The History And Evolution Of Slot Machines
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The History and Evolution of Slot Machines

The History and Evolution of Slot Machines
Slot machines normally stand out for occupying the largest space in casinos. They are popular because of their decent payouts and flashy, brightly-colored themes. It is reported that they contribute to the majority of the revenue in most casinos (65%-80 %.) Their popularity has only increased with the rise of online casinos. Today, we will arm you with everything you need to know about the evolution of slot machines.

The First Slot Machines

The popularity of the “nickel-in-the-slot machines” grew when they were introduced in the 1880s. These are the predecessors of modern-day slot machines. However, these games didn’t involve gambling and they could easily be found in numerous bars. The machines allowed patrons to insert coins and wager on horse racing. The winner would be rewarded with non-monetary rewards like cigars and beer.

Sittman and Pitt is regarded as the first company to create slot machines in 1887. To play, patrons were expected to enter a nickel and jerk the lever. The slots featured 50 playing cards and 5 drums. They didn’t feature the jack of hearts and ten spades among the cards. Bookmakers used this tactic to reduce the prizes paid out. However, there are many historians that have claimed that these aren’t the first slot machines because they lacked cash payouts.

Charles Fey is credited as the man who created the model of modern slot machines. His inventions came with variations and improvements that addressed problems like cheating. His machines used modern symbols and featured automatic payout methods. In 1891, he created the first cash-based slot machine that was referred to as the ‘’Liberty Bell.”

Growing Popularity

The History and Evolution of Slot Machines
Today’s games don’t look anything like the inaugural slot machines. They have always been popular but not quite as much as modern real money slots. Slots generate the most money in casinos because they have undergone many modifications to appeal to gamblers. The popularity of these machines went to another level when patrons were allowed to play for cash.

A Continued Evolution

In 1907, the gambling industry improved with the introduction of “The Operator Bell.” This is a unique slot machine that uses fruit symbols. The operators used fruit and bubble gum symbols to promote a harmless image of gambling. The industry had come under attack from religious leaders who regarded gambling as immoral. These games were banned in cities like San Francisco but they continued spreading into other towns. The machines were also changed because the Italian mob was heavily involved in gambling. They now rewarded players with chewing gum if a reel fell on a specific fruit.

The original electromagnetic slot was introduced in 1964 while the first video slot was created in 1976. In 1996, the industry was introduced to an improved video slot. This original slot machine allowed punters to play the bonus round on an independent screen. These video slots were so popular in casinos that they occupied 70% of the space and provided 70% of the profits.

The Rise of Online Slots

The rise of online gambling has led to increased popularity of online slots. These games are even more popular on online platforms because punters have access to more bonuses and bigger jackpots. This means that players are exposed to numerous ways of increasing their payouts, especially using progressive jackpots.

The mid 90’s saw an increase in the popularity of the internet. This led to the growth of online casinos among gambling buffs. Operators started with games that were quite similar to traditional slot machines. They came with similar symbols and the same number of reels. However, this changed with the introduction of computer programming. This innovation brought games with new unusual layouts and interesting themes.

Modern games now have unconventional layouts and more than 5 reels. There are special game features, imaginative bonus rounds, different symbols and endless themes.

What Does the Future Look Like for Slot Machines?

The History and Evolution of Slot Machines

Slot machines are likely to continue prioritizing brand recognition as long as the game’s quality is guaranteed. There are many slot games that are themed around sports events, movies, bands and famous television shows.

Although table games are popular, they’re likely to be replaced by Virtual Card Games. People love video card games because winning is based on pure luck. Results are determined using randomly selected numbers. This means that it’s impossible to trick opponents or use mind games because players can’t predict the number of remaining cards in the deck. In contrast, punters require skill and luck to beat players in live casino games (roulette and blackjack). “Slot-like” card games are likely to grow in popularity because they’re more accessible and convenient than face-to-face poker.

Users will register using face recognition as cards are faced out. It will be possible to receive rewards and register using face recognition technology. This is similar to the process of opening an iPhone. Gamblers should also expect to see more skill-based games.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of electronic slot machines has grown immensely because of numerous technological innovations over the years. Human nature has remained the same, gamblers enjoy provocation, anticipation and the gratification of winning. Although the primary instincts are the same, there has been a growth in appetites. Online slots remain the most lucrative part of online casinos and they’re expected to continue dominating. Players are advised to study different online casino reviews from reputable websites.

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