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How Peli contributes in the fight against COVID-19


How Peli contributes in the fight against COVID-19

Peli Products is helping in the fight against COVID-19 by supplying virtually indestructible drone cases to authorities and organisations using drones in response to the global pandemic.

Since its beginning, there have been wide-spread reported attempts to utilise drone technology in different scenarios to combat COVID-19. There have been three key uses of drones for this purpose.

Drones are used to deliver lab tests and samples, vital medical supplies and PPE between hospitals or to remote areas not easily accessible by traditional transportation. Those, such as rail, ocean, road and air freight, causes bottle necks in delivery. The use of drones significantly reduces the issue by reducing lead time, and ensures that vital supplies arrive when needed. Drones used for delivery in this manner also present advantages by limiting physical contact and reducing the risk of transmission during delivery.

Another widely used application of drones is to disinfect open public spaces such as streets, parks and plazas. This use for drones has been employed in countries such as China, the UAE, South Korea and Spain, among others.

In Spain, Italy, France and the UK, as well as countries in Africa, Asia and North America, public safety and law enforcement agencies have employed the use of drones to survey the public during periods of government mandated shelter-in-place ordinances. Drones have been flown through city streets to make public service announcements (PSA) over loudspeaker or to supervise inhabitants’ behaviour as a flying observer. The logic with this example of drone use is to reduce the risk of direct contact between possibly infected people, thus reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Symptom tracing has also been experimented within public safety capacity with thermal imagery to monitor body temperature. Through this type of symptom tracing, hot spots can easily be detected by drones to allow authorities to deal with them swiftly in an effort to save lives.

Drone equipment demands perfection and with a crush, dust and water proof Peli Protector Case and a number of DIY custom foam solutions it will be safely nested from the outside world. Peli case interior foam is sturdy, resilient and can absorb shock from internal drone movement. That will preserve its functionality to perform at crucial times, when most needed.



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