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Recycle computer parts for a more sustainable life

In this period we hear a lot about environmental protection and, although many of us may feel powerless in the face of the great upheavals that the climate offers us on a periodic basis, each of us can take a small step to help. There are more ways to make our small contribution, some more standard, so to speak, others a little more creative.
Recycled computer material can be used in different ways, depending on our needs, conditions and our ability to do it yourself. The password, in this case, is: do not throw anything away.

Regeneration, recycling or disposal
They are similar concepts, of course, but they are not strictly synonymous. The regeneration of technological products is very fashionable lately: the most common are smartphones, but it is not certain that a computer cannot be given a new life and indeed, there are more and more portals that offer only the sale of these products.
Speaking of recycling, however, we refer to the possibility of reusing the computer, the printer rather than the monitor, instead of subjecting it to regeneration or getting rid of it. The most practical example is to give slightly outdated hardware to someone who does not need high performance anyway.

Finally, disposal is clearly the final choice when our machine has decided that it no longer wants to work. Technological devices are considered WEEE, so the correct way to dispose of them is to take them to landfills or contact an authorized dealer who will take care of this.

New life to our computers
Considering that the estimated average life of a computer is just over 4 years, finding more or less original methods to reuse them is almost a civic duty. The original ways to try to give a new purpose to our device can be different, including:

convert it into jewelry – it is the so-called geek jewelry, which takes microchips, keyboard parts and other components and transforms them into real jewelry or accessories;
create a multimedia center – if the computer still works, we can also connect it to the TV or stereo system and use it as a center for managing audio and video content;
pet kennel – in this case you need an almost antique piece, that is a monitor with a cathode ray tube, and a lot of manual skills.
Obviously, these are only a few ideas, but each of them can be a starting point to create something original. If in the meantime we manage to protect the health of our planet a little, then so be it!

Source: Plato Data Intelligence

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