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SecuX Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet – Surfing the Convenience on a military-level Security Chip



Miscellaneous cheat tricks have never been waning, nor faded through thousands of empires and dynasties in the human’s histories. Begin from the phone phreaks in the 70’s, the hackers or crackers become a real walk of life and a beneficial business along with the rise of the internet. In the meantime, the prevailing digitalization on each data of all the information and records of modern citizenship nourish the profits of this line.

Owning a bank account means you may trust the bank clerks, but not the security of the bank. Bank robbery is no longer appealing to those who can easily take away the huge sum of money while sitting on an air-conditioning couch. Pay the tax online seems a good idea, but you might sacrifice the potential hacking from the convenience. A digital citizen identification (eID) will definitely put the GDPR more at risk. The credit card fraud or the data breach may be claimed for a fair compensation, however, you have to be on your own when you hold a crypto account on the exchange.

I don’t want to continue to harp on the hacking histories on the exchanges iteratively during the past few years. Most of the clever investors know very well to adopting a hardware wallet to keep their crypto-assets.

Once and for all, to get rid of the hackers stealing your cryptocurrencies in the exchange is to keep them offline completely. Despite all the cryptocurrencies are no more than a set of digits on the blockchains, and the transaction data hash unveils the amount of the cryptocurrencies on the blockchain explorer transparently yet anonymously. The real crypto-assets holder is the only user to transfer to another address (transaction) with the private key. 

Many hardware wallets provide an offline storage or a no-touching using scenario for the users to transfer their crypto-assets from the Exchange to a hardware wallet. Once it is done, the users can really sigh in relief for a pleasant sleep. Furthermore, it could also support the users to transact peer-to-peer to another address, or to manage their crypto accounts, and so on. Nevertheless, it differs a lot to manipulate their crypto-assets on the device that each hardware wallet has its unique proprietary firmware to execute the device. Theoretically speaking, the more complicated procedures to send/receive the crypto-assets on the wallet come with the more secure preventions from the hacking behaviors, such as cyber-attack, malware, man-in-the-middle hacking, physical attack on the device, stealing away the wallet, phishing site, etc. You may imagine to design a comprehensive hardware wallet it shall consider all the potential and possible scenarios the careless users will behave and the sly crackers may act sneakingly around corners on the hardware wallet holders at all times. Is there any chance to get a truly secure yet simple to use hardware wallet?

[User Friendly UX]

The most attractive feature of SecuX Wallet is a 2.8” color touchscreen. Unlike other famous brand hardware wallets, I can intuitively finger-tip on the panel to create the accounts, add coins/tokens, send the funds, and view the full address at a glance on the screen. The receiving address can be shown as a QR code! Not worth mentioning that 4 accounts can be shown on 1 page of the device. It is a clear view of all my crypto assets! I feel much happier about myself when using a modern 3C gadget! ☺ I notice that I can rename each of my crypto accounts on the portfolio and every time the onscreen keypad is randomly reallocated for the Device PIN access into the portfolio after an idle time, this is undoubtedly an attentive design in case a peeping tom for stealing the user’s funds. (The SecuX mobile iOS app doesn’t support renaming asset accounts for the time being.)

(SecuX W20)

[Physical Verification]

I started to learn why it requires a large screen on the device. When I am going to send funds to my associate as a test, the device appears an instant OTP when pairing with a mobile phone, I need to key-in the correct OTP to confirm the pairing is correct. Then I can use the mobile camera to capture the recipient address without key-in the long letters and digits, after that I have to see the actual address on the device is exactly the same on the host device. Later on I have to tap to confirm the sending on my own wallet. This behavior is rigorous that maybe once a lifetime, there is a malware installed in your friends’ or associates’ mobile phone and you just took it as a randomly host device, it could create another recipient address to induce the sender transfer the funds to the cracker’s wallet. They call it a man-in-the-middle hacking.

