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New Coin Pokemon Potentially Leaks for Scarlet and Violet


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are releasing soon and while the rest of the world waits, the Pokemon company prepares. Specifically, they are preparing for activating many things regarding the new game and trying their best to stop any potential leaks. Unfortunately, these two things can work together to cause issues for each other. Data miners were able to find a new Coin Pokemon due to searching through the Pokemon Go files. Here is the latest on the potential Coin Pokemon Leaks.

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Here is a tweet of the Leak.

Note: This has not been confirmed as a Pokemon coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet but once it is or debunked then this will be updated.

There have been rumors and leaks of a Coin Pokemon. It is apparently one that will become a Chest for Pokemon or can be found in one. That is not completely clear yet, should this Pokemon actually be in the game.

From what it sounds like, this will be a sort of quest Pokemon. One that maybe not so unlike Unknown is a bit different and one that people will have to collect to have it evolve or something of that nature.

Regardless, more leaks will be coming. The review copies of the game have been released to the public and it is only a matter of time until someone gets their hands on it. They will likely then upload the entire game to a site and people will be able to play a copy of it early.

Should this happen, The Game Haus will cover it and any leaks of note that come from it.

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