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Skyrim Mod Lets Players Paraglide Like Breath Of The Wild



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is no stranger to mods, but this paragliding mod lets players explore the lands like Link in Breath of the Wild.

The game has been released and rereleased several times over, and each time, players delve straight into developing mods. Players have created everything from essential graphics mods to silly NPC replacements (Macho Man Randy Savage dragons, anyone?), all to add just a bit more fun to an already beloved game.

This time, one modder has taken to designing a brand new way to travel across Skyrim. Taking inspiration from Breath of the Wild, modder LokiWasTaken led a project that gave Dragonborn a paraglider.


The Mod That Blended Skyrim And Breath of the Wild Into One

The Skyrim’s Paraglider mod creates a paraglider item as well as a new set of animations for travel. Currently, it lets players gently glide from high locations (like the top of High Hrothgar) amongst the dragons. Though, if players do trigger a dragon attack, it can and will attack them mid-air.

The mod itself took nearly 6 months of development to reach a playable state. Uploader LokiWasTaken also credits fellow modder NickNak for the animations, behaviors, mini quest, locations and art resources for the paraglider. Additionally, they thank the SKSE team for SKSE, creator Ryan for CommonLib, Cloudbird for the alternate paraglider textures, and fellow modder powerofthree for their help.

Check out this Skyrim player gliding to Whiterun from one of the most scenic spots in the game:

All players have to do in-game to acquire the paraglider is head to Falkreath’s East Gate. There, players can head towards the crossroads to find an NPC named Fred. After interacting with this player and following through on any essential quest actions, players will eventually be rewarded with the paraglider!

Currently, the mod functions in Third Person mode. This allows players to more easily navigate their environments, and see the beautiful sights around them. LokiWasTaken has mentioned that they hope to update the mod at some point to include First Person view as well. Altogether though, it’s a fun new way to travel around the game like our favorite Hero of Time.

Any interested Skyrim fans can check out the mod on Nexus mods here! The game is available on PC, Xbox, PS, Stadia, and Switch, but be sure to check the mod’s requirements before downloading.

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