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Schwazzing to Increase Your Marijuana Plant Yield

Schwazzing weed is a process that involves removing most of the fan leaves of your weed plant so that all that’s left is their stems and buds.  The idea of stripping your plants of most of their fan leaves may seem counterproductive to their growth and development, but by doing so your plants will gain ...

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Does Weed Decrease Motivation?

How much cannabis really affects motivation and if so is that only the case with certain strains and people. Will weed make you unmotivated, or could it actually create motivation?

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Architectural Glass Products Get IoT Tracking From Thinxtra and Pollin8

Pollin8, a Kiwi IoT SaaS company, and Thinxtra, an Australian IoT telco, have deployed an asset tracking solution to New Zealand glass maker Architectural Glass Products (AGP). Pollin8 provided IoT tracking devices for AGP’s 1,750 delivery carts, each valued $3,500, as part of the solution. This reduces the company’s carbon footprint by preventing them from […]

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OurCrowd High-Tech Jobs Index Q4 2021

Israeli high-tech startups plan hiring spree in 2022 as pandemic recedes Battle for software/R&D staff intensifies amid shortage of qualified candidates As pandemic fears decline, startup recruitment plans rebound in sharp reversal from Q3 2021 Job-seeker’s market continues as majority of startups increase recruitment in Q4 2021 and make plans to hire more employees in […]

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The Gensyn Protocol Trustlessly Trains Neural Networks at Hyperscale with Lower Order of Magnitude…

The Gensyn Protocol Trustlessly Trains Neural Networks at Hyperscale with Lower Order of Magnitude of CostLinks: Gensyn website, Litepaper, CoinFund Portfolio, TechCrunch Article LinkInvestment Thesis SummarySecular...

The App Store Model Comes to Web3

Six months ago, I wrote about how the cap tables of crypto companies have approached the structure of web2 startups. Recently, EVMOS, a web3 project, pushed forward an important innovation for the web3 ecosystem. EVMOS enables Ethereum’s virtual machine on the Cosmos chain.

The EVMOS token model innovates on its predecessors by introducing the App Store dynamics to web3. In Apple’s app store, users pay Apple to access apps and developers receive a revenue share. This doesn’t happen today in web3. Except on EVMOS.

When users pay gas fees (transaction fees) to use EVMOS, 50% accrue to developers building applications. The other 50% rewards validators. Governance token holders may vote to change the 50/50 split in the future.

Gas sharing rewards developers for writing popular applications on EVMOS. Developer evangelism underpins healthy L1 chains: without applications, the underlying database of much value, no matter how sophisticated the technology. A stadium without entertainment sells no tickets.

Historically, web3 companies have paid developers fees from their treasuries or dedicated ecosystem funds to build applications atop chains. While this technique may achieve the same results initially, developers may not stick around after the check hits the bank (or the tokens appear in their wallet). The EVMOS model better aligns current and future incentives of the L1 and the developers. In addition, ecosystem development is no longer a series of one-time expenses for the treasury, but an ongoing shared cost.

To make the math work, the EVMOS token model reduces initial community ownership to 10%, which furthers the compressive trend observed late last year.

The EVMOS token model may be one of the most influential innovations in web3 developer relations in a long time. After all, this concept has dominated the mobile app ecosystem and powered Apple and Google’s multi-billion dollar revenue streams from app stores.

Web3 finds itself at a moment where the innovations in infrastructure have outpaced those in applications. To attract the next billion users to web3, the great pendulum of technology progress must swing towards applications. The EVMOS app store model might be the insight to compel tens of thousands more developers to swallow the web3 red pill.

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Quantum Startup Alice & Bob Raises $28M

Firm focuses on fault-tolerant quantum architecture

5 Best NFTs to Buy – Comparing Upcoming NFT Projects of 2022

The NFT market surpassed a valuation of $40 billion during late 2021, inching closer to the total annual sales volume of the fine art market.

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Best practices for right-sizing your Apache Kafka clusters to optimize performance and cost

Apache Kafka is well known for its performance and tunability to optimize for various use cases. But sometimes it can be challenging to find the right infrastructure configuration that meets your specific performance requirements while minimizing the infrastructure cost. This post explains how the underlying infrastructure affects Apache Kafka performance. We discuss strategies on how […]

Extending Copper Interconnects To 2nm

From low resistance vias to buried power rails, it takes multiple strategies to usher in 2nm chips.

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Vogue Steps Forward to Help the People of Ukraine

Ukraine has recently been bombarded with bombs and cruelty. People are forced to leave their homes and move to other areas; innocent children are being killed for no reason, dead bodies are found on the roads, and nobody is coming out for help. But recently, Vogue has stepped forward to help the people of Ukraine,...

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Philter Labs Announces its first-ever biodegradable product

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Philter Labs is beyond thrilled to announce the release of our all-new, first-ever biodegradable product: the PHREND! After listening to the feedback from our amazing customers and fans […]
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