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Oil for Daze: Celebrate 7/10 with These Ultra-Dank Cannabis Extracts




Oil for Daze: Celebrate 7/10 with These Ultra-Dank Cannabis Extracts

Oil for Daze: Celebrate 7/10 with These Ultra-Dank Cannabis Extracts

Looking to celebrate 7/10 by smoking the best cannabis concentrates in the game? Great — you’ve come to the right place. We made this list specifically for you.

Published on July 10, 2020

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Today is July 10. To the mainstream world, it’s just another summer day. But in the cannisphere, it’s the international day of oil — the day in which we celebrate the evolution of cannabis and its union with technology. It’s the day when stoners across the world smoke concentrates at 7:10am and 7:10pm, and revel in the magic of delicious terpenes. 

If you don’t know about 710 Day, don’t trip — a lot of people don’t. Basically, 710 spells OIL upsidedown and backward. (Potheads have never lacked in creativity!) It is the most recent weed holiday that’s infiltrated the culture, and we’re here for it. Why? Because concentrates highlight the power of terpenes, the essential oils in cannabis that give the plant a distinct aromatic spectrum ranging from citrusy to cheesy to peppery. Terps are the reason Super Lemon Haze smells like lemons; Strawberry Cough smells like strawberries; why the Forbidden Fruit strain smells like pungent grapefruit; and why your favorite cheese strains smell like a decadent platter of aged brie. 

Creating quality, tasty concentrates is an art form, much like creating high-end wine. The result is a sensuous experience that can change your perspective and palate in a matter of minutes. Ultimately, that’s why we created this product guide: We want you to experience the crème de la crème. Not only will these drool-worthy extracts get you lifted, but they’ll also deepen your understanding of the plant and remind you that cannabis is the dankest gift on Earth. 



Willamette Valley Alchemy

Willamette Valley Alchemy’s mission is to provide the high-end cannabis community with superior cannabis products. WVA leads the industry by pairing passion with integrity. A company known for its uncompromising taste for “True-to-Strain” products, each strain is vetted for potency and quality. Supported by strong relationships with Oregon’s finest producers, they raise the bar for consumer experience and humbly serve dispensaries with friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

For more info visit:


Gassworks Garden

Gassworks Garden is an individually owned and operated microgrowery located in Seattle, Washington.  The garden focuses on cultivating just one single proprietary clone-only: Lemon Cherry. An uplifting sativa hybrid cross related to Cherry Pie and Lemon G.  

The entire process from clone to harvest is specifically designed to consistently deliver Lemon Cherry flower and concentrate in small-batch style to adult-use shops across Washington State. Farmer-owned and operated, the owner proudly declares that he’s “served Seattle since 1997,” and has over 17-years of experience building gardens and growing cannabis indoors. Concentrates are processed by many of the top processors in Washington, encouraging connoisseurs to compare all the subtle nuances in processing techniques.  

Follow @GassworksGarden on Instagram for more info!


Buddies Live Resin

Buddies is a West Coast cannabis brand rooted in the core elements of cannabis. With over 20-years of experience in cultivation and processing, Buddies understands the craftsmanship that’s pushed the evolution of cannabis into the industry it is today.

Buddies’ Liquid Diamonds come in 100 percent live resin vape carts. And, the best part about this line of delicious concentrate is that the product comes in PAX pods, 510 Carts, and Drippers. The product is made with 100 percent live resin — no cutting agents, distillate, or additives. It’s one ingredient only: 100 percent full-spectrum cannabis extract made from fresh frozen plants put away at harvest. If you want to dab on-the-go, this product is for you. You can locate their products here!

For more information visit:


Kings Garden

Dubbed the “original Coachella Valley cannabis,” Kings Garden received the first weed licenses in Palm Springs and Cathedral City. Whether you consider that impressive or trivial information, it’s central to the brand because the owner of Kings Garden descends from one of Palm Spring’s founding families. So, their lux concentrates are a representation of California desert history, celebrating familial roots, and honoring legacy. 

