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MLaaS: How To Use It To Improve Your Business?

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled machines to simulate human or natural intelligence, transforming the technology landscape forever. Machine Learning (ML), a discipline...

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Four Reasons CBD Should Be Part Of Your Skincare Routine

Research into CBD has only truly started in more recent years, partly down to the stigma attached to it, its changing legality, and the...

Air Force space experiment will seek to demonstrate multi-orbit satellite navigation

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The Navigation Technology Satellite-3 (NTS-3), an experiment funded by the Air Force Research Laboratory, will broadcast PNT signals from geostationary orbit to supplement GPS satellites in medium Earth orbit

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How Can Natural Herbs Help To Improve Your Productivity?

Productivity is vital whether you are studying, working, or running your own business. You'll meet your goals, feel successful, and have an excellent work-life...

Decentralized Biomedical Network DeBio Rolling Out Roketo’s Crypto-Streaming Solution To All Accounting And Payroll

Roketo, the crypto-streaming solution built on NEAR Protocol, has announced DeBio, an anonymous-first appchain for medical and bioinformatics services and data, will be rolling out the company's payment service to all their accounting and payroll. 

DeBio is a public project and transparency of transactions is the main reason why it turned from traditional banking solutions to Roketo. Currently, DeBio is using the streaming solution to pay more than 200 advisors and investors working on its project. Next month they are planning to roll the service out to all of their accounting and payroll.

“Roketo takes transparency to the next level compared to competitors. In services like Blockchain Explorer or NEAR Scan, we can see the list of transactions and content of the wallets but we don't have a view of where the tokens will be allocated. And in Roketo we see exactly how many tokens are allocated for the investors. Currently, we have 200 investors and it's important for us to be able to set hundreds of streams automatically, through a script, for them,” says DeBio CEO Pandu Sastrowardoyo.

“We're happy to have DeBio's trust as they're rolling out Roketo's crypto-streaming service to all their accounting and payroll. They've been with us paying a number of investors and advisors, and clearly, they've valued the transparency and ease of use of using the system that we've developed. Congratulations on further developing our relationship together, we look forward to it being a long and successful one,” says Roketo CEO Taras Dovgal. 


About DeBio

DeBio is an anonymous-first appchain for DNA sequencing and medical and bioinformatics data management. DeBio utilizes its native token as payment for genetic and biomedical services provided by its partner labs. The team is also working to supplement its platform with additional payment options to cater to its diverse user base. They launched in Octopus Mainnet in December 2021. The Octopus Network is backed by the NEAR Protocol, which provides multi-chain computing and collaboration. DeBio tokens ($DBIO) have been minted in NEP-141 format in November 2021 and can be bridge to Substrate via Octopus bridge. For more information about DeBio visit debio.network

About Roketo

Roketo is a real-time streaming solution built on NEAR Protocol, which creates the ability to transfer funds in very small batches every second (in reality even less), so it looks like a stream of liquid going through a pipe. It creates new opportunities in the field of finance and provides plenty of ways to improve today's payment systems. It has achieved more than +6k streams and users and has more than $1M streamed value. For more information about Roketo visit roke.to 

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How To Heat Your Home With Bitcoin Mining

This guide walks you through integrating a bitcoin mining rig into your home’s HVAC system, recapturing heat from the process and saving money.

9am.health and Ascensia partner on blood glucose meter for diabetes toolkit

The addition of blood glucose meters will complement lab tests, diabetes medications and telemedicine visits.

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Everything Brands Need to Know About the Metaverse

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the internet and social media helped us connect with our coworkers, friends, and loved ones during times of extreme isolation.

17 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Make More Creative Slideshows [+ Templates]

Creating a great PowerPoint presentation is a skill that any professional can benefit from. The problem? It’s really easy to get it wrong. From poor color choices to confusing slides, a bad PowerPoint slideshow can distract from the fantastic content you’re sharing with stakeholders on your team.

How to Manage Your Entire Marketing Budget [Free Budget Planner Templates]

Let's say your company decided to invest in a website redesign to improve lead generation, and you're responsible for managing the project.

BC.Game Partners with ELK Studios to Bring 55 New Games

Some of the slots players at BC.Game will now be able to enjoy include Wild Toro, Bompers, and Ecuador Gold. 

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Top 5 NFT Startups To Keep On The Watchlist As Adoption Grows

In 2021, the NFT sector exploded, bringing attention to digital games, artwork, and the opportunity of owning and utilizing digital land. There are several projects that provide excellent investment opportunities, or you can just acquire NFTs linked to digital or physical artwork if you want to supplement your collection with some of the most recent...

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