998, Venture Construction Group of Florida (VCGFL) is an award-winning leader in construction, restoration, renovations, roofing, storm damage repairs, and 24/7 emergency services throughout Florida, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Bahamas and the Caribbean. Specializing in residential, industrial and commercial projects, VCGFL assists homeowners, property managers, condominium boards, homeowner associations, association boards, hotels, and business complexes with general contractor services, roofing, specialty construction, historical restoration, water and flood mitigation, and property repairs due to fire, flood, water, wind and hurricanes. With offices in Boca Raton, Ft. Myers, Naples, Panama City Beach, Orlando, Stuart, Tampa, San Juan, and Nassau, VCGFL is committed to operational excellence and exceptional customer service. VCGFL takes care of the details every step of the way including roofing, siding, windows, drywall, flooring, paint, gutters to rebuilding properties after major storm events from hurricanes, tornadoes, and hailstorms. VCGFL has earned leading industry awards including the Gold Coast Builders Association (GCBA) Silver PRISM Award for Safety Team of the Year, GCBA Gold PRISM Award for Craftsmanship- Commercial Exterior, GCBA Silver PRISM Award for Craftsmanship- Commercial Exterior, Owens Corning Pinnacle Award for Safety, Construction Business Owner Award, Roofing Alliance MVP Award, Coatings Pro Contractor Award, Pro Remodeler Forty Under 40 Award, Qualified Remodeler Top 500 Remodelers Award, Qualified Remodeler Master Design Award, Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association S.T.A.R. Spotlight Trophy for the Advancement of Roofing Awards in Sustainability and Community Service. Shanton is a certified member of the WindStorm Insurance Network™ and is a WIND Certified Umpire®, WIND Certified Appraiser®, and WIND Certified Fellow®. VCGFL carries advanced accreditations and is an exclusive certified National Storm Damage Center Preferred Contractor and Certified Member of the United Association of Storm Restoration Contractors. VCGFL is a proud member of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Industry Members Association (EIMA); Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA); Gold Coast Builders Association (GCBA); Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association (IAUA); National Association of Environmentally Responsible Mold Contractors (NAERMC); National Association of Home Builders (NAHB); National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA); NRCA Qualified Trainer; Property Liability and Resource Bureau (PLRB); Restoration Industry Association (RIA). VCGFL is a registered U.S. Federal Government Contractor and holds leading manufacturer certifications including Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, Mule-Hide Legacy Contractor, Certified CertainTeed Contractor, and Duro-Last Certified Contractor status. VCGFL credentials have been vetted and screened through independent third-party Global Risk Management Solutions. For more information, call 866-459-8351 or visit us online at

About ALS Association Florida Chapter

Established in 1987, The ALS Association Florida Chapter is fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease on all fronts, or as we like to say, “Covering all the bases for people living with ALS in Florida.” We provide patient programs, advocate on behalf of patients with our government leaders, create awareness of the disease, and fund research. In addition, the Chapter provides financial support to our statewide multidisciplinary ALS clinics and research facilities, enabling them to increase patient care. Learn more at

Media Inquiries:

Alexis Bott

Elev8 Consulting Group

Ph: 386-243-5388



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Arroyo Grande Fire Damage Company Releases Important Tips for Staying…



fire damage Arroyo Grande

The most important advice is to be patient, don’t enter the building until it has been completely cleared by all of the necessary authorities.

One of the first things a fire victim wants to do is get back into the building to see what can be saved. Wanting to find important and treasured items is a natural inclination, “But, it’s a job for the experts,” said Mark Powers, the fire damage expert from SERVPRO of Arroyo Grande/Pismo Beach.

The fire department is only going to clear a home or business for entry after the fire is completely out. In some cases, the local building department also inspects the building and may not allow occupants to enter until potential structural dangers have been removed. Even though the fire is out, there is the chance that supporting beams, the roof, or floor have been weakened by the fire. Any kind of collapse can cause serious injury to anyone inside.

The most important advice is to be patient, don’t enter the building until it has been completely cleared by all of the necessary authorities. Always enter with a professional, which can include a representative of the fire department, a building inspector, or a certified fire damage team.

The SERVPRO of Arroyo Grande/Pismo Beach fire damage repair team has the training and certifications to help property owners assess the damage, recover and restore furnishings, personal property, other possessions, and the building. Regardless of where the damaged home or business is located, the following tips, prepared by Powers, are going to help keep everyone safe.

