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Scale YOLOv5 inference with Amazon SageMaker endpoints and AWS Lambda

After data scientists carefully come up with a satisfying machine learning (ML) model, the model must be deployed to be easily accessible for inference...

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Presidio Achieves 2022 Dell Technologies Titanium Black Status

Partnership aims to accelerate digital transformation NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Presidio, Inc., a global digital services and solutions provider, today announced it has been awarded Dell Technologies Partner Program Titanium Black status in 2022. This recognizes Dell Technologies’ most strategic partners – those best equipped for today’s data-centric, multi-cloud world – and to support their customers in […]

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What to consider when migrating data warehouse to Amazon Redshift

Customers are migrating data warehouses to Amazon Redshift because it’s fast, scalable, and cost-effective. However, data warehouse migration projects can be complex and challenging. In this post, I help you understand the common drivers of data warehouse migration, migration strategies, and what tools and services are available to assist with your migration project. Let’s first […]

UCIe: Marketing Ruins It Again

Product naming is often irrational, but when it comes to standards, extra care should be taken. It often isn't.

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Set up a text summarization project with Hugging Face Transformers: Part 2

This is the second post in a two-part series in which I propose a practical guide for organizations so you can assess the quality of text summarization models for your domain. For an introduction to text summarization, an overview of this tutorial, and the steps to create a baseline for our project (also referred to […]

Set up a text summarization project with Hugging Face Transformers: Part 1

When OpenAI released the third generation of their machine learning (ML) model that specializes in text generation in July 2020, I knew something was different. This model struck a nerve like no one that came before it. Suddenly I heard friends and colleagues, who might be interested in technology but usually don’t care much about […]

NFTs: A Token of Gratitude

Many creators are using the world of NFTs to make our real world a better place.
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Rockstar Bollinger Band Forex Trading Strategy

There are many ways to trade the market. Some traders use pure price action with naked charts. Others use a variety of technical indicators. Many use trend following strategies, while some trade range bound strategies. Others trade momentum strategies while others trade mean reversals. All these types of strategies could work if used by the […]

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Nvidia unveils its Hopper data centre architecture

What does it mean for PC gamers?

Alphabet Spins Off Quantum Company SandboxAQ; New Company Closes ‘Nine-Figure’ Round

Illustration of piles of gold coins to represent moneyAlphabet officially spun off its 6-year-old quantum tech group—SandboxAQ—which emerged as its own company after closing an “nine-figure” financing round and naming former Google CEO Eric Schmidt chairman.

How Amazon Search achieves low-latency, high-throughput T5 inference with NVIDIA Triton on AWS

Amazon Search’s vision is to enable customers to search effortlessly. Our spelling correction helps you find what you want even if you don’t know the exact spelling of the intended words. In the past, we used classical machine learning (ML) algorithms with manual feature engineering for spelling correction. To make the next generational leap in […]

Embedded IoT World 2022: Microsoft, Siemens, Omdia and More

The Embedded IoT World Conference & Expo takes place April 5-7 at the Santa Clara Convention Center

NEXCOM And Telco Systems Roll Out Pre-Installed 5G/IoT Solution

NEXCOM, a supplier of network appliances, and Telco Systems, a provider of edge compute solutions, today announced the availability of a commercial-ready solution for SOHOs and mid-range businesses looking to run virtual workloads at the network edge. Most business processes and services today run through the cloud. From work from home and data storage services […]

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