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Chainlist.finance, The First Decentralized Crosschain NFTs Bridge & Marketplace

Chainlist.finance will further assist them to launch their NFTs on different blockchains. Chainlist.finance is compatible with cross-chain blockchain and cross-chain social media. 
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Chainlist.finance offers multiple new and updated features that have not been offered by any other blockchain project. This project, however, explores different areas of improvement, and tries to stick two incomplete pieces in order to create a single masterpiece.

Besides, social media is no longer confined to entertainment. Many people have made a good fortune out of it, and the number of those individuals is only increasing. Individuals that are already monetizing social media, and those who create content only as a hobby, both, are provided with a passive income opportunity through Chainlist.finance. NFTees trading volume surged in the third quarter of 2021 to $16.67B. Considering that number chainlist is offering passive income where an artist can earn upto $50k on average

Users of Chainlist.finance will be able to convert their digital content into NFTs, without going through the hustle of creating a digital currency wallet, purchasing native tokens and utilizing them to create NFTs. On the contrary, users will be able to convert their digital content into non-fungible tokens relatively easily, through just a few clicks.

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As the diagram explains for itself, Chainlist.finance will use its NFT bridge to offer interoperability. Users will be able to buy and sell in different blockchain marketplaces without having to shift to other crypto wallets.

Once users authorize their social media accounts with the application, they will be able to mint or buy/sell NFTs. In addition to that, users who do not want to connect their social media accounts, will be able to directly convert their organic data into NFTs.

Chainlist.finance takes up on the challenge to amalgamate both industries to create a by-product that is enabled to transform usual digital content on social apps into NFTs, and launching them on different blockchain marketplaces. Aside from creating NFTs, Chainlist.finance offers exciting features.

What Chainlist is offering ?


Chainlist.finance offers metaverse with augmented and virtual reality to enable influencers and their followers to conduct virtual events. Users will be able to request their celebrities for personalized content that can be published on either marketplace with the consent of both parties.


Chainlist.finance offers staking with its native token $Clist in return offers upto 509,555.25% APY. Users can do staking in two ways: $Clist-$Clist or $BNB-LP $Clist pools


Chainlist.finance is a decentralized structure with its native token $Clist which can be used to participate in governance structure of the platform.

Cross chain interoperability

Through the Chainlist NFT bridge users will be able to access multiple blockchains through cross chain interoperability feature. In addition, users will be able to make transactions on different blockchains with a single wallet through Chainlist NFT bridge.

Desktop and Mobile application
Chainlist.finance has compatible applications for desktop and mobile sets in order to offer better user experience.

Third party use-case and applications
Chainlist will have its own open source code on github, third party platforms will be able to adopt usability and scalability within the open source ecosystem. They will not have to write code from scratch, as they can adopt it from the open source.


Chainlist token is already minted on the binance smart chain and has a total token supply of 1 Billion Clist token which will be distributed below;

  • Private-sale 5% Tokens will be sold to Venture Capitalists and Long Term Investors.

  • Pre-sale: 30% of tokens will be sold at 1 BNB = 300,000 Clist to Early Investors.

  • Initial liquidity pool: 20% on Pancakeswap

  • Marketing and strategic partnership: 8% (locked for 6 months vesting)

  • Team pool: 5%, where 2% for development and 3% for R&D (tokens locked for 6 months vesting)

  • ILO platform fee 2%

  • Tokens locked for staking reward in contract: 30%

Mission and vision

Chainlist has the mission to create an integrated space for social media platforms and blockchain. It is on the mission to create a source of passive income for social media users through non-fungible tokens, and staking for Chainlist.finance community. 

The platform is designed in a way to facilitate users to easily transfer their digital content into non-fungible tokens. It also helps users to launch their NFTs across different blockchain marketplaces, which is a big flex for a project of this nature.

Chainlist.finance is a one-stop marketplace for social media users to monetize their personal content that includes images, GIF, videos and music. Users can turn their viral content into NFTs and sell for fortune including the 5% royalty on each trade. So what are you waiting for?

Social Media

Leading Incubator, Starter to Host Token Sale for the Financial Layer Protocol of the Metaverse, StripFinance

-- Recently crowned #1 launchpad by average ROI, Starter (https://starter.xyz), today announced it will host the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of StripFinance (https://www.strip.finance/), a decentralized platform protocol for easing liquidity in the NFT space. 

