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Mobile device management and unified endpoint management




device management is a crucial component of maintaining a stable security
posture, but mobile device management and unified endpoint management tools,
one of the more difficult areas of cybersecurity is one of the most difficult
areas of cybersecurity. The everchanging and growing threat landscape makes
security difficult enough, while the lack of control surrounding mobile devices
poses an additional challenge for security teams and administrators.

devices come in various shapes in sizes with equally varying operating systems,
further complicating administrator management. For example, most OS allow for
remote control capabilities, while Apple only permits remote view.   

The most
effective way to manage mobile devices and keep networks secure, while avoiding
productivity impediments, is to implement an MDM-UEM solution.

solutions not only help ensure security and meet compliance requirements, but
in some cases, they may increase productivity with roles-based access and
automation capabilities. These tools help administrators maintain their
workloads and let end-users freely use their devices while keeping corporate
data within the network secure.

The products
we tested this month successfully balance productivity with compliance and
security by leveraging functionalities such as geo-fencing and remote view and
control. Once one of these solutions has been deployed into your environment,
end-users will be able to use their devices without introducing unnecessary
risk into your environment.

Mobile device management and unified endpoint management

The main
lesson we learned from the mobile device management and unified endpoint
management (MDM UEM) tools we reviewed is that mobile device management is a
crucial component of maintaining a stable security posture. Everchanging and
growing threat landscapes make security difficult enough but being unable to
control surrounding mobile devices poses an additional challenge for security
teams and administrators.

A properly
configured mobile device/endpoint management tool will not only help ensure
security and meet compliance requirements, but in some cases, it may also
increase productivity through roles-based access and automation capabilities
that minimize manual overhead. The tools we reviewed assist with MDM-UEM,
allowing administrators and employees to use their devices freely and safely, but
still maintain the security of corporate data.

There are
many items to consider when it comes to managing mobile devices and unified
endpoints, including installing applications, geo-tracking and geo-fencing.
Securing devices is, quite literally, like trying to secure and manage a moving
target. End users obviously transport their devices from home to work,
sometimes traveling a considerable distance and administrators can’t control
the networks to which the devices connect. Therefore, it is crucial to protect
data with encryption and containerization.

management is further complicated by the variety of operating systems. And administrators
must control corporate-owned devices to protect them when lost or stolen. The proliferation
of IoT and mobile devices in the workplace has birthed an information security niche
that the MDM-UEM solutions we tested this month all seek to address.

tools have adapted well to the increase in the number of workplace mobile
devices. End users need to be able to complete work tasks securely, but that
security should never impede productivity. Administrators must be able to
manage corporate-owned devices and containerize personal devices to ensure that
these devices never threaten corporate data. The following MDM-UEM solutions
successfully balance productivity with security. In some cases, they even
enhance the productivity of both administrators and end-users with features
like roles-based access, automation, artificial intelligence and geo-tracking.

Pick of the Litter

VMWare offers several unique features such as: Intelligent hub; role-based access, sandboxing and more. This robust feature-set, overall product performance and free 24/7 support combined in one very competitively priced solution makes VMWare Workspace ONE an SC Labs Best Buy.  

The incorporation of Watson, a question-and-answer system backed by machine learning technology, and the vastness of features and configuration options offered makes MaaS360 with Watson our SC Labs Recommended product for this month’s round of reviews.  

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Hexnode 8.2
IBM MaaS360 with Watson 10.74
Meraki Systems Manager SaaS
MobileIron UEM R64
Sophos Mobile 9.0
VMWare Workspace ONE UEM 1907

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Cyber Security

Russian hackers steal Prince Harry and Meghan Markle photos via Cyber Attack




According to a biography ‘Finding Freedom’, Russian hackers reportedly stole 100s of photos and videos related to the marriage of Duke with Duchess of Sussex that includes some snaps related to the Queen of Britain.

Authored by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, the biography gives us details on why Prince Harry chose to depart the royal life to lead a quiet living in United States along with his newly born son ‘Archie’ Harrison Mountbatten Windsor and wife Meghan Markle.

Coming to the data leak, the breach is a wake up call to the entire world on how hackers could invade into the personal lives of celebrities without their knowledge to create havoc thereafter.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that the stolen photos were related to the wedding photographer Alexi Lubomiriski, hired to digitally capture the wedding of the Duke with Meghan in May’18. Around 200 photos related to the Prince’s wedding were stolen by a computer programmer based in Russia out of which many were ‘outtakes’ meant to be directed to the computer trash can.

The biography specifies that the memorabilia were siphoned from a cloud account owned by the marriage photographer and includes pictures taken by Harry and Meghan along with the Queen at the wedding.

A photo sharing website named Tumblr is seen displaying a few of the stolen pictures possibly leaked by the hacker. 

An inquiry into the data breach and leakage of wedding photos was launched by the law enforcement in Britain after it received an official complaint from the authorities at the Queens palace.

Note- In June 2019, hackers somehow managed to infiltrate the personal computer of the New York based fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski well- known in the fashion community of London for digitally capturing the lives of Scarlett Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Natalie Portman on many ocassions/events.


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Cyber Security

Texas School District experiences DDoS Cyber Attack




On the very first day of virtual learning, a Texas school district has made it official that it became a victim of a cyber attack that disrupted virtual classes for 48 minutes. However, the good news is that the IT staff of the school district was swift enough to thwart the Denial of service cyber attack, neutralizing its repercussions to full extent.

The school district that is in discussion is based on the City of Humble, Texas, United States and is known as ‘The Humble Independent School District (Humble ISD) ’.

Liz Celania- Fagan, the Superintendent of Humble ISD, has confirmed the incident via twitter and informed the world that the virtual classes that were impacted by the cyber incident were back online after a break of nearly an hour.

Liz mentioned in her statement that all those students who were logged into the classes via their student Gmail accounts might not be able to log into their student email accounts until the incident is technically resolved.

Note- A denial of service attack aka distributed denial of service attack is launched through botnets that aim to shut down a computer network by bombarding it with fake web traffic.

Meanwhile, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a nationwide alert that all school districts that are planning for virtual classes for this academic year should take adequate Cybersecurity measures as there is a high possibility that their servers might be targeted by ransomware.

“As many of the K-12 schools are planning virtual classes from September, it makes them vulnerable to cyber attacks such as ransomware”, says Corey Harris, a special agent of FBI.

There is a good chance that hacking groups might be after social security numbers and other faculty or staff info added Harris.

Hope, the CIOs or CTOs of school districts have taken a note of the ransomware alert issued by FBI targeting K-12 schools.


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Cyber Security

Digital signatures security explained




[ This article was originally published here ]

This blog was written by an independent guest blogger.
Digital signatures have been around for decades, but recent events have put them back in the spotlight. They were heralded as the future of cybersecurity as far back as 1999, but in the intervening years came to be somewhat taken for granted by security engineers. Not any longer: the massive move to home working precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic have forced many to take a fresh look at the security value of digital signatures, why they matter, and their relationship to encryption.
We thought we’d do the same. In this article, we’ll give you a refresher course on how digital signatures work, why they are important for security, and what the future holds.
How do digital signatures work?
Digital signatures, at the most fundamental level, are mathematical algorithms used to validate the authenticity and integrity of an electronic message….

Bernard Brode Posted by:

Bernard Brode




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