[Account Recoverability]

I won’t be surprised that SecuX Wallet is fully compliant with BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44, that are able to recover existing accounts from the standard 12, 18 or 24-word passphrases. That means you can easily swap your hardware wallet to another one built in the same portal from, even once a week for the new models on the market. ☺

[Hidden Wallet]

A SecuX hardware wallet can generate a private key randomly from its microcontroller unit (MCU), which is your distinctive key to keep all the crypto coins/tokens you hold on the blockchains. Another key is possible to be generated from the Device/Portfolio/Settings/Hidden Wallet if you could like to create as an option.

[Military-grade Secure Element]

SecuX Wallet is equipped with an Infineon Solid Flash CC EAL5+ Security Chip to safeguard the users’ Wallet PIN and Private Key. Such secure level is even higher than most of the banking systems to prevent any cyber and physical attack from the malicious crackers. Meanwhile, there are SecuX Wallet proprietary secret channels between MCU, Security Chip and Wallet App that communicate with the strictest authentications to secure the crypto-assets with zero probability leakage from the PIN/KEY generation till the transactions are completed.

[SecuXess – a Chrome OS Web App]

Nowadays Google Chrome definitely domains the web browser market nearly 70%.  SecuX Wallet adopts a web application which is designed to manage the hardware wallet passively through a host device, a PC or an Android phone. It is similar to a cloud portal accessing to the blockchain that you may retrieve all your crypto-assets through the nodes of blockchain from anywhere and anytime. Meanwhile Brave and Opera browsers are built on the Chrome OS that are compatible with SecuX crypto hardware wallets.

[Cross-platform Wallet]

SecuX Wallet is compatible with most of the host devices running in major operating systems such as Windows OS, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS on the Desktop PC, Laptop PC, Chromebook, Tablet and Mobile phone. Even I am using a Window 7 PC, I still can download the Windows 7 driver and have a smooth operation. (W10 doesn’t support OTG and Bluetooth for the time being)

[Wireless and its Security]

Beside the USB connection, if you own V20/W20, they are equipped with a Bluetooth5 low energy chip which is 2xbandwidth, 4xrange and 8xbroadcasting message capacity than BLE4.2. Once it is paired with your mobile device orPC, you have to confirm the instant OTP (One-Time-Password) from your host device positively with no leaking security of any host device for further transactions. Many users asked me about the security of Bluetooth data transmission, I would say that latest Bluetooth technology has its AES-256 encryption standards to give the absolute security of the data transmission environment between the host device and the hardware wallet.

[Battery Life]

Normally a big screen comes with a big battery, so it does the V20 and W20. They are all embedded with a 600mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery that requires for about 2 hrs. for a full charging after the unboxing. You can use it continuously for around 7 hrs., and shall be lasting for about 6 months’ cold storage. During the period, you can review the account balance when booting up the wallet anytime.

[Coin Support & Account Expandability]

SecuX Technology’s official statement proclaims that SecuX Wallet can store up to 500 crypto accounts, although their devices support only 12 crypto-coins that include Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Binance BNB, Tron TRX, Dash coin DASH, Dogecoin DOGE, Stellar XLM, DigiByte DGB, Groestlcoin GRS, and all Etherum ERC-20 / Tron TRC-20 and TRC-10 Tokens (Total more than +1,000 Tokens including Tether USDT, Uniswap UNI, Chainlink LINK, Coinbase USDC, Theta THETA, Vechin VEN, BitTorrent BTT, etc.) for the time being. That means if I can add manually ERC-20/TRC-20/TRC-10 Tokens one by one up to nearly 500 accounts mixed with the various ERC-20/TRC-20/TRC-10 Tokens. The most benefit for me is that I can recall my remaining balance on the device at all times even it is in an offline mode.

