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Ethereum Merge Signals a Bright Future for Crypto

Ethereum bulls are still rejoicing after last week’s successful Ethereum Merge. The Ethereum network shifted from proof of work to proof of stake —...

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Paribus: DeFi Protocol for Exotic Digital Assets

DeFi protocol Paribus announces the launch of their testnet MVP, the beginning of a new approach to DeFi. Secure, trustless, and truly decentralized, Paribus...

Three Crypto Bankruptcies: 3AC, Celsius and Voyager. What Happens Now?- Ep. 374

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Outflows Rock Bitcoin As Institutional Investors Pull The Plug, More Downside Coming?

Outflows have been the order of the day since the price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin had begun to crash. The same sentiment had...

Binance Launches Premier Platform for VIP Users and Institutional Investors

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced on Friday that it has launched a new exclusive platform designed for institutional investors and VIP users to trade digital...

Analysis: Who is losing more in the current market – retail, or institutions?

Bitcoin has lost more than 70% of its value since hitting an all-time high of $69,000 in November 2021. Largely, the crypto market’s sell-off since...

Are Institutional Investors Bringing Crypto Down?

Is it possible that institutional investors are somehow making things worse for the crypto market? Are Institutional Investors Playing an Opposite Role? The idea – up...
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CoinShares lost $21M due to Terra LUNA’s implosion, CEO says

DeFi exposure related to Terra’s stablecoin UST saw CoinShares, Europe’s largest digital asset firm with billions of assets under management, lose more than $21...

Market Downtrend Trigger Bitcoin Inflows From Institutional Investors

The market continues to be in disarray as the price of bitcoin has now fallen to the low $30,000s. This had been preceded by...

BNB Chain’s top lending protocol integrates with Coinbase Wallet

BNB Chain-based (former Binance Smart Chain) lending/borrowing platform Venus Protocol (XVS) has been integrated with Coinbase Wallet, a self-custody digital assets wallet provided by the eponymous United States crypto exchange.

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Bitcoin touches $45k amid ‘PetroBitcoin’ sentiment

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Bitcoin broke above key resistance levels to touch highs last seen in February, with…

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CoinShares Joins FTX For Tactical Initiative Of Launching Staked Solana ETP

CoinShares Joins FTX For Tactical Initiative Of Launching Staked Solana ETP

Two crypto giants are partnering for a tactical initiative of launching a new cryptocurrency. CoinShares is the largest investment-firms in

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Trammell Venture Partners Launches Bitcoin-Focused Institutional Investor Fund

Trammell Venture Partners is pooling Bitcoin-focused institutional investors into a feeder-fund focused on Bitcoin and Lightning network development.
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