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MLaaS: How To Use It To Improve Your Business?

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled machines to simulate human or natural intelligence, transforming the technology landscape forever. Machine Learning (ML), a discipline...

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What is a Layer 1 Blockchain Protocol?

Welcome, Cryptonaut, to the next step on your journey to understanding the wacky and wonderful world of crypto. I know this industry can seem...

Polygon gains 83% in a month, but data show project has been losing traction

Polygon (MATIC) had a promising July, gaining an impressive 83% in 30 days. The smart contract platform uses layer-2 scaling and aims to become...

10 Inspiring podcasts we’ve been loving this year

Podcasts are a great way to get inspired, keep your mind fresh with new ideas and learn from other great inspiring people. Whether you’re...

Scaling- Transformers, Laws and Challenges

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. The other day, I was reading “Natural Language Processing with Transformers” a authored...

The Real Scaling Solution For Bitcoin

This is an opinion editorial by Knut Svanholm, author of “Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics.”Bitcoin skeptics often claim that bitcoin doesn’t scale. They say that...

Crypto’s biggest problem is not volatility, but scalability

The unsolved issue with the cryptocurrency industry is not actually price volatility (and I say this after a trillion-dollar market crash followed by the...
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Chipmaking In The Third Dimension

Every few months, new and improved electronics are introduced. They’re typically smaller, smarter, faster, have more bandwidth, are more power-efficient, etc. — all thanks...

Partisia Blockchain partners with Polygon to bring MPC capabilities to the Internet of Blockchains

The collaboration brings multi-party zero-knowledge computation to Polygon through private smart contracts Zug, Switzerland, May, 2022 – Partisia Blockchain Foundation, an independent non-profit supporting the development of...

Complete Guide to Crypto Network Fees

Some days I feel like I have the best job in the world, writing for the Coin Bureau. I get to cover some inspiring...

US Treasury Secretary Expresses ‘Skepticism’ on Crypto Financial Stability Impact

Janet Yellen remains cautious of crypto’s threats around financial stability, consumer protection, and illicit finance.

Women in the Metaverse: Ekin Eriş of Infinite Arcade

Ekin has established her role as a frontrunner in the blockchain gaming space.

LeafLink Announces Artie Minson as President and COO

NEW YORK – LeafLink, the world’s largest online wholesale cannabis platform connecting over 10,000 licensed cannabis brands, retailers and distributors, today announced Artie Minson is joining as the company’s President […]
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