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The Basics: Popular Casino Games You Should Play




With online casinos’ rising popularity in the recent decade, most bettors are now playing in them rather than in land-based casinos. Playing in a land-based casino is a fun and thrilling experience. However, playing online casino games is much more convenient and affordable.


Poker is actually the most well-known casino card game around the world. Because of its popularity, there are a lot of variations created. There are different types of poker. Some of these are:

Texas Hold ‘Em

It is the most popular type of poker in the world. To win this game, you need to create the best five-card poker hand.


This poker variant lets each player receive four hole cards to deal with. The goal is to make the best hand using only two out of the four cards.

7-Card Poker

7-card poker is almost similar to Texas Hold ‘em. All you need to do is to place bets and create the best five-card poker to win the pot. What makes this game different from the first two is that this game doesn’t involve community cards.


It is undeniable that slot games are the most popular and easiest game to play. This is because all you need to do is to place bets and spin the wheels.
The best thing about playing a slot game is that it is mostly themed. Some are even inspired by popular movies, television shows, novels, and even myths. Online casinos like Bitcasino, 22bet, and 888 Tiger Casino have thousands of slots to offer. Here are some of the different types of slots:

Classic Slots

It is the simplest type of slot with three to five pay lines only. What makes it appealing to most bettors is that it has a straightforward paytable.

Video Slots

These are usually five-reel slots with a standard of 20 pay lines. The best thing about video slots is that it is interactive. There are also a lot of software providers that developed video slots with more than five reels.

Progressive Slots

This is the type of slot game that tends to give the highest payouts. It is because as you play the game, the portion of your wager is added to the jackpot prize.


Roulette’s popularity is because of its simplicity so this is one of the best games for first-time bettors. All you need to do is guess which section of the wheel the ball will land on once the wheel stops spinning. All you need to do is to choose a number you want to bet on and wait for the ball to land on the lucky number.

Here are the most popular types of online roulette:

European Roulette

In European roulette, there are a total of 37 pockets. What makes it different from American roulette is that it only has one zero which is in a green pocket.

American Roulette

With the 38 pockets of the American roulette, you need to choose from 1 to 36, 0, and 00. The single and double zero are in green pockets while numbers 1 to 36 are in red and black pockets. This roulette variant was invented after European roulette and true to its name, American Roulette is usually the type of roulette played in Las Vegas casinos in the US.

Double Ball Roulette

What makes double ball roulette exciting to play is that there are two balls involved. Compared to other roulettes, it is known as the most innovative and unique.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

If you think double ball roulette is exciting, multi-wheel is the upgraded version of it. This is because there are a total of eight wheels on one screen. When playing this game, you have greater chances of winning. This is because your bet applies to all of the eight wheels.

1 Bet = 8 Wheels

Mini Roulette

It is actually regarded as the simplified version of roulette. Unlike European and American roulette, it only has 13 pockets. You need to choose from 1 to 12 and a single zero.


It is basically a card comparing game between two hands, the banker and the player. The hand which is closest to nine wins the game. What makes this game thrilling to play is that it has a low house edge.


It is an exciting card comparing game between the players and the dealer. To win this game, the players need to turn against the dealer.

Just like poker, it is also regarded as the most played casino games around the world. The twist is that the dealer is also dealt with two cards, the exposed and hidden card. The goal is to get as close to 21. Here are the popular types of blackjack.

American Blackjack

It is the most-played type of blackjack. To win the game, you must get closer to 21 without going over. If you go over 21, you lose.

European Blackjack

Unlike the American blackjack that uses a standard of six to eight standard decks of cards, the European blackjack uses two standard decks of cards. You can only double down with the value of 9, 10, and 11.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

It also follows the classic blackjack rules but with four decks. It is almost identical to American blackjack. The only difference is that the dealer can only peek on one ace. In American blackjack, the dealer can peek if their up-card is a 10, ace, or face card.

Online casinos like Bitcasino and the others mentioned above offer mobility and convenience to its players. Another thing worth taking note of is that most online casinos have a live casino feature that lets bettors play in real-time, further making the land casino experience at arm’s reach. Now that you know the different casino games, choose your preferred game, place your bets, and win the grand jackpot prize!



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Gaming Giant Atari Doubles Down on Ethereum, Joins Decentraland




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See full terms and conditions.


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Remote Learning Boosting Adoption of Innovative Technologies for Education 




History Maker from Schell Games is an example of augmented reality being incorporated in an innovative new software supporting history education. (Credit: Schell Games)

By AI Trends Staff  

With remote learning happening for students of all ages during the pandemic area, new technologies incorporating AI—including voice, augmented reality and virtual reality—are being used more widely to enable teaching.   

“Some 1.2 billion children have been out of school during the pandemic year, and that has led to technology driving change in education,” said Robin Raskin, founder of Solving for Tech, moderator of a recent Consumer Electronics Show session on New Technologies Accelerating Education.   

Caitlin Gutekunst, senior director of marketing and development.

