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Tales From The Loop Board Game Arrives From The Future

Robotic walkers illustrated by Simon Stalenhag

Tales From The Loop, the Swedish sci-fi series that became a successful Amazon Prime TV series, is getting a board game adaptation.
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The world of tabletop gaming is getting another officially licensed adaptation. Free League Publishing, the Swedish tabletop RPG publisher behind works like The One Ring, the Alien RPG, and the gothic horror experience Vaesen, are going to be releasing a Tales From The Loop board game.

For those not aware, Tales From the Loop began as a Swedish sci-fi novel by Simon Stalenhag. It depicted an alternate history where the Swedish government in the 1950s successfully constructed the world’s largest particle accelerator, the facility housing it buried deep underground in the countryside. The development of what became known as The Loop lead to a very different version of 1980s Scandinavia. Experimentation within this Loop facility lead to an explosion of fantastical technology, futuristic robotics, and even the return of creatures long since dead. Not only did this book receive rave reviews, it got an equally beloved sequel book, Things From The Flood, a live-action series adaptation on Amazon Prime and even got a tabletop RPG in 2017.

The board and pieces for the Tales From The Loop board game
Try not to get eaten by velociraptors. Image Credit: Free League Marketing

As for what the Tales From The Loop board game will include, Free League Publishing’s official press release sheds some light. The board game will be a narrative-based experience with players taking on the role of local kids as they investigate the strange happenings in their town brought on by The Loop’s experiments. Essentially, it’s a much more sci-fi take on another popular streaming show: Stranger Things. The game is built with one to five players in mind, and will include eight different narrative scenarios, each one taking roughly one to two hours to complete. In addition, the game will include six robotic miniatures based on Stalenhag’s own designs.

The Tales From The Loop board game will be available for purchase on Free League’s own webstore as well as retail stores on February 8.


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