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Moonbeam DUX and Grupo RÃO Launch Web3 Loyalty Program in Brazil


In an exciting turn of events, the Moonbeam Network, a leader in smart contract platforms, is joining forces with DUX, a trailblazer in Web3 infrastructure, and Grupo RÃO, Brazil’s top Japanese food delivery service. They’re rolling out Brazil’s most ambitious Web3 Loyalty Program. This collaboration is not just a technological leap but a strategic move to infuse about 1 million of Grupo RÃO’s users into a cutting-edge digital engagement realm.

The world of consumer loyalty is evolving. Despite over 90% of brands leveraging loyalty programs, there’s a noticeable shift in how quickly consumers switch loyalties. Yet, a whopping 79% of them still yearn for brands that genuinely care. Enter Web3 technology – a game-changer in fostering brand-consumer relationships. It’s not just about rewards; it’s about personalization and truly understanding what drives consumer behavior.

Moonbeam, DUX, and Grupo RÃO are seizing this opportunity. Their partnership aims to bridge the gap between consumers and brands in Brazil, a region ripe for digital innovation. By integrating DUX’s smart wallet technology, Grupo RÃO is set to revolutionize customer engagement for its vast user base. This move is more than just an initiative; it’s a commitment to creating a decentralized, accessible community where deeper, more meaningful interactions can flourish.

Henrique Lemos, the visionary Founder and CMO of Grupo RÃO, sees this as a pivotal step towards solidifying lasting connections with their clientele. “It’s about adding value and engaging with our customers in previously unexplored ways,” he notes. The collaboration with DUX is a testament to their dedication to embracing innovation for better customer relations.

Choosing Moonbeam for this venture was a strategic decision, according to Luiz Octavio, CEO of DUX. He highlights Moonbeam’s capability to seamlessly integrate with the Polkadot ecosystem, making it the ideal platform for fostering a future-oriented, interoperable blockchain environment. Their focus on building a blockchain that’s not just robust but also accessible is crucial in this journey towards a more interconnected digital future.

What does this mean for the users of Grupo RÃO? They’re set to experience an overhaul in how they interact with the brand. The program promises a reinvented benefits scheme, featuring cashback, RÃO Coin earnings, and a host of multi-brand reward engagements. An exclusive subscription club is on the cards, aiming to bolster community interactions with brands. Plus, there’s the exciting prospect of winning or purchasing unique physical and digital collectibles – a novel way to deepen brand affinity.

Aaron Evans, a core contributor at Moonbeam, highlights Brazil’s positioning as a frontrunner in embracing Web3 technologies. “This partnership is a stride towards nurturing a stronger blockchain community and making Web3 more mainstream in Brazil,” he comments.

Looking ahead, Moonbeam, Grupo RÃO, and DUX are not resting on their laurels. Plans are underway to introduce more incentives, rewards, and gamification elements to the loyalty program, enhancing user engagement and experience.

In conclusion, this innovative partnership marks a significant milestone in the digital engagement space. By leveraging Web3, Moonbeam, DUX, and Grupo RÃO are not just creating a loyalty program; they’re setting a new standard in customer-brand interactions in Brazil. It’s a bold move towards a future where digital engagement is personalized, meaningful, and deeply integrated into the consumer experience.


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