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Genshin Impact Grand Line Conch Locations

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Grand Line is one of the hardest conch sets to complete.

Grand Line is one of the hardest conch sets to complete. / Photo by miHoYo

Here is a guide to the locations of all five conches in the Grand Line set in Genshin Impact. This is one of the most difficult sets to complete, because the conches are scattered in hard-to-reach areas.

Echoing conches are part of the Echoing Tales event in Genshin Impact, which rewards players with a free summer outfit for Barbara. Be sure to check out our location guides and find all 32 conches on the Golden Apple Archipelago, before the region becomes inaccessible after patch 1.6.

Genshin Impact archipelago map Pudding Isle

You’ll find the first conