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Mr. Jamie’s Car Crash Ends With a Bitcoin Transaction





A Bitcoin maximilist and entrepreneur has shared a few details about his recent car accident. According to Twitter user Mr. Jamie, he ended up with additional Bitcoin (BTC) in his crypto wallet after he got rear ended.

In a series of tweets posted on Saturday, he explains that the guy who crashed into his vehicle did not want to call the police.

The problem, according to Jamie, was that the other driver didn’t have enough cash on hand to pay for the damage. Jamie needed a secure way to receive compensation, on the spot, with a stranger, without the risk of the transaction being reversed at a later date.

Jamie wrote,

“Got rear ended. Guy really really didn’t want the police involved. Paying later really wasn’t an option. Didn’t trust him. Bank transfers take days. He didn’t have enough cash. Turns out he had #bitcoin. 30 mins later, he’s on a tow truck and I’m on my way home.”

Responding to the story, crypto enthusiasts and Bitcoin skeptics on Twitter chimed in, with proponents pointing out that Bitcoin eliminates middlemen in the real world, as naysayers claimed that the story was a “creative advertisement” to pump Bitcoin.

Misc.Memphian added,

“Bitcoin prevented the police from getting involved because Bitcoin allowed 2 peers to conduct their own business without any central authority…the banks and the police.”
Alex Allegro agreed that Bitcoin offered an elegant solution to the situation.“Guys, the point here is to use BTC as a problem solver in certain situations. They didnt want govt involved, but they didnt trust each other: pay with bitcoin. Done.”

According to Twitter user Claudatio,

“In a few years he will bite his ass that he paid you bitcoin for this and regret not calling the police.”

Cryptik T. Co. suggested that middlemen may be involved in the long run.

“Sir, you’ll need to pay taxes on that.”

Jamie says he waited for two blockchain confirmations before settling the Bitcoin transaction and leaving the scene.

You can check out the full thread here.


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How Telemedicine Can Help Keep Your Health on Track




Keeping yourself healthy and in tip-top shape isn’t all about eating that kale and keeping up with your exercise routines, it’s about knowing when to have those pesky health issues looked at too.

Taking care of yourself means that you address even the smallest lingering health issue, whether that means that you have a therapist visit when you have been feeling a little anxious lately, or if you just have a toenail that has been looking kinda funky recently.

Getting things checked out as soon as they are noticed seems easy enough, but in this day and age of fast-paced lifestyles, it is way too easy to just push a non-urgent doctor’s appointment to the back burner. Luckily, for many non-urgent health concerns, telemedicine is the developing facet of healthcare that can help you get medical attention quickly and easily.

Read on to learn 5 ways that telemedicine visits can help you keep yourself in great health without having to always fit in that in-person doctor’s visit.

1. No More Avoiding That Doctor’s Visit

The most important thing about the healthcare route that you choose, is to make sure it is one that you will be able to fit in as soon as possible. In-person doctor’s visits are vital for some conditions, like things that are serious, painful, acute, or could develop rapidly. And, for these things, there is no avoiding being seen immediately in an office setting.

But, for those more minor (but annoying) things in life like acne, scars, hair loss, or erectile dysfunction, it is not uncommon for people to delay getting care. The most common reasons why people choose not to be immediately seen for conditions like these can be because they are busy and have trouble fitting in a non-urgent visit, or they are just a little bit embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about delicate issues like sexual health or skin conditions.

With telemedicine, there is an ease and increased comfort of getting health conditions checked out by a professional. Because, even when a condition seems minor, or negligible, if something is bothering you, mentally, physically, or both — you owe it to yourself to get it taken care of.

2. If You Have 15 Minutes, You Have Enough Time

Too busy to address if it is rosacea causing your to flush when you drink a hot beverage or see if a prescription retinoid can help with those fine lines creeping up on your forehead?

If you have 15 minutes to spare, you have enough time to have a quick online telemedicine visit for many of these lingering concerns. Telemedicine helps boil down doctor’s visits to their essentials — the time spent interacting with a doctor. This means that online visits can be as short as 10-15 minutes, once the commute and waiting room time is stripped away.

3. Prescriptions Shipped ASAP

Once you have a visit with a doctor, they may prescribe a medication to help you with the issue. With in-person doctor’s appointments, this normally means that you now have to trek over to your local pharmacy and wait for an indeterminate amount of time to get the treatment filled.

For those of us who are already on tight schedules, a pharmacy trip plus the visit can seem like the whole day has been used up. With telemedicine, it is all about ease combined with quality healthcare, so the prescription is often taken care of for you. The telemedicine service will go ahead and work with a pharmacy to schedule your prescription fill and shipment, often getting your medication to your front door in as little as 1-2 days.

4. 24/7 Support for Questions and Concerns

If you have ever wanted to put a quick call into your doctor about a question that popped up with a new treatment or condition, you have likely discovered that there is nothing quick about getting answers from a doctor busy working at a clinic.

This may have led you to avoid raising questions or concerns about your treatment, or you just wait until your next visit. With telemedicine clinics, it is all about availability. If you have a question or concern about your treatment or diagnosis, many telemedicine platforms offer 24/7 online or phone support to get you answers quickly.

5. No Worries About Being Around Potentially Contagious Environments

When various contagious conditions are going around, or if you are someone who has a compromised immune system, going to a doctor’s office can be anxiety-inducing. Healthcare environments are there for those with health issues, so it is possible that even if you are heading in to be seen for a non-contagious issue, you may be sitting right next to someone with something contagious in the waiting room.