  • Only adults should enter, and as few as possible. Keep children away from the fire site.
  • Wear protective equipment such as a hard hat, safety glasses, and a mask or respirator.
  • Once inside, move slowly and carefully to avoid stirring up soot. Airborne soot can be inhaled and can also embed into upholstery and any carpeting, rugs, or window coverings that have survived the fire.
  • Take a clipboard or notebook so you can jot down notes as your fire damage technician helps you assess the damage.
  • If the power to the building has been turned off, remove all contents from the refrigerator and freezer and leave the doors open. In some cases, it’s safer to remove the doors.
  • The assessment is going to include a room-to-room inspection to determine which items can be restored by repair or cleaning. Repairable appliances should only be repaired by manufacturer-authorized service centers.
  • Work with the fire damage professionals to begin removing items that can be cleaned and repaired. You may need to move them into a temporary storage unit, then from there to the appropriate cleaning or repair service.
  • Other tasks, such as arranging for a dumpster, drying out water damage and removing mold damage, and removing smoke damage will be handled by the experts such as the SERVPRO fire damage technicians serving Arroyo Grande.

The SERVPRO of Arroyo Grande/Pismo Beach professionals also work with your insurance company to help process and monitor the claim, as well as other tasks that come with restoring a building from fire damage. Owner Mark Powers and his leadership team grew up and raised their families in the community. The entire team works to provide high quality and exceptional service by guiding their customers through the job from beginning to final walk-through. The team’s goal is to make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Pismo Beach/Arroyo Grande

1131 Pike Lane Suite

Oceano, CA 93445

(805) 473-0772

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YieldStreet Head of Real Estate Says Ongoing Acceptance of Retail Crowd Raising for Property Market to Continues



The team at YieldStreet, an online marketplace for a diverse array of asset-backed investments, has introduced a series that aims to highlight some of its great team members that “make Yieldstreet possible.”

Mitch Rosen, Senior Director, Head of Real Estate, has been with the Yieldstreet community since he joined back in 2018. He recently talked about how his career has “shaped how he views investments, and where he hopes Yieldstreet ends up in the next few years.”

Rosen reveals that as Head of the Real Estate division at Yieldstreet, he’s tasked with leading their team, which involves looking into originations and carrying out the appropriate due diligence on all of the opportunities that are provided via Yieldstreet in the real estate sector.

Rosen notes that he began working in real estate back in 2001 while at a publicly traded mortgage REIT called Capital Trust. The company had focused on subordinated debt on CRE assets “of all types.” He also mentioned that he learned how “to critically look at CRE and more importantly, how to think creatively about ways to structure these investments to insulate our position from problems arising.”

He worked at Capital Trust from October 2001 through May 2004, and then later joined an alternative asset management firm, Marathon Asset Management. Rosen focused on the underwriting of the bridge loan sector, while at this company.

After the financial crisis in 2008, he shifted focus to the securities side, “mostly CMBS, CRE CDO’s, and subordinate debt opportunities.” He then left Marathon in February 2013 and joined the alternative asset management company, Brigade Capital.

Rosen added:

“Brigade, which at the time had around $15B of AUM, is best known as a high-yield corporate credit and distressed shop. I was hired to be the lead credit analyst and trader for the CMBS and CRE debt business.”

Rosen further revealed that he met Milind and Michael back in July 2018, and they “brought me on to run the Real Estate Business.” Rosen also noted that he was the first “dedicated” investment head to join the firm.

Having spent around two decades on the traditional buy-side, he was cautious about joining a Fintech firm that was “looking to change the way retail investors allocate capital,” Rosen added while confirming that he accepted his offer and officially started in October 2018.

While commenting on some of the great challenges he’s worked through during his extensive career, Rosen noted:

“Going through the 2008 crash early in my career gave me tremendous insight into when things go bad, what does it look like and how do you solve the problems. We had a fairly large portfolio, over $2 billion of real estate loans and securities, that all had distress. That meant we had to work through them, take our lumps, pivot where we could, and take back anything that we couldn’t work out of.”

He pointed out that the problem was that their borrowers were not “just getting hit on what they had with us, but every property they owed in some capacity was impacted.” He also mentioned that having gone through that dislocation and then “coming out on the back of that and making a lot of money by buying distressed bonds and other assets that were attractively priced was frankly invaluable.”

While commenting on what he thinks is the “future” of real estate investing and how real estate investing evolved from his seat specifically, Rosen shared:

“The future is tied to Yieldstreet though, to be frank. I think that the ongoing acceptance of retail crowd raising capital for real estate is going to only continue to flourish. Certainly there are going to be investors who pick the wrong deal or the wrong partner, but the key is diversification.”

He added that as he views it, crowd platform investing for CRE is “going to be the most accepted and earliest adopted retail segment for investing, and I’m of the opinion that even institutional companies and managers, who historically shied away from it, will start to embrace and partake in it.” He also noted that his guess is that “we’re in the third inning of that — there’s a whole runway for the field to evolve.”