As the Non-fungible token (NFT) space continues to vastly expand on the blockchain, hundreds of thousands of creators and enthusiasts interact daily, creating millions of dollars in value within the NFT space. The growing transfer and value of NFTs has created a liquidity challenge in the market that will be solved by StripFinance. The protocol will allow users to provide loans against the value of NFTs as collateral and unlock millions of liquidity currently locked away in ‘Blue Chip NFTs.'

“StripFinance will be offering something we have yet to see normalized in the NFT space: NFT collateralization. Their DeFi protocol will add another staple to NFT utility by allowing lenders and borrowers to use NFTs to conduct transactions and provide additional utility, “said Lionel Iruk, special counsel at Starter. “It's great to be a part of StripFinance's process to see how the protocol will further push the boundaries of the blockchain!”

Within the DeFi protocol, lenders will be able to provide stable coins as liquidity, matching lenders to borrowers who are interested to borrow against their valuable NFTs. The lenders will have control over the interest rate and the Loan-To-Value (LVT) they are willing to offer borrowers. 

The value of the collateralized NFT will be directly retrieved from the NFT Marketplace, creating a fair and transparent collateralization process. Once accepted, the NFT will be transferred and held in escrow. If the installments are paid within the timeframe, the NFT will be returned to the original owner. However, If there is a default, the ownership rights are transferred to the lender. 

Additionally, users will have the option to opt for a pool, where investor and lender funds and NFTs will be pooled and create a stronger collateral and better security for all parties involved. 

StripFinance is founded by veterans of the industry including Varun Satyam, Yuvraj Chhibber and Yash Jejani. So far, the protocol has recently completed a $1.5 million raise so far from LD Capital, Old Fashion Research, Nothing Research, Tenzor capital, Exnetwork Capital, Valhalla capital, Block0, Shima Capital, Lancer Capital, MEXC Global Exchange, Kryptos Research, The NewField Fund, ZBS Capital, Starter Capital, J10M Capital, Wave 7, among others. 

During the Initial Dex Announcement (IDO), $STRIP tokens will be made available for purchase at $0.40 USD. The tokens will offer additional leverage value in the event of the NFT price reduction into the risk threshold. Additionally, $STRIP will function as a native platform utility token to pay fees for other platform services and will be considered within the project governance regarding decisions for project updates, airdrops, burn schedules and developer and community grants. 

Starter's community has provided hassle-free funding to many well-known IDO launches and now adds StripFinance to its list. For more information on Starter's IDO launch of StripFinance, please visit https://starter.xyz/.

About StripFinance

Strip Finance is building liquidity easing solutions for the NFT space, initially launching a collateralized NFT borrowing and lending platform on Binance Smart Chain. The platform's ability to collateralize NFTs through its liquidity protocol enhances the value proposition for both asset owners and yield-seeking investors. 

The idea was conceptualized in response to the global explosion of interest in digital ownership by a team that comprises experienced crypto entrepreneurs, operators, and stalwarts of the crypto industry as advisors and investors. 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Announcements | Github | Medium

About Starter

Starter (https://starter.xyz) is the leading IDO launchpad, incubator, and investor network for @0xPolygon, $ETH, $AVAX, $FTM, and #BSC, having raised over $25M for 40+ projects, including Cake Monster, Wall St Bets, Nasdex, and Enjinstarter. Starter provides projects access to funding opportunities without the hassle of bureaucratic hurdles or complex KYC requirements. Starter's suite of products include a venture arm Starter.capital, launchpad Starter.xyz, and token vesting and liquidity locking StartVesting.xyz.

Media Contact: 

vEmpire DDAO is Now Trading on PancakeSwap

vEmpire DDAO (https://v-empire.digital/), the world's first Layer 2 Metaverse protocol that is dedicated to restoring fairness to the Metaverse, today announced that its native token VEMP has bridged over to the Binance Smart Chain (BCS) and is now trading on PancakeSwap.

The listing makes it possible for the vEmpire community to trade $VEMP on one of the world's most popular dApp, using a network with some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry, thereby introducing an entirely new audience to vEmpire.

This integration makes it possible for the entire vEmpire community to provide liquidity on the PancakeSwap platform and earn proportional rewards based on the amount of liquidity that they provide. This is significant for both VEMP holders and the vEmpire project itself as the partnership leverages exposure to Shiba's fast-growing community. 

We are happy to announce that we have bridged over to the Binance Smart Chain,” said Dom Ryder, Founder and CEO of vEmpire. “We look forward to integrating with one of the most engaging communities in the industry and we hope that we can introduce many of these passionate crypto natives to vEmpire.”

