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Raleigh tech company Bandwidth to require employees to return to in-person work

Many workers have enjoyed the flexibility of remote working during the pandemic. In two weeks, Raleigh-based technology company Bandwidth will require employees to return to...

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The future of Hybrid Working in Supply Chain

Since the pandemic started, hybrid work models had to be adopted by companies in all kinds of industries. As things are starting to wind...

This summer, Airbnb wants you to stay longer

By Catherine Thorbecke, CNN Business Airbnb on Wednesday announced new ways to search for and book homes on the platform in response to the rise...

7 Tips on Improving Employee Retention as a Remote-Work SaaS Business

Inspired by Founder Chats: Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers. This article shares key insights from our interview with Justin Cooke on January 6th, 2022. Listen...

Data Is Eating the World

For more than 10 years, “software is eating the world” has been an article of faith among startup investors. Marc Andreessen — co-founder of both Netscape and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) — wrote these famous words in a blog post in August 2011. And his thesis was pretty simple. My own theory is […]

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Microsoft vs. Meta: Who is Leading the Way?

Which tech giant currently has the greater edge?

The Top 7 Marketing Challenges Faced Globally in 2022 [HubSpot Data + Expert Tips]

Every marketer faces different challenges. And, ever since 2020, the ways we've had to pivot, adjust campaigns, and address challenges has been unlike anything many of us have had to do before.

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OurCrowd High-Tech Jobs Index Q4 2021

Israeli high-tech startups plan hiring spree in 2022 as pandemic recedes Battle for software/R&D staff intensifies amid shortage of qualified candidates As pandemic fears decline, startup recruitment plans rebound in sharp reversal from Q3 2021 Job-seeker’s market continues as majority of startups increase recruitment in Q4 2021 and make plans to hire more employees in […]

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Three Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Social Skills

THREE-Ways Cannabis-Can Improve-Your Social-Skills

Social Awkwardness After The Pandemic   Do you feel lost for words? Millions of other people feel the same way. The pandemic has brought upon the age of awkwardness, from the stress of social distancing measures, the shift to isolating remote work, the lack of facial expressions due to masks. The mask mandates are lifting, […]

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70 Fun (Not Cheesy) Ice Breaker Games & Activities Your Employees Will Enjoy in 2022

Asking "How is everyone?" at the beginning of every meeting isn't always the best way to encourage team bonding. Sometimes, having a fun ice breaker can aid in that connection.

Is Remote Work Actually Better for the Environment?

The concept of remote work isn’t new. People have been looking for ways to work from home for decades. The current remote work policies we use today date back to 1999, but IBM has been experimenting with work-from-home positions since 1979 – even predating the home computer. The COVID-19 pandemic turned remote work from an ...

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11 Talent Acquisition Strategies to Find the Best Employees

It can be difficult to find the ideal candidate for a specific position — in fact, in 2021, 69% of companies have reported talent shortages and difficulty hiring – a 15-year high.

Property-obsessed Aussies dreaming of luxury, lifestyle, space and mega mansions

From mega mansions worth mega millions to truly unique abodes, these properties have captured the ...

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