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A comprehensive guide on Mobile Application Testing

As more than half of the world population is using mobile applications, enterprises are driven to provide the best user experience to their customers....

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GameSquare Esports adds eight new personnel to bolster operations

Esports holding company GameSquare Esports has added eight new team members to its leadership structure to further increase revenue growth. The company has hired...

Web3 Super App Omni Goes Live Ahead of Ethereum Merge, Supports Over 27 Blockchain Protocols

New York City, New York | September 07, 2022 - Omni, the next generation Web 3 super app, launched today, September 7, 2022, ahead...

Spirit Blockchain Capital Inc. Announces setting up its first Avalanche Validator Node.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, September 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spirit Blockchain Capital Inc. (the “Company” or “Spirit”), a Canadian company that offers shareholders diversified...

What Is the Difference Between a Proxy And a VPN?

The Internet can be frightening even if it is a place of limitless potential. This is due to the threat to users' privacy posed...

The Evolution of AMMs

The Complex History of the Future of Finance Author: Benny Attar Ever since the dawn of financial history, markets had to be made. Tracing back to...

Complexity and Denny’s highlight inclusivity through new partnership

North American esports organisation Complexity has announced a partnership with restaurant chain Denny’s. The deal will see the two parties join forces to support females...
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Complexity and Lenovo announce 2022 summer camps in the USA

North American esports organisation Complexity Gaming and electronics manufacturer Lenovo have announced a series of gaming summer camps in Texas. The camps are designed...

How are software testing and quality assurance (QA) different?

Software QA services are the techniques used to guarantee that software fulfills performance and usability criteria throughout the development process. Testing and QA may...

A more sustainable Catalyst

Demonstration tests underway in Prague using sustainable fuels have provided initial insights to the joint teams of CVUT, GE and Avio Aero, who are now aiming to run with 100% SAF.     A little over two months passed since last November, when GE Aviation Turboprop and the Czech Technical University in Prague CVUT started […]

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STMicroelectronics Reveals 2.5V Rad-Hard Digital-to-Analog Converter for Next-Generation Satellite Applications

STMicroelectronics RHRDAC121 radiation-hardened digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) operates down to 2.5V for use in modern, low-power system designs that older 3.3V parts cannot support. Consuming just 0.6mW at its maximum speed and supply voltage, the 12-bit 1Msps successive-approximation register (SAR) DAC helps reduce size, weight, and power (SWaP) in next-generation satellites. Typically used in circuits for telemetry, housekeeping, […]

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Catalyst = 20% lower consumption & 10% higher power for Eurodrone

Catalyst – 100% European development without any US licenses. Ecologically more effective thanks to 20% lower consumption and 10% higher power. This means three more hours of time in the air,  which can be decisive in various defense actions and even save lives.     Within a few weeks, Airbus Defense and Space will have […]

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Rocket League’s race to become a Tier 1 esport

For a game where flying rocket-powered battle cars slam oversized low-gravity footballs into virtual nets, Rocket League is surprisingly skillful. Like any skill-based competitive pursuit, setting is largely irrelevant — winning requires mastery, and mastery warrants practice. Like all esports titles, Rocket League requires thousands of hours spent training and refining intricate mechanical movements, the […]
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