Creativity, Inc. provides design and engineering services for toy, technology, and learning companies. Clients include Disney, Netflix, Fisher-Price, Mattel, and Pearson. The company is working on building out new products that leverage voice interactions, said Caitlin Gutekunst, senior director of marketing and development. Consumers today interact with voice assistants on some 4.2 billion devices and the number is expected by Juniper Research to grow to 8.4 billion by 2024, she said.  

“Voice is an interface, a new way for people to navigate and find information more easily,” she said. “Teachers are finding that voice provides new learning opportunities for students,” and can improve accessibility catering to the different learning styles of students, she said. The company envisions voice being used in more devices such as wearables and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets.  “We believe in binding entertainment with learning to make it fun for kids,” she said. The company developed Toy Doctor, an Alexa skill in which a child works as a doctor to help patients including Fuzzy the Teddy Bear and Rubber Ducky in a musical adventure.  

Melanie Harke, Senior Game Designer, Schell Games

Melanie Harke, a senior game designer with Schell Games, builds educational games using VR and AR. “It is still in an early adoption phase, but once you have a device you can travel to distant lands or practice dangerous procedures in a safe environment,” she said. “Immersion is the cornerstone; it makes it powerful,” she said, enabling it to be used to practice physical activities or improve muscle memory.  

History Maker is Virtual Reality Content Creation Tool  

The company has produced HoloLab Champions, a chemistry lab practice game show, enabling students without access to a real lab to gain experiences. Players are scored on accuracy and safety, helping to prepare them for real lab experiences.  

The company’s newest product is History Maker, a virtual reality content creation tool aimed at middle school students. The game enables students to step into the shoes of a historical figure, such as Ben Franklin, Abigail Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain and Barack Obama. Students create the scene, pick their props, upload and recite their script and export the performance to share with classmates and teachers.  

“The pandemic has accelerated things, with more students participating in remote learning and more effort going into making the experiences better for kids. Having something immersive like VR can help,” Harke said. The company has made progress since entering the education market in 2016, but still, “It is early days for VR in education,” she said.  

Spatial makes a AR/VR tool that can be used to create a lifelike avatar and a virtual classroom where the teacher has the necessary tools to present an immersive experience for students. “A lot of remote learning is happening in work settings. Tools like Spatial will be important to helping people feel connected,” said Aaron Dence, product manager with Spatial.   

The product uses AI and machine learning to “tweak” a two-dimensional selfie photo to create a three-dimensional lifelike avatar. Colleges are looking at the technology to help create immersive learning experiences, such as the streets of Harlem in the 1950s, for a history class at the University of Arizona, and physicians and students working together at Teikyo University in Tokyo.  

AR/VR Education Software Revenue Growing  

Revenue for VR/AR educational software was estimated to be some $300 million in 2020, according to a report by Goldman Sachs, and is expected to grow to $700 million by 2025, according to a report in edu plus now. The quality of content is improving and the cost of hardware is correlating, making the technology more accessible to education institutions worldwide, the report stated.  

Use cases for AR/VR in education include virtual field trips, medical education, and training, classroom education and student recruitment, according to an account from [x]cube LABS.  

For medical education, applications can show complicated processes such as the human brain and visualize the abstract notions in digital reality. It equips students to merge the theoretical and practical parts of lessons. For recruitment, virtual tours enable students to explore the school or university campus remotely, thereby reducing expenses, increasing student engagement and helping them make a decision about the university.  

“Augmented and virtual reality is redefining the teaching and learning process. Immersive technology has the potential of being the most prominent breakthrough in the education industry,” the authors state. 

Learn more at Creativity, Inc., Schell GamesSpatial, in edu plus now and from [x]cube LABS. 


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DOCOMO’s XR Studio opening in Odaiba, Japan to include the new Mantis Vision Volumetric Studio 3iosk




In Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality News

January 21, 2021 – Mantis Vision, a provider of 3D image and volumetric video capture solutions, has today announced that its ‘Mantis Vision Volumetric Studio 3iosk’ volumetric video capture technology will be included within DOCOMO’s new ‘docomo XR Studio’ in Odaiba, Japan when it opens later this month. DOCOMO is Japan’s largest telecommunications company.

Esta Chiang, Volumetric Pipeline Technical Director of Mantis Vision, said: “Mantis Vision has seen many new volumetric video content creations this year, and we’re excited to see what new applications emerge from the new 3iosk Studio”.

Volumetric video capture utilizes an array of cameras to record people or objects in motion from all angles, in order to turn them into realistic 3D holograms. The resulting digital content can then be viewed from any angle on mobile devices and computers. The technology is already in use in a range of industries, including entertainment, sports, music videos, and gaming.

