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Typhlosion Pokemon GO Full Trainer’s Guide


We've compiled a complete guide for trainers looking to get the most out of Typhlosion in Pokemon GO.

We’ve compiled a complete guide for trainers looking to get the most out of Typhlosion in Pokemon GO. / The Pokemon Company

We’ve compiled a complete guide for trainers looking to get the most out of Typhlosion in Pokemon GO.

Typhlosion is the final evolved form of Cyndaquil, the fire-type starter of the Johto region. As such, it is part of a three-form evolution family. Also known as the “Volcano” Pokemon, Typhlosion is best known for its ability to hide behind “a shimmering heat haze” that it can create using its own intense heat. True to its name, it can create massive blasts of fire which can “burn everything to cinders.” Its PokeDex number is #157.

Typhlosion has been available to encounter in the wild since its release in 2017. However, as a final evolved form, finding one while adventuring is extremely rare. Therefore, it’s much easier to obtain one by evolving a Cyndaquil.

Trainers can evolve their Cyndaquil into a Quilava using 25 candies. Quilava can then be involved into Typhlosion using 100 candies.

Typhlosion has the following stats in Pokemon GO:

As a pure fire-type, it is most vulnerable to ground, rock, and water-types. It has resistances to bug, fairy, fire, grass, ice, and steel-type moves.

Fortunately, Typhlosion’s mono-typing makes this an easy choice. Most of the moves in its move pool are fire-typed—so trainers certainly have a lot of options. Regardless, this Pokemon’s best moveset contains the quick move Incinerate and the charged move Blast Burn.

Both of these attacks benefit from the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) condition.

Incinerate is the better quick move—when compared with Ember—as it not only does more damage per second (DPS) but also generates more energy per second.

Blast Burn is an Elite TM move that only costs 15 energy to cast with a 40 DPS output. This makes it a quick move to prompt—easily the best of all three fire-type charged options. However, since not all trainers have access to this move, we’ve determined that Overheat is a suitable substitute.

Yes, Typhlosion can be shiny in Pokemon GO. While its evolution tree debuted as part of the major Johto releases in Feburary 2017, its shiny variant didn’t see a release until Cyndaquil’s Community Day event on Nov. 10, 2018.

Trainers should have no problem telling shiny Typhlosion apart from its normal counterpart. Instead of the typical navy blue back fur, shiny Typhlosion has a dusty auburn red.

More information about everything coming to Pokemon GO this October 2021 can be found in our companion article.

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