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South Dakota Reservation Bans Alcohol, Allows Cannabis

One South Dakota reservation, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, allows legal cannabis, though they still ban alcohol from within the reservation borders.  In 2020, the...

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First Nation Announces Canada Farm-to-Gate Cannabis Operation

This week, Canada is celebrating Sugar Cane Cannabis, British Columbia’s first farm-to-gate cannabis facility. It is also the first facility of its kind in...

Vermont Lawmakers At Odds Over THC Limit on Cannabis Concentrates

Vermont lawmakers are at loggerheads over a measure that would establish a cap on the level of THC in solid cannabis concentrates sold at...

Non-Cannabis Companies & Worker Protections

Non-cannabis-businesses that still maintain workplace drug-testing policies may be struggling to comply with complex state and local cannabis laws while also finding that more...

What Is Next for Malta, the First EU Country To Legalize Cannabis?

Plant Medicine Week is dedicated to the recognition and advancement of the healing powers of cannabis and psychedelics—the event will take place in Valletta, Malta from April 5-8.

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LeafLink Announces Artie Minson as President and COO

NEW YORK – LeafLink, the world’s largest online wholesale cannabis platform connecting over 10,000 licensed cannabis brands, retailers and distributors, today announced Artie Minson is joining as the company’s President […]
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Cannabis in Malta: Legal and Economic Developments in 2022

The subject of cannabis legalization in Malta (population 516,000 as of 2021 census data) is a long-suffering subject much like in the rest of the world. The essence of the argument is simple. The criminalization of cannabis possession and usage is the proximate cause of criminal proliferation and distribution. Why? Simple; cannabis cultivation is trivial...

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Arrested for Weed and Live in New York? You Get First Dibs on Cannabis Licenses!

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Less than a year after approving the 15th regulated adult-use market in the United States, New York is almost ready to begin sales. The recreational market could generate at least $1 billion in sales in its first year of operation, while the state earns about $350 million in annual tax revenue. The state's announcement to give equity applicants a headstart over large companies is a huge move. Hundreds of New York cannabis ex-convicts are hoping to get one of these licenses for a smooth transition into the legal cannabis market. The initiative has given residents of disadvantaged communities hope that their futures could be bright and high!

AUDACIOUS Opens Medical Cannabis Clinic in Southeast Asia, Expanding Global Footprint into Thai Medical Cannabis Market

LAS VEGAS – Just as the dynamic Thai medical cannabis market begins to blossom, AUDACIOUS and Thai-based partner Golden Triangle Health have partnered to open the first Herbidus Medical Center […]

Sonoma County, California Drops Taxes by Nearly Half in Bid to Save Cannabis Farmers

Sonoma County is proactively helping cannabis farmers with a local cannabis cultivation tax drop.

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California Bill 1326 Would Legalize Interstate Cannabis Commerce, But Isn’t That Against Federal Law?

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House Bill 1326 seeks to approve interstate commercial transactions for cannabis products. This means that the introduced measure if passed, would affect the import and export of cannabis products between California and other states. Legal cannabis states with low supplies can liaise with the Californian state government to import cannabis to meet the demand of their residents. It doesn't necessarily have to be a recreational state. The bill would permit states with medical programs to import cannabis raw materials and finished products from California.

New Zealand Takes a New Look at Plant Medicine

The “Land of the Long White Cloud” would be a fitting nickname for any country that embraces cannabis, but that’s not how New Zealand came by its unofficial moniker. “Long […]
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