Plus, it’s nice when you can smoke high quality and locally grown and manufactured cannabis products. From shatter to live resin to diamonds to wax, Kings Garden extracts are ideal for minimizing pain, stimulating euphoria, and offering a well-rounded terpene experience that’s comparable to biting into ripe, tropical fruit on a warm summer day. If you’re into locally grown produce, do yourself a favor and puff on Kings Garden concentrates.

For more information visit:


Absolute Xtracts

AbsoluteXtracts is a homegrown Northern California company committed to providing patients with pure, safe, and potent cannabis concentrates. What makes this brand excellent is the fact all their flower is sourced from small family farms in greenhouses across NorCal, then processed in their facility in Santa Rosa. They like to keep it local, which is crucial in 2020 considering we live in a highly corporate world. Supporting businesses that support their local economy is the only way small businesses and communities can survive.

Their discreet, futuristic live resin vape pens are an ideal way to hit quality concentrates on-the-go. If you’re someone who prefers the high of concentrates but doesn’t want to lug around a dab rig or Puff Co. Peak or any other device designed for smoking concentrates, ABX offers super clean oil designed to be enjoyed out in the world. Their Sour Diesel live resin pod is among our favorite products to-date. If you’re looking for a pick me up to help you get shit done, look no further. This product was made for you.

For more information visit:


Peak Extracts

In a world that’s predominantly owned and operated by men, it’s refreshing — inspiring, even — to see women and femme-identifying folks kicking ass and taking names in business. That’s exactly what Katie Stem and Kate Black, the badass queer co-founders of Peak Extracts, are doing in Oregon and it’s impossible not to recognize their work in the space. 

Peak Extracts was the first adult-use edibles producer licensed in Oregon and is currently the number 2 cannabis chocolate manufacturer in the state. Originally founded in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program in 2014, Peak Extracts is locally owned and based on principles of quality and integrity.

Using only hemp flower extract and MCT Coconut oil, Peak Extracts’ new tinctures are made in small batches in a gluten-free facility in Portland. Each tincture is vegan, alcohol-free and sugar-free, and comes in a variety of combinations: CBD + CBN, CBD, CBG + CBD. Great for microdosing, Peak’s tinctures are color-coded to allow users to choose the desired effects. For a unique strain-specific experience, try the Peak Extracts full spectrum (white label) tinctures that are rich in minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. They have a sativa-dominant tincture called Sour Space Candy and an indica-dominant oil called Special Sauce. 

For more information visit:


Space Coyote

Maybe dabbing isn’t your thing. We get it. Lighting up a blow torch isn’t, uh, exactly chill. Truthfully, there are few things as relaxing as sitting back and inhaling the instant relief of a joint. Thankfully, there’s a brand on the same wavelength. Space Coyote is a cannabis company in a groove all its own. As California’s premier infused joint maker, each Space Coyote combines high potency herb and delicious, out of this world extracts. Crafted for stoners by stoners, Space Coyote celebrates art, equality, and the psychedelic side of cannabis.

Space Coyote just released packs of to-die-for live resin pre-roll joints. Five juicy, whole-bud smokes rolled in Field Extracts’ live resin come in a pack. Whether you go with indica or sativa, each pack is equipped with strain-specific bud and mindfully paired with a concentrate to enhance the flavor and feel of your high. Plus, a core part of their mission is to better the planet, and they uphold this duty by making environment-friendly packaging. We need to support more brands that incorporate this ethos into their production ops! 

For more information visit:

**This was made in partnership with Buddies, Kings Garden, Glassworks Garden, and Willamette Valley Alchemy




MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.

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Report unveils largest donors to pro-legalization campaigns ahead of November 3 elections




A new report from Leafly released this week revealed the largest contributors to cannabis legalization campaigns in the United States ahead of the November 3 elections. 