[Buy Crypto]

This is a new feature of SecuX Wallet that users can just click one button to buy the crypto coins/tokens immediately on the SecuX Wallet Web App and SecuX Mobile App through Coinify to store the them offline. Coinify will charge the same for those users to buy the crypto coins/tokens either via the SecuX solution or a software wallet on Coinify. Now Coinify serves over 50 countries worldwide with Visa, Mastercard, SEPA support that you may Buy BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT and XLM via SecuX solution by one click.


[Zero Vulnerability]

From the official website of SecuX, a 360comprehensive multi-layered shield design express explicitly the SecuX Wallet starts from a simple concept that takes all details into account. There are all possible leakages from the beginning of a hardware wallet, such as its’ supply chains, engineering designs, production flows and producing processes to the warehouse storage, packing with anti-tampering stickers, logistics, and so on. In a way, the most impregnable hardware wallet is born to prevent the users’ crypto-assets from the virus implanting, physical invasion, cyber hacking, clone swapping, man-in-the-middle malware, etc. 


I would highly recommend SecuX crypto hardware wallet for all kinds of the cryptocurrency holders unless that you have large amounts for the Alt-coins. According to SecuX Team that the coins and tokens at the moment are “natively” supported.  Perhaps this concept slows down the speed to add more coins and tokens in their R&D development. Yet I do respect the insistence and consistency toward their design. For example, I can send my Stellar Lumens from a native-support-wallet without the domain redirection through a linking icon. It is simply convenient for the coin holders to transact the assets from a universal UI hardware wallet. Last but not the least, I list the advantages and disadvantages of SecuX Wallet as follows:


  • Lesser coins support (SecuX people said they will add more coins support shortly)
  • A bit bulky size in a jeans pocket (a trade-off for a much larger screen)


Cross-platform OS compatibility

  • User friendly UX
  • High level security for crypto funds storage
  • Uncompromising transaction process
  • Long lasting device on-the-go and balance check
  • Personalized wallet and account scalability

  *Visit official SecuX Technology Inc. website:

*SecuX Online Shop:

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Sam Bankman-Fried Claims Institutional Demand for Crypto is Growing

The co-founder of FTX crypto exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried discusses rising institutional demand for crypto and his agenda.



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The co-founder of FTX crypto exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried has been garnering increased public attention, with his ventures growing in prominence. Many observers in crypto circles were hoping for him to become a key lobbyist for the sector after his donation to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. And even though he’s willing to discuss his involvement in the market and subjects like the rising institutional demand for crypto, he insists that’s he not attempting to conjure facts that suit his narrative.

Bankman-Fried Suggests Institutional demand for Crypto Is On The Rise

SBF is clear about the fact that he’s glad to discuss the market and that he certainly has an agenda. But he also emphasizes that he will not create facts to fit his own narrative.

He stated, You know, to the extent I have an agenda, I just want it to flow from my actual thoughts and beliefs. So that’s all I have to talk about is my thoughts and beliefs rather than try and create a fact pattern that happens to fit where I want it to go or something like that.”

On the subject of institutional adoption, Bankman-Fried underlines that many out there are “desperate” to set a foot in the crypto sphere. But many institutions are unclear about their trajectory or what they are trying to accomplish. He advises incoming players to define clear goals and then understand how the industry works. 

SBF Weighs on Ethereum vs Solana

Bankman-Fried also revealed his views on the Ethereum vs Solana debate. Ethereum advocates have repeatedly cited the benefits of its ecosystem moat but SBF doubts that this moat is invincible. Solana is not well-known outside the crypto community at the moment but it claims to be faster than Ethereum and boasts the capability of processing 65,000 transactions per second(TPS). 

Explaining his views, Bankman-Fried said, “I think that’s one of the fundamental tensions here, is that like this moat is insurmountable if crypto never grows. But if crypto gets 50 times bigger, the moat is two percent of the eventual pie. The other piece of this, right, is why is the most valuable as a business? A moat is valuable to keep other people out. A moat doesn’t let you grow itself, right? It gets rid of a particular impediment to your growth, which is competitors, but a moat isn’t growth itself.”