The Mantis Vision Volumetric Studio 3iosk captures dynamic 3D volumetric videos that can be shared as 3D assets in augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), virtual production or social media. With its small footprint and no green screen or render farm required, the Mantis Vision Volumetric Studio 3iosk is designed for use in commercial settings including retail stores, museums, events, theme parks and shopping malls. Based on patented technology and proprietary Volumetric Cameras (VoCams), Mantis Vision states that its Volumetric Studio 3iosk setup has “the fastest workflow from scan to share, with exceptional data quality and an easy-to-use interface.”

An example of Mantis Vision’s live volumetric capture demo.

In addition, the 3iosk studio offers real-time live-streaming capability, allowing viewers to have live interactions with 3D holograms. The same solution can be used for live virtual concerts, interviews, E-sports and mixed reality training, according to the company.  

Through the opening of its XR Studio, DOCOMO will help to promote volumetric video technology, as well as collaborate with content creators, and will continue to explore new methods that utilize XR technology.

For more information on Mantis Vision and its volumetric capture solutions, please visit the company’s website.

Image / video credit: Mantis Vision

About the author

Sam Sprigg

Sam is the Founder and Managing Editor of Auganix. With a background in research and report writing, he covers news articles on both the AR and VR industries. He also has an interest in human augmentation technology as a whole, and does not just limit his learning specifically to the visual experience side of things.


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The Good of Buying used Commercial Vehicles




There is one thing every business person knows; time is money. While buying a new brand shows your business has grown financially, there is a lot of time-wasting in the process than just getting a used vehicle, and the business keeps going. However, when you’re looking to buy a used commercial vehicle, when looking for exceptional used trucks for sale, check out professionals for best deals. Professional dealers in used Cars like TRADUS will help you seamlessly get the best of your money by buying a used car you’ll never regret. Let’s dive deeper:

  • Reduces Cost

Well, in business, money is the glue that binds success. Buying a used vehicle means paying less for something that may be in an excellent position plus, vehicles are machines, and machines are like humans; the more the body is used, the better it adapts to the world. One of the marvelous things about owning a used vehicle is the opportunity to buy a brand you may not have owned when new.

  • Low Rate of Depreciation

This is a paramount perk. Used vehicles are typically affordable, but the ice breaker is that you can get a car in good condition, which you may use and still enjoy newer technology and economical fuel usage others enjoy with new brands.

  • Guarantees

Buying a used car sometimes comes with exceptional guarantees, such as time for testing the vehicle, and if it’s not worthy, you may return it and only pay commission on the days you used it. Believe it or not, this is something new car dealers never offer.

  • Reliability

Does it a ring a bell when you hear about the past where cars like the Old Ford LTD rusted after decades? Well, that isn’t something you can walk to a car showroom and find a new brand that’d take years to rust and more. For something like enjoying a reliable vehicle, buying a used vehicle or used trucks for sale that might be the model from makers who make lasting cars is an excellent option.

Yes, that right. Be sure to buy a car that has been used, and the owner can assess the vehicle’s monumental ability and more. Today, a new brand such as SUV, trucks, and vans don’t last long.

  • Enjoying CPO opportunities

Thanks to the low price of used vehicles, you’re about to enjoy the benefits of leasing than buying the car entirely, and sometimes, you don’t need all the money for you to get home with your vehicle. Most used car dealers allow about three- and more-year terms of leasing. However, although this is excellent, be sure to face restrictions on mileage and more.

  • Keeps the Vehicle Well-Cared for

Due to the restrictions, a vehicle on lease stays in the best conditions for a long time. This is a magnate that boosts business, especially if your used car is for ferrying passengers who often prefer vehicles that look excellent and well-cared.

Cons of Buying a Used Commercial Vehicle

While there are many benefits, below are some of the downsides a used vehicle may come with.

  1. High Maintenance Cost

Buying a used car cheaply doesn’t genuinely mean it’s cheap. Unless you carefully inspect the vehicle, you may invest more in maintaining it, which is sometimes expensive.

  1. Lowers Brand Identity

Business is about building a mirror that helps you become a brand people like and want to work with. Buying a used car for a reputable business may lower your company identity for people to think you’re losing glory or going bankrupt.

Excellent Tips to Embrace when Buying Used Cars

Before buying a used vehicle, keep the following in mind:

  1. Stay on your Lane

Instead of wanting a brand that’d affect your budget or sometimes cost more than a new brand, stay off wanting to buy a brand above your lane.

  1. Decide all by Yourself

Friends and family may want to share their opinions but if you’re looking to get the best-used vehicle, depends on what you really want and go for it.

  1. Focus on your Goals and Objective

Knowing what you need to do with your used vehicle is the first step to success. When you’re buying a used commercial car for business, such as supplying goods or passengers, things like seats and vehicle conditions matter.

Buying a used commercial vehicle is riskier and trickier than buying a new brand since you don’t know for sure where that vehicle has been and how it has been treated.  However, as the saying goes, You don’t buy something for nothing,” buying a used car comes with benefits everyone can embrace and save money and time. The good news is, if you know what you want, a used car is better than a new one. Think about leasing, guarantees, and affordability and you’ll be thinking about a used commercial vehicle over a new one.

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