According to campaign finance records, initiatives fighting to bring legal weed to a number of states this year have seen a fair amount of funding, the bulk of which came from cannabis companies and entrepreneurs. Other donors include unions, reforms advocates, private individuals and dispensaries. 

On the other hand, those financing anti-legalization efforts appear to be cash-strapped in comparison to donors contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to support legal weed in Arizona, Montana, Mississippi, South Dakota and New Jersey, with significant contributions to the pro-psilocybin mushroom campaigns in Oregon and Washington D.C. as well.


Leafly reports the legalization campaign in Arizona has raised nearly $3.5 million so far. Two new polls revealed the state appears to be likely to legalize cannabis this November, which means Arizonans will be able to legally purchase up to an ounce of weed soon.  

Cannabis companies were identified as the largest donors to Smart & Safe Arizona, the activists behind the initiative for legal pot in Arizona. These include Harvest, an Arizona-based medical marijuana company that has donated almost $1.5 million. Curaleaf and Cresco Labs have also donated several hundred thousand dollars to the campaign.  


Out of all the states that will vote on cannabis measures next month, Montana has raised the largest sum so far at over $7 million. Again, polls indicate the state is likely to legalize weed on November 3, when Montana residents will vote on a pair of measures to allow sales of marijuana to adults aged 21 and over. 

A PAC nonprofit organization from Washington D.C. dubbed The North Fund has been funneling millions into Montana’s legalization campaign. The money didn’t go unnoticed as anti-marijuana activists in Montana filed a complaint against the group recently, asking for The North Fund to disclose its donors. The North Fund donated $4,800,000 to New Approach Montana so far. 

New Jersey 

Another state which looks set to legalize marijuana on November 3 is New Jersey, where the top donor to the pro-legalization campaign has been The Scotts Company, a gardening and pest control company. Weedmaps donated $91,000 to the pro-legalization campaign, which enjoys support from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. 

A legal weed market in New Jersey could shape up to be one of the most lucrative in the country as neighboring states with large populations such as New York and Pennsylvania haven’t legalized cannabis. 

South Dakota

South Dakota will be the first state to vote on legalizing both medical and recreational sales in the same election. The state’s November ballot will feature both initiatives, which seem to be popular in Montana. 

The campaigns have raised over $1 million in donations so far, with national legalization groups contributing the largest sums. A restaurant owner from Sioux Falls ranks third on the list of campaign contributions with a $25,000 donation to the efforts.


Voters in Mississippi are heading to the polls to weigh in on medical marijuana legalization this November as well. The group behind the campaign has amassed over $1 million in donations so far.

Joel Bomgar, who serves in the Mississippi House of Representatives, donated over half a million. The Republican politician and tech entrepreneur was a key sponsor of the effort to legalize cannabis for medicinal use in Mississippi. 

Oregon and Washington D.C. 

Along with voting in the presidential election, voters in Oregon could legalize the therapeutic use of psilocybin found in psychedelic mushrooms. If voters approve the measure, Oregon will become the first U.S. state to allow the legal use of psilocybin. 

The New Approach PAC donated over $2.5 million to the effort, while other donors include entrepreneurs and a psychedelic therapy company. 

In Washington D.C., where people will cast their ballots on decriminalizing so-called magic mushrooms, the New Approach PAC donated $585,500 to the Decriminalize Nature D.C. campaign. 


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Will Legal Synthetic Cannabinoids Take Over Cannabis Industry?




We live in a world of synthetics. Most of our clothing is no longer cotton, but a mix of plastics. Much of our food is made of chemicals that can barely be pronounced. And now cannabis, our favorite smokable medicine and recreational pastime, might be replaced soon with legal synthetic cannabinoids.