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, SBF disclosed that he had been approached by several SPACs who wanted to take the FTX exchange public. A special purpose acquisition company(SPAC) is also known as a ”blank check company” listed on the stock market to generate funding that allows it to merge with another firm. 

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#Ethereum vs Solana #Institutional Demand #Sam Bankman-Fried

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PINASining II: More Advice from Past Winners as Contest Deadline Draws Near

PINASining II is the second voxel contest for creators to build Philippine-themed voxel assets for the Metaverse.

The post PINASining II: More Advice from Past Winners as Contest Deadline Draws Near appeared first on BitPinas.



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BlockchainSpace recently unveiled the Sandbox Philippines PINASining Gallery. Displayed on Cyber, a digital gallery for NFTs, it showcases art submitted to the PINASining contest held last May. 

The Sandbox together with the BlockchainSpace is bringing back PINASining II to promote creators in the Philippines and around the globe. PINASining II is the second voxel contest for creators to build Philippine-themed voxel assets for the Metaverse. Check the mechanics here and apply using this Google Form. (Deadline is June 18, 2021) For more information visit the

The tweet shared by BlockchainSpace features all the voxel pieces created by the participating creators compiled in Cyber’s NFT gallery. This includes works of 1st place winner iLasining and 2nd place winner Focc_x.

According to Peter Ing, founder of BlockchainSpace and Philippines Ambassador for The Sandbox, many Filipinos already familiar with voxel artwork from Minecraft and Roblox find the transition to building on The Sandbox easy. The difference is that in creating for Sandbox, the pieces created can be monetized. “The narrative for Filipino artists and creators is extremely compelling, those who previously invested hours building assets in voxel based games can now monetize their efforts  by selling the artwork and game assets that they create,” Peter said in a statement.

The Sandbox, is a decentralized, community-driven game platform, it’s a virtual world where players can build, design, personalize, own, monetize their gaming experiences in the ethereum blockchain. 

Interview with Past Winners: Kaz Pios, 3rd Place Winner

Kaz, creator of the famed “Pistang Pinoy” said that winning the contest allowed her to receive support from The Sandbox’s Creator Fund, an initiative to support artists by rewarding and incentivizing them to create 3D assets for The Sandbox platform. Artists are rewarded per asset basis of $2 to $60 per unique asset. Artists will also be able to sell their assets on The Sandbox’s integrated marketplace too.

“It took me about a week to learn and explore the various features of VoxEdit. It is user-friendly and easy to use in both creating and animating voxel arts,” Kaz said in an interview. Her advice to those wishing to join the contest is to plan out everything from the beginning:

“Plan out what you want to make, draw up a rough sketch, and start to create. Creating voxel art will take time, effort, and detail, but it’ll be worth it.”

Kaz, Creator

Ayesha Lara Montes, 4th Place Winner

Madrid-based artist Ayesha said her official entry “Tarsier” depicted the small primates (of the same name) native to the Philippines. She added she wants to show “the beauty of these little creatures to the world.”

Sha claimed that joining the PINASining contest got her more followers on Instagram. Currently she’s still making more voxel art.

Ayesha only has high praise for VoxEdit, a voxel editing tool developed by The Sandbox, saying it’s a very intuitive program that is easy to use for creators to start using without previous knowledge of other voxel software. VoxEdit enables artists and creators to make voxel assets that can be used in games in The Sandbox’s metaverse, equipped by player avatars and sold in The Sandbox marketplace.

Ayesha’s advice to those who are going to join the contest:

“Enjoy creating art, the energy, love and passion that you put into it can be transmitted by your creations.”

