The Dark Side Of Hotels And Airbnbs That You Don't Know About
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De duistere kant van hotels en Airbnbs die je niet kent

How to check for hidden cameras in your hotel room or Airbnb and how to keep your privacy safe….

(PRWeb 16 januari 2022)

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De duistere kant van hotels en Airbnbs die je niet kent

The Dark Side Of Hotels And Airbnbs That You Don’t Know About!

Is the Hotel or Airbnb you are staying at really safe? Little do people know, in their rooms there are predators lurking in the dark, watching their every move.

The Dark Side of Hotels and Airbnbs is a travel search engine that searches hundreds of different travel sites to find you the best possible deals on Hotels worldwide, so you don’t overpay. We would like to share with you the dark side of hotels and Airbnbs that no one talks about.

Is the hotel or Airbnb you are staying at really safe? Normally, when someone stays at a hotel or Airbnb, they tend to feel pretty safe and comfortable… If only they knew there may be a creep watching. Little do people know predators are lurking in the dark, recording their every move from hidden cameras; you would never even expect where these cameras are hiding. Creeps could plant them in plain sight like coffee makers, towel racks, Bluetooth players, smoke detectors, vents, and televisions. These are only some places these predators may use. Usually, guests would simply worry about if their hotel or Airbnb were thoroughly clean, like checking the sheets and washroom to make sure they’re not dirty, but it would never occur to them to check for hidden cameras.

On December 12, 2019, Kare11 reported: a Wisconsin principal saying, “A group of our students attending an out-of-state conference in Minneapolis discovered hidden cameras in their hotel rooms”. Minneapolis police say they are investigating reports of some “recording devices” found in guest rooms at the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency. According to the Police Public Information Officer, John Elder, the investigation is open and active.

Elder confirmed there is a report of electronic devices found in some guest rooms. In a letter to parents, the Madison Wis. school district said students from Madison East reported finding cameras, informing parents of a police investigation. The letter indicated a hotel staff member had been placed on leave “as a precautionary measure,” but did not reveal the reason behind the leave.

It’s sad to say in this day and age we have to make sure we check our hotel rooms and Airbnbs thoroughly before we can relax and be comfortable. Here’s how to check for hidden cameras:

Gebruik een Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector to keep your privacy safe.

This is a list of the most common places to locate indoor hidden cameras:

  • Rookmelders
  • Air filter equipment
  • Boeken
  • Wall décor
  • Stopcontacten
  • Desk plants
  • Tissue dozen
  • Stuffed teddy bears (or other animals)
  • Couch cushions, tabletops, and shelves
  • DVD cases
  • Lavalampen
  • Digital TV boxes
  • Wall sockets
  • Hairdryer holders

CNN reported: About 1,600 people have been secretly filmed in motel rooms in South Korea, with the footage live-streamed online for paying customers to watch. Two men have been arrested and another pair investigated in connection with the scandal, which involved 42 rooms in 30 accommodations in 10 cities around the country. Police said there was no indication the businesses were complicit in the scheme.

In South Korea, small hotels of the type involved in this case are generally referred to as motels or inns. The site had more than 4,000 members, 97 of whom paid a $44.95 monthly fee to access extra features, such as the ability to replay certain live streams.

There was even an instance in 2018 when a couple aboard a Carnival cruise ship found hidden Cameras pointed directly at their bed.

These are just a few of the predators that were caught. Make sure to check your accommodations for hidden cameras and report them to the proper authority so they can put a stop to these threats.

All in all, it doesn’t matter if you stay at a low-budget or high-end hotel or Airbnb because predators are everywhere. Feel free to refer back to the safety measures listed above and travel safely 🙂

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