Telemedicine offers high-quality health care visits that get your condition addressed, from the comfort of your own home (without you having to think twice about a person coughing and sneezing in the clinic).


Optimal health is about taking care of healthcare issues quickly and efficiently, no matter how minor you think they are.

Telemedicine offers a quick and easy route to take care of those little issues in life, ranging from dermatology, to nail care, or even your hair looking a little thinner than usual.

Along with prescriptions shipped easily, 24/7 physician support, and not having to worry about being in contact with others who are not feeling well, telemedicine is truly a way to improve your health and self-care skills with technology.

Source: Franco Columba. Franco is a Medical Content Writer for StrutHealth by day and an eCommerce guru by night. As a HubSpot Certified Content Marketer, he enjoys creating content that helps illustrate words in a unique way to readers.


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Website Packages – Good or Evil?




If you are an entrepreneur looking to take your business online, website packages many agencies offer might seem like a great deal. You get just what you need for a reasonable price – no tedious discussions and multiple iterations required. But is it really as good as it sounds? Let’s have a closer look at the pros and cons of website development packages and see if it’s a good idea to choose this approach instead of custom development.

  • Website package: How does it work?

When shopping around for a website, it is as to come across the so-called “packages” – predefined service offerings provided by web agencies. Typically providing a fixed list of features or level of complexity, they are often positioned as all-inclusive service packages. Moreover, they can even let you pick the features you need or choose specific requirements, building up your package just like a constructor.

Such offerings might range from simple corporate website packages for small businesses to complex eCommerce website packages or enterprise solutions. They can specify the number of pages, a number of possible design revisions, or website capabilities in general, for example, blog, contact/subscription form, social media integration, shopping cart, payments.

In addition to letting you choose the features you need, such packages can have some specifications about design (for example, WordPress website packages based on a template or custom design) or additional services, such as hosting, SEO, marketing, support, integrations. Based on the scope of work and the number of services the package offers, the price can range accordingly.

The described approach works well in a number of business domains, including travel packages and SaaS pricing plans. However, other business domains prove to be less suitable for bundled service offerings.
In terms of web development, this type of offering might seem attractive and convenient, especially for a business owner with no tech background. However, this might also turn out to be a crafty way to hook the customers with a cheap offer and upsell all the important features that were not included in the initial offering. So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of the website packages?

 The Pros and Cons of Website Development Packages


Fixed cost – As simple as that, most of us feel more comfortable engaging in cooperation with a definite budget and deadline. This is what makes website packages so attractive in our eyes.
Relatively low pricing – Website packages pricing is typically lower than any estimate a web development company can offer. However, this might be due to the fact that many features are not included in the package and will be upsold later.
Better transparency – With a specified list of features and services within a website package, you know what you will get upfront. In some cases, you can even tailor the packages to fit your needs (and budget!).
Faster time to market – Website packages typically don’t include long planning and business analysis, which might speed up the development process.

Yet, despite the listed benefits, there are many downsides to choosing “bundled” website development services.


Limited growth opportunities – Being tied to the initial specifications, such websites are typically difficult to scale or customize in the long run. For example, WordPress website packages cannot be further expanded to include eCommerce features.
Poor customization – If you go for a package offering, all that you will get in the end is another off-the-shelf, generic website. Thus, you won’t be able to stand out among thousands of other small business websites and will lose your brand identity. Plus, you won’t be able to add custom integrations or features due to the initial package limitations.
Prove to be costly in long-term – Website packages for small business are typically suited for a fast launch, yet they don’t take into account the further development and maintenance. If the agency doesn’t provide any support, the website might turn into a throwaway project, as no other agency will want (or be able to) deal with legacy code.
You can’t be too picky With a website package, you won’t be involved in the development process, so you won’t be able to influence anything. Once you choose a package, all you can do is sit and wait for the results. So if the reality doesn’t meet your expectations, there is not much you can do post factum.
No business outlook While the absence of analysis and consulting might speed up the project duration, the business outcomes of such a project might turn out to be very poor. Due to the generic character and limited functionality of your website, you will lose a number of competitive benefits.

Making a Decision: Do You Need to Buy a Website Package?

While the website package price is considered to be the main advantage of the described approach, the listed drawbacks clearly outweigh this benefit. A custom approach to web development proves to be more beneficial in terms of business outlook and efficiency. After all, eBay and Amazon didn’t start as generic eCommerce website packages.

Simply put, website packages cannot be tailored to your specific business needs and scale accordingly as your business evolves. We at Eastern Peak always recommend a custom website development approach. By conducting a thorough business analysis and consulting, we get to know your specific requirements. Thus, we can tailor our offering to meet your needs and build a great website for your business.

Source: Alexy Chalimov. Alexey is also a founder and technology evangelist at several technology companies. Previously, as a CEO of the Gett (GetTaxi) technology company, Alexey was in charge of developing the revolutionary Gett service from the ground up and deploying the operation across the globe from London to Moscow and Tel Aviv. Currently, Alexy is the CEO of EasternPeak.

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Self-Sovereign Decentralized Digital Identity




Time & Date: Wednesday, Nov 4th, 2020
8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

Speakers: Marco Aniballi (BlockBlox)
Luke Stokes (FIO, EosDAC)
Alex Puig (Caelum Labs)
Gordon Einstein (CryptoLaw Partners)
Sander de Bruijn (Crypto Entrepreneur)

Zoom Info:


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