Ayesha Lara Montes, Creator

PINASining II is still accepting entries until June 18, 2021. For the complete contest mechanics:

This article is published on BitPinas: PINASining II: More Advice from Past Winners as Contest Deadline Draws Near

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Blockchain Intelligence Firm TRM Labs Secures $14 Million in Funding

PayPal Ventures also participated in the latest investment round.



TRM Labs, a blockchain intelligence company, yesterday announced that it has raised $14 million in the Series A funding round. The latest investment round was led by Bessemer.

According to the official announcement, PayPal Ventures, Jump Capital, and Blockchain Capital also participated in the recent round. The San Francisco-based company is facilitating financial firms and public agencies around the world in the detection and prevention of crypto-related fraudulent activities.

TRM Labs mentioned that the company has seen significant growth since the start of this year amid a surge in the adoption of cryptocurrency assets. The company saw a growth of 600% in revenue due to a substantial jump in the demand for crypto-related management and compliance software.

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Commenting on the latest announcement, Ethan Kurzweil, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, said: “The team at TRM Labs is building an extraordinary company that is going to be critically important in helping financial institutions safely transition to a new financial system for the digital age. TRM will also continue to be a strong partner to governments and regulators around the globe as they work to ensure that illicit actors don’t take advantage of this new financial system.”

TRM highlighted the importance of an efficient cryptocurrency risk management and compliance solution.

Crypto Compliance

Several companies worldwide have accelerated their efforts to integrate strong crypto-related compliance systems to tackle the potential involvement of digital currencies in money laundering and suspicious activities. TRM mentioned that the company’s risk management platform offers different solutions for cryptocurrency anti-money laundering (AML) and transaction monitoring. “At TRM we have built the next generation in blockchain intelligence with the mission of building a safer financial system for billions of people. We are thrilled to have the team at Bessemer lead our Series A and support that mission. This partnership is exactly what TRM needs to continue to invest in our clients in an industry characterized by explosive growth,” Esteban Castano, co-founder and CEO of TRM Labs said.

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The Winklevoss Brothers Have Formed a Musical Band

The Winklevoss twins have started a music band… Which is not surprising considering everything else they’ve done.



The Bitcoin price crash has been so severe that the Winklevoss twins, arguably one of the largest BTC whales in the world, have decided to start a band to make ends meet.

Let’s Rock!

Ok, Ok; maybe we’re exaggerating, but a report from the celebrity gossip site Page Six claims that the multi-talented Winklevoss twins formed a band with their co-workers and are already close to playing their first “gig”.

“Tyler sings, Cameron plays guitar,” said an anonymous source. The band already gave its first show to a closed group of friends at Cameron’s NoHo loft this week.

According to the magazine, the twins will take things a step further and play for a much larger and more serious crowd in a matter of days.

Didn’t make the guest list? No worries. The source tells us the mini show was just a dress rehearsal for next week, when the 6’5″ pair – who were played by Armie Hammer in the 2010 movie “Social Network” – have invited 200 people over to see them jam.

No further details have been revealed. The band name is still unknown, the music style is a mystery, and the song repertoire has not been revealed to the public either. Still, if the past serves as a benchmark to judge the future, the band may not be all that bad – regardless of whether it is a hobby or a serious endeavor.


From Sports to Tech: The Winklevoss Have Been There and Done That

If there’s one thing the Winklevoss twins have plenty of, it’s talent. As youngsters, they were on the Olympic rowing team, the idea of what would become Facebook began with them, and they saw the potential of Bitcoin when it was just a curiosity being discussed by a bunch of nerds on cryptography forums.

Today some estimates calculate their Bitcoin holdings at close to 1% of all the coins available; they are also the owners of Gemini, one of the most important regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States; and have funded several visionary projects related to blockchain technologies such as the Nifty Gateway NFT marketplace.

So if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that if they form a rock band, you’ll probably end up with at least one song stuck in your brain… Of course, that’s if you ever get to hear them play.

In the meantime, you’d better stick to following them on Twitter. If they ever buy a record label, we’ll let you know.


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