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StormGain Signs Long-Term Partnership with Serie A’s SS Lazio




Cryptocurrency trading platform StormGain is proud to announce a multi-year deal to become the Official Crypto Trading Partner of SS Lazio.

The sponsorship aligns two partners who pride themselves on combining tradition with innovation to achieve success. StormGain marries crypto trading with the latest technologies to help its clients achieve positive results. Lazio combines rich tradition with a forward-thinking mindset to bring on-pitch success. The 2020/21 season marks a significant moment for the team in this regard as they return to the UEFA Champions League, Europe’s leading club competition.

With a mission to provide fans with All-In-One football experience, the partnership will enable StormGain to share their love of the beautiful game with Lazio fans through unique giveaways, including exclusive VIP suite hospitality at Lazio home matches, Category 1 tickets for each Lazio home game, and access to private tours and events at the team’s 70,000-seater Stadio Olimpico.

Alex Althausen, CEO at StormGain said: “StormGain is delighted to partner with SS Lazio, a world-famous team with a rich history and values which echo our own perfectly. Through this sponsorship, we’re thrilled to join the worlds of crypto trading and football together and offer many exciting benefits for our clients, who can win exclusive access to the Roman superstars and unique prizes thanks to StormGain. We look forward to the start of a new season, which, no doubts, will be exciting and yet different from any other!”

SS Lazio Marketing, Sponsorship and Event Director Marco Canigiani commented: “We are very proud of this partnership that will reinforce our innovative positioning. Our partnership will help us widen our international landscape and create at the forefront projects for our fans”.

StormGain is a crypto trading platform for everyone, taking the complexity out of trading to allow clients to trade, exchange, and buy cryptocurrency. With over 120,000 clients in 100+ countries, the brand’s top-quality service has been recognized with numerous prestigious industry awards, most recently the coveted ‘Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchange Platform of the Year 2020’ award from The European Magazine.

For more information on StormGain, visit their official website.



Seoul Police Summons Bithumb Chairman For Interrogation




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The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has summoned the chairman of Bithumb for interrogation regarding the alleged fraud. The chairman of the firm, Lee Jung-hoon has been accused of a lot of fraud activities. The fraud is related to the failed listing of the BXA token and defrauding the investors.

As revealed in earlier reports, this token has been promoted as the native token of Bithumb. However, the token has never been launched or listed on any platform. Due to the promotion of a fake token, Lee is now involved in a huge fraud, which includes the damages of around $25 million funds of the investors.

Seoul Police Conducted Initial Investigation at Bithumb Office

It needs to be mentioned that this police raid did not happen all of a sudden as earlier also Seoul police had investigated this case. The initial investigation that police conducted was on September 02, 2020 at the office of Bithumb. Lee has also been accused of using the investors fund purchasing the properties overseas or some other offshore investments.

According to the latest report, Kim Byung-gun who is another chairman of Bithumb, is also accused of getting involved in this BXA fraud along with Lee. However, the Seoul Police did not send any summon for investigation to Kim regarding this case. 

Police Siezed The Shares Related to Lee

Along with this summon, the police has also siezed a lot of shares of the Bithumb Holdings that belonged to Lee. Not only this, the firm is also help responsible for a data breach incident which took place in 2017. Even though the exchange is accused of different allegations, it is still holding quite a firm position in the South Korean market. Not only in South Korea, it is still counted among the top ten largest crypto exchanges across the world. The daily trading volume of the exchange is around $250 million, which might be due to its huge user base.

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Binance US Joins Chicago Defi Alliance For Defi Industry Development




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Binance US, the United States arm of the largest exchange Binance, has recently joined the Chicago Defi Alliance (CDA). This has been revealed by the firm on September 17 via blog post. This Defi Alliance is backed by different firms, including Volt Capital, TD Ameritrade, CMT Digital, Compound Finance and many others. 

Binance US Will Help Mature Defi Space

It is revealed that by joining this alliance, Binance US is aiming to contribute towards the development of the Defi industry across the US. Catherine Coley, the CEO of the firm, has said that by working with CDA, the firm will help in the development of the Defi space. Along with this, it will also support startups as now it will be able to unlock many Defi offers. 

CDA was launched a few months back in this year only and is aimed to provide support and guidance to the startups and entrepreneurs that are focused on Defi. It aims to fulfill all the requirements which are related to the trading regulations. 

CDA Formed When Defi Industry Collapsed in April

Back in April, there were reports that the DeFi industry had collapsed to $360 million and that was the time when CDA was formed. In a few months, the industry is able to get back on track as now there is more than $9 billion which is locked in the Defi applications. Binance US has also joined Blockchain Association last month i.e. August 2020. 

It has been seen that Binance is involved in many blockchain related alliances and now CDA has added another one to its network. During the start of this month, Binance has also sided with Blockchain for Europe which is a huge association in Europe related to blockchain technology. Binance’s partnership with so many blockchain-driven organizations demonstrates the significance that it places on this technology.

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Nvidia Signs Definitive Agreement With SoftbankGroup Corp. To Acquire ARM




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California-based multinational technology company, Nvidia, has recently inked a deal of $40 billion with Softbank Group Corp. to buy the computer chip maker Arm Holdings.

A public statement released by Nvidia indicated that the company processed its payment in a combination of cash and shares. 

In the year 2016, the Japanese multinational conglomerate, Softbank Group Corp. purchased ARM for $32 billion.

Nvidia To Build Original Computing Company

Recently, the chief executive officer of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, said that now they will develop an original computing company for the age of artificial intelligence (AI).

Although Nvidia has purchased ARM, its headquarter will still be in Cambridge, England. 

Huang has further stated, “We will expand on this great site and build a world-class AI research facility, supporting developments in healthcare, life sciences, robotics, self-driving cars and other fields.”

Nvidia develops the graphics processing units (GPUs) which basically are used in video games. But apart from that, the company has deployed these units among mining fields in order to mine cryptos like Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC). 

In the present time, mining bitcoin (BTC) with the help of GPU will be completely useless because now the world’s largest digital currency has been using an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

Smartphone Technologies Based On Arm

As per the report, currently, most of the smartphone technologies are based on Arm Holding’s technology. 

Arm Holding develops designs for companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Later, these companies use Arm’s design to build a customized chip. 

In the present scenario, the cloud data centers have also started using Arm’s technology. 

It is to be noted that to date, the companies have created 180 billion chips which are based on the design of Arm.

The CEO of Arm, Simon Segars, has recently stated that Arm Holdings along with Nvidia will be developing new solutions for the global ecosystem fo innovators.

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