It’s a world of synthetics

My mother used to work with a guy that had a great hookup for getting Coach bags. For anyone unfamiliar with the brand, Coach produces high quality leather bags, that come with a nice high price tag. My mother was buying tons of them, passing them on as gifts, and using a different one herself every day. They weren’t real of course, although I don’t remember how she found this out. They were knock-offs. Products that looked almost exactly the same, that felt almost exactly the same, but were actually made of entirely different materials, and overall of lesser quality. My mother was very unhappy when she realized what was going on, and never spoke again to her workmate who had bamboozled her, but buying synthetic products is pretty standard, and a lot of the time, most people never know that what they have isn’t the real thing.

Aren’t synthetic cannabinoids already a big thing?

Yes! Massive! In fact, if you read around the internet, you might get a little confused. Every time you see words like ‘spice’ and ‘k2’ being spoken about in reference to cannabis, its referring to synthetic cannabinoids. So, what’s the difference between these synthetic cannabinoids, and the legal synthetic cannabinoids that biotech industries are rushing to create and put on the market? Good question. While large biotech firms have the money and ability to make different concoctions, they aren’t technically producing anything terribly far off from the illegal version that people are constantly being warned against with terror stories of a few people dead over years of time. In the article cited it should be noted that most of the deaths weren’t even attributed to the synthetic cannabis, but rather a rat poison contaminant. Of course, somehow, those stories are all forgotten, or pushed aside, when the synthetics being spoken about come from companies that can sell their products above board, and have them taxed by the government. Funny how that works, right? While I suppose one could make the argument that its regulated vs unregulated, and that one is more dangerous than the other, the lack of relevant deaths from the unregulated version (no matter how much the very few that occur are publicized, let’s remember what it really means to have an epidemic of overdoses), and the standard story of putting down the one that doesn’t make the government tax dollars, while promoting the one that does – and which brings billions to large biotech companies – isn’t an unfamiliar story at all. So no, synthetic cannabis is far from new. I was smoking Mr. Nice Guy in Tel Aviv 10 years ago, and word on the street back then is that it was all synthetics. Now, with a massive 180º, the very thing being warned against constantly, is now the new thing being pushed by large biotech corporations.

CBG, or cannabigerol, a cannabinoid that makes up only about 1% of a cannabis plant by the time of harvest, and which has been associated – much like CBD – with pain management, as an anti-inflammatory, with neurodegenerative diseases, and with glaucoma. In fact, Willow Biosciences, has partnered with manufacturer Albany Molecular Research to create a large scale production of the cannabinoid – which also like CBD, has not been associated with psychoactive effects, making it a good addition to the medical cannabis family.

Willow is a Canadian company out of Calgary, but it’s already got a lot of competition. US based Biomedican Inc., of Fremont, California, is giving Willow a run for its money, claiming to already have a CBG strain that’s ready for mass production. Two other companies,  Demetrix and Amyris, are also looking to get specifically into the CBG game. In what is to me an incredibly and profoundly misconstrued statement, Headset, which apparently tracks cannabis trends, made the statement that cannabinoids on the market today are currently plant-derived for the most part, particularly with products like vape pens, but that synthetic versions should be coming soon. Now, this thought would have a lot more meaning if we weren’t constantly being told to stay away from ‘spice’ and ‘k2’, which are black market synthetic cannabinoids. In fact, the majority of vape pens being sold in a place like California, which has the biggest legal cannabis market, are knock-offs, and that means synthetic cannabinoids!! Whoever made the statement at Headset, which was picked up by Inquirer, must have only been speaking of the legal market, and the thing about cannabis, is that if you’re only looking at the legal market, you’re missing so much of what goes on. So much so that we’re having a conversation about legal synthetic cannabinoids as if they just came out, when the majority of us vaping pens, or smoking ‘fake weed’, have been using them for years…and generally without incident.

What are they making synthetics of?

