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IoT in the Energy Industry Featured at IoT World 2022

From robotics to digital twins, asset tracking to predictive maintenance; IoT adoption is progressing in the energy industry As we face the rising need...

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The IoT World Conference & Expo Heads to Austin

Key topics include smart mobility, the future of ridesharing, setting standards for connected devices, the smart city of tomorrow and more The IoT World Conference...

Indoor Harvest Appoints Entrepreneur Michael Blicharski to Board

AUSTIN, Texas — Indoor Harvest Corp. (OTCPK: INQD) announced today the appointment of Michael Blicharski to its Board of Directors. Mr. Blicharski holds a...

Homebuyers ‘win with cash’ as Homeward launches on West Coast

The company, which provides cash backing to homebuyers, will now operate in both Oregon and Washington, bringing the total number of states in which...

Tesla’s Newest Plants? ‘Gigantic Money Furnaces,’ says Musk

Elon Musk said in a recent interview that Tesla Inc.’s two newest vehicle factories in Austin, Texas and Berlin, Germany are losing billions of dollars as...

Renewables Ride To The Rescue As Texas Bakes Under Withering Heat

Wind and solar power turned a neat trick in Texas this week, with turbines and PV panels continuing to churn out electricity as the...

Five Texas Cities to Vote on Decriminalization This Year

This could be a big year for Texas, as there are currently five different decriminalization measures on November ballots from five different cities. It...
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The Roll-up #241: Increasing your altitude by flying with weed

Get perks like local deals, new strain spotlights, and a free jar of CBD:THC gummies when you sign up ($49 value)!By providing us with...

Formula One Las Vegas Rumors Rev Up, Circuit Expected to Confirm Nevada Event

Formula One (F1) is expected to soon announce that Las Vegas will become home to an annual race on the international circuit. Casino.org’s Scott Roeben is about as far from being a sports junkie as a middle-aged male can be. But the Las Vegas insider nonetheless fields the latest gossip on all things going on […]

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LeafLink Announces Artie Minson as President and COO

NEW YORK – LeafLink, the world’s largest online wholesale cannabis platform connecting over 10,000 licensed cannabis brands, retailers and distributors, today announced Artie Minson is joining as the company’s President […]

Putting the ‘Tech’ in Texas: IoT World & AI Summit Head to Austin

The combined tech will take place Nov. 2-3, 2022

Are Hologram Boxes The Future Of Video Calls?

Proto’s portal technology could bring holograms to the mainstream. Imagine being able to beam a lifelike hologram of yourself anywhere across the world in a matter of seconds. Sounds like something you might see in an episode of Star Trek. Contrary to popular belief, however, this technology is already here, and it’s pretty amazing.  Los […]

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Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 21 Eases User Experience When Paying Invoices

Different Bitcoin wallets have multiple options for whether to send an on-chain or a lightning payment which can be confusing to inexperienced users.
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