The ultimate goal of vEmpire is to introduce more crypto enthusiasts to vEmpire's mission of fighting against centralization by keeping decentralized Metaverse projects decentralized. It does this through its democratic DAO and platform for collateralizing Metaverse tokens, whereby stakers can earn financial rewards derived from profits across over five Metaverses. 

About vEmpire

vEmpire is focused on achieving true decentralization and holding DAOs accountable. Our official platform incorporates different staking strategies to incentivize Metaversal token staking to speed up the battle against centralization in the cryptoverse. Our protocol rewards MANA, SAND, AXS, STARL and ETH stakers with our native token VEMP, alongside rewards in the token that they staked. vEmpire allows crypto enthusiasts to earn financial rewards on their holdings while also helping contribute to ensuring the important crypto projects can realize their true potential instead of being used as cash cows by centralized entities. 

Telegram II Twitter II Facebook II Medium

Media Contact:

vEmpire DDAO Ltd, romulus@v-empire.digital

Cryptodrop Launches $CDROP Token on the Binance Smart Chain

$CDROP is a BEP-20 token designed to offer governance capabilities on the platform. It also introduces staking options for users, enabling passive income earning. 

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Currently, the platform is putting forth directions for the $CDROP token sale where investors can expect daily settlements from their staking besides earning from the games. Furthermore, Crypto Drop is aiming to incentivise the process considerably and introduce more users to the platform.

Crypto Drop has stated that they plan to guarantee trust to avoid crypto dumps, as it has been common with new DeFi projects. The platform's mission is to bring back faith to DeFi while creating more use cases for its coin.

Crypto Drop Utilises Blockchain Technology

Crypto Drop leverages blockchain technology to achieve decentralisation for its users. The team is keen on actualising blockchain's perks to offer better security, speeds, low costs, and anonymity for its users.

The platform presents you with an option to play and bet on the next block hash while simultaneously still being able to stake. Incentives gained depend on the number of coins at stake—however, the platform has stated that they will be issuing out all payments in Binance Coin (BNB).

The game contains two options for the block hash game: the block hash game and the VIP game. In the block hash game, you can perform an on-chain wager between 0.01 BNB and 0.5 BNB. On the other hand, the VIP game allows you to wager between 0.1 BNB and 0.5 BNB.

The outcome is not easily predictable, ensuring the game is devoid of bias. Additionally, The blockchain leverages the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function for the VIP games. All in all, you can expect a fair outcome from your participation on the platform.

The Jackpot Program

Crypto Drop has a program that gives every user a chance to win a jackpot. The percentage of the profits can go up to 50% depending on the amount the user wagers on the block hash or the VIP game. Betting the maximum amount, which is 0.5 BNB, can give investors a chance at winning the 50% jackpot. Notably, part of the jackpot funds will be redirected to development, marketing, token burns, airdrops, within the Crypto Drop ecosystem.

Crypto Drop expects growth of the jackpot reserves as time goes by. It will ensure the safety of user funds and the reward distribution program by initiating smart contracts on its network.

Another essential aspect to note is that from the blockhash game, 10%, 40%, and 50% will go to the project's expenses, jackpot, and stakers, respectively. As for the VIP game, the platform will use 10% of its proceeds to manage the project's expenses. 30% each of the remaining will be distributed to the jackpot program, staking rewards, and the Chainlink VRF. 

Hoo achieves new breakthroughs by selecting quality projects

On November 2, 2021, less than a week after Hoo’s first launch of F9, F9 rose from its opening price of $0.02 to a maximum of $0.143, an increase of 615%. In recent years, Hoo Exchange has rapidly made a name for itself in the industry with its ability to discover quality projects, it has also become a leader in the new generation of exchanges with innovative and integrated development. On June 14, 2020, with a forward-looking vision, some promising DeFi projects such as Compound and Balancer were launched on Hoo for the first time. With the rise of DeFi,

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DeFi Coin (DEFC): Live Trading on BitMart is Coming on July 19th!

Decentralized finance is playing an increasingly important role in the crypto world. It is all the less surprising that DeFi projects are gaining ever greater popularity. One of these projects is called the DeFi Coins Protocol. After the successful listing on the Exchange Pancakeswap, another important milestone has now been reached for the native token DeFi Coin (DEFC). The listing on the BitMart Exchange will follow from July 18th. DeFi Coin (DEFC) – listed on BitMart from July 18th DeFi Coin (DEFC) has already passed an important milestone. After the listing on the exchanges Vindax.com and Pancakeswap, the next important

The post DeFi Coin (DEFC): Live Trading on BitMart is Coming on July 19th! first appeared on Bitcoins In Ireland.
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