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Bitcoin Batteries

In the late 19th Century, a war of great minds was waged in the US between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison that would shape...

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Vaucluse waterfront Pt Seymour listed with $50m price guide

The landmark waterfront Pt Seymour is for sale the first time in 83 years and the veteran agent selling it says he “fell in love immediately”.

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World’s Largest Asset Manager Blackrock: Russia-Ukraine War Has Potential Impact on Accelerating Digital Currencies

World's Largest Asset Manager Blackrock: Russia-Ukraine War Has Potential Impact on Accelerating Digital CurrenciesThe CEO of the world’s largest asset manager, Blackrock, says the Russia-Ukraine war has a “potential impact on accelerating digital currencies.” He confirms that Blackrock “is studying digital currencies, stablecoins and the underlying technologies to understand how they can help us serve our clients.” Blackrock on the Acceleration of Digital Currencies Blackrock CEO Larry Fink […]

Cannabis in Malta: Legal and Economic Developments in 2022

The subject of cannabis legalization in Malta (population 516,000 as of 2021 census data) is a long-suffering subject much like in the rest of the world. The essence of the argument is simple. The criminalization of cannabis possession and usage is the proximate cause of criminal proliferation and distribution. Why? Simple; cannabis cultivation is trivial...

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Mercedes’ New Plan Could Set a Precedent for Autonomous Car Liability

In operation, Mercedes’ new Drive Pilot appears to be similar to many other “traffic jam assistant” solutions available on the market. A Drive Pilot-equipped S-Class or EQS will assume command of the car’s speed, steering, and brakes on specific highways below 40 mph to move you forward in traffic. However, there is one significant difference: […]

UK Environment Secretary Proven Wrong On EV Tires & Brake Pollution

centralized powerUK Environment Secretary George Eustice made some notable comments recently that got picked up by The Daily Mail. These comments were about EVs, that they produce more fine particulate matter through brake and tire pollution than traditional ICE vehicles. Speaking to MPs on the Commons’ environment, food, and rural affairs committee last month, UK Environment […]

Weird Wednesday: Developer Softie, Inc. and the Hot Dog Crimes

The Jetsons in By George, in Trouble Again softie, inc developerWeird Wednesday is a chance for us to dive into the stranger PC games and stories from the last few decades. This week, we take a look at developer Softie, Inc., one of the earliest examples of companies that made video game adaptations for various game shows including Family Feud, Double Dare, and Wheel of Fortune. It also created DOS platformers based on The Flintstones and The Jetsons. Where the story gets weird, though, is with Softie, Inc.’s president, Arnold Zaler. Over several years, Zaler conned his way into millions of dollars through multiple business enterprises spanning from video games to, well, hot dogs. Some people called him the “Bernie Madoff of Denver” — a brilliant criminal who almost got away with innumerable riches.   Before the internet, no one could hear you crime Very little information exists today about developer Softie, Inc. The company popped up around 1987, developed games for about five years, and disappeared without making ...
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Local authorities ask for backing to accelerate net zero

Cut VAT on retrofit measures to reduce energy waste, household bills, and UK reliance on Russian gas, urges cities network UK100 To reduce the costs of public transport to improve the travel choices of the poorest in society and to cut UK reliance on Russian oil Fund Local Net Zero Hubs to accelerate the transition […]

James Bond vs. George Smiley — battle of the great British spies

It’s strength against smarts in a struggle for the soul of postwar Britain Continue reading… Coinsmart. Europe's...

UK Talent Agency InterTalent Moves Into Gaming With XU Esports

InterTalent, the UK talent representative agency whose clients have included the likes of Kelly Brook, Mel B, Joan Collins, Boy George, Pixie Lott and Vinnie Jones, have decided that they want to expand their horizons and move into the esports industry. To enable them to do that, the company has founded a new business XU […]

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Another Day, Another Rug

March 22, 2022       /       Unchained Daily       /       Laura Shin Daily Bits ✍️✍️✍️ Staking ETH will most likely yield 10-15% APY after The Merge.[...]

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Want Students Who Think for Themselves? Let’s Eliminate Our Standardized School System

“Mr. Morita, you were wrong. School is not the problem. Students are the problem.” This statement was shared by a former middle school student of mine ...

The new Flybe announces its first route and schedule

Flybe (2nd) has announced its first flight and route. The first route will be operated between Birmingham (above) and Belfast City (BHD) (below) on April 13. Both airports will be the focus hubs for the revitalized carrier. Here is full list of routes and starting dates: Belfast City (BHD) to Birmingham (BHX) From 13th April up to 4x […]
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