Pretty much anything that can be isolated from the cannabis plant and serves some understood value. CBN, CBG, THC-A, THC-V, Delta-8 THC… This is probably a good time to remind about Marinol. While this whole discussion goes on about synthetics, its easy to forget that along with all the black market synthetics that are warned against, there’s also Marinol. Marinol, also known as Dronabinol, is an entirely synthetic cannabis medication which has been around since 1986 and is produced by several pharmaceutical companies at this point. So, not even pharmaceutically a new idea, it is quite possible that pharmaceutical versions of cannabis may not have, as of yet, made the dent in the industry that they were intended to.

patented, at least not in their natural form. However, changed, or synthetic versions, can be. So, while the cannabis game has been hard for pharmaceutical companies to control – creating a non-plant version gives our biotech and pharmaceutical compatriots a way to create a substance that can be patented.

What to expect

The general expectation is that the biotech and pharmaceutical industries will do everything they can to co-op the medical marijuana and general legal cannabis industries. Whether it will work or not is a different story. Sometimes pharmaceutical companies don’t have the pull they wish. If they did, everyone would be using Marinol, and Sativex already, and that’s not the case. The problem with cannabis, when it comes to big pharma, is that cannabis isn’t a pharmaceutical drug unless its made to be one. If the people are never interested in these new medical advents, then the old rules remain, and people keep smoking the plant. If big pharma can produce a product at the right price point, that’s accessible enough, and gets the job done, it could be a very different story. In this particular instance it’s an interesting battle for the market, and its hard to say how it will go. In the case of cannabis, the thing to remember is that we don’t technically need all this, and the more production that goes into it, the higher the cost, and the more need to find synthetic answers.

The takeaway

It looks like the legal medicinal cannabis market, (and possibly recreational one), will soon be flooded with legal synthetic cannabinoids. What will this really mean? Well, that’s up to all of you. If you want your plant to be a plant, then smoke your plant and nature wins. If you’re cool with the synthetic version, that go out and use it. The ability of the synthetic market to do well has mainly to do with the ability of biotech companies and governments to convince their people that synthetics are a better answer.

Thanks for stopping by, your hub for all things legal cannabis related. Check out our newsletter to keep up to date on all the latest news and products.


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Majority of Montana voters support weed legalization ahead of November 3 vote




Voters in Montana appear to be set to legalize recreational cannabis in their state on November 3, the results of a new poll revealed this week. 

The state ballot will ask about legalizing recreational marijuana in Montana.

“Will you vote to support or oppose legalization?” the survey asked likely voters in Montana. Among them, 49% said they will vote to legalize marijuana, while 39% responded they would oppose the measure. Ten percent of voters said they are still undecided on the matter, but their votes could decide the fate of legal weed in Montana. 

Support for legal pot was higher among Democrats, as expected, with 70% of Democrat-voting respondents stating they would support legalization. On the other hand, only 27% of Montana Republicans said they are in favor of legal weed. Meanwhile, 59% of independent voters will vote to legalize marijuana. 

According to the poll, the initiative to legalize cannabis in the Treasure State is more popular among younger voters, with a majority of people between the ages of 18 and 59 stating they favor the measure. Most of the voters above the age of 60 said they intend to vote against legalization. 

The poll was conducted by Montana State University and gauged voter sentiment on a number of other elections that will take place on November 3, including the presidential race. As young voters interested in legalizing marijuana tend to vote for Democrats more often than for Republicans, having cannabis on the ballot could also affect the outcome of the Senate, House and presidential elections as well. 

Should Montana legalize pot, adults aged 21 and over will be able to legally purchase weed, while a 20% sales tax would be added to marijuana products. Furthermore, people with low-level marijuana sentences will be eligible for resentencing or the expungement of their records.

Earlier this week, a poll from New Jersey revealed the Garden State is also likely to legalize cannabis on November 3. Additionally, Arizona and South Dakota will vote on their respective legalization measures, while Mississippi voters will decide whether to allow medical marijuana in the state.

Meanwhile, Oregon will decide on a measure that would legalize psychedelic mushrooms for therapeutic use as voters in Washington D.C. weigh in on decriminalizing so-called magic mushrooms.  


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