Responding to a question about what happens with the disruption to the incumbents, Rosen noted:

“Disruption is providing access to investors that historically would not have access to these types of opportunities. … Technology has just made it far more efficient, quicker, and through a better interface. And so when we talk about “crowdraising” … it’s been done for 40 years but what Yieldstreet has done is formulated a more efficient and transparent process.”

In response to a question about how Yieldstreet is “unique” in that crowdfunding space, Rosen said:

“We’re providing multi asset class access which no one else really has and we’ve historically focused on debt — though we are starting to ramp up the equity business. That was partly why we were more known within the Commercial Real Estate space in particular — we’re trying to offer not just access, but good access. We spend a lot of time thinking about who we play with, invest with, how we think, and are looking to ensure added protection is what Yieldstreet brings to the crowdfunding space.”

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An estate in virtual world Decentraland just sold for nearly a million dollars

Digital real estate firm Republic Realm bought the estate for $913,000 worth of the game’s native MANA token.

The post An estate in virtual world Decentraland just sold for nearly a million dollars appeared first on The Block.



A set of land in virtual world Decentraland has sold for a record-breaking $913,808 worth of MANA, the game’s Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. 

Digital real estate investment firm Republic Realm acquired a non-fungible token (NFT) of the virtual estate, referred to as a LAND token, for nearly 1.3 million MANA. While the sale is the highest LAND sale in dollar terms, there have been previous sales that involved a higher number of MANA, when the token wasn’t worth as much. 

“We can’t wait to announce our big plans for this estate,” the platform tweeted. “Our commitment to building and developing the metaverse is stronger than ever.”

Non-fungible tokens are collectible items that exist on the blockchain and represent different types of digital files, such as audio or video files, and even virtual land.

Investing in digital real estate

Republic Realm is a New York-based firm that invests in digital real estate in virtual worlds. According to the company’s profile on Decentraland, this isn’t the firm’s first real estate purchase on the platform. The company owns a plot of land named after itself, as well as several “parcel” properties — the smaller squares on the map. 

Launched in February 2020, Decentraland is a virtual reality game built on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows users to buy, sell and build on virtual land plots. Users can purchase land, goods and services in packages called LAND, which can be bought with MANA, an ERC-20 token. LAND ownerships are recorded in smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. 

With this sale, Decentraland has broken a record it established only a few weeks ago, when blockchain protocol Boson Protocol acquired one of its plots for over $700,000

Decentraland is one of several “play-to-earn” games, where users play to earn rewards like tokens, which they can then trade on an open marketplace. Other popular games include Sandbox and Axie Infinity, which are also Ethereum-based. 

The price of the MANA token soared during the NFT boom earlier this year, but has fallen in recent weeks, coinciding with a fall in NFT transaction volumes.

Image courtesy: Decentraland

© 2021 The Block Crypto, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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Title Alliance Rapidly Expanding to Serve Phoenix Metro Area



News Image

Title Alliance’s partnerships with the real estate community allow for an amazing experience for all who are involved in a real estate transaction.

Title Alliance, Ltd., a leader in joint venture title insurance agencies, is excited to announce its latest expansion in the Phoenix area with the opening of Title Alliance of Gilbert, through a joint venture with Keller Williams Realty-Gilbert. The office is the ninth location for the family of title insurance and escrow companies in Arizona and represents a strong track record of growth and success in the Southwest.

“Arriving in the Southwest was a true leap of faith for our company, and the opening of the Gilbert and Mesa offices in the family-friendly East Valley is exciting for all of us,” said Jim Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of Title Alliance. “Ensuring our customers have the best closing and escrow services is Priority No. 1 for us. Our innovative business model allows us to boost the customer experience while also increasing profitability through strategic partnerships between Realtors and our title experts.”

Title Alliance of Gilbert joins Title Alliance of America in Mesa, the company’s newly-announced 10th joint venture in Arizona, in serving this vibrant, fast-growing community and housing market. Title Alliance arrived in The Grand Canyon State five years ago, and since then, the company has seen a sustained increase in its footprint.

“We are thrilled to welcome our newest joint ventures to the Title Alliance family and are looking for additional growth opportunities in Arizona and across the Southwest,” said Lindsay Smith, Chief Strategy Officer for Title Alliance. “Title Alliance’s partnerships with the real estate community allow for an amazing experience for all who are involved in a real estate transaction.”

Along with the Arizona offices, Title Alliance is celebrating the opening of Title Alliance Northwest, a partnership with Keller Williams Puyallup in Washington.

About Title Alliance:
Title Alliance, Ltd., has been forming successful single and multi-state joint ventures with lenders, Realtors and builders since 1983. We work with our partners to establish in-house title and settlement operations, dramatically enhancing their customer service and increasing their profit. Started and headquartered in Media, Pa., Title Alliance’s family of companies are currently in 11 states and across 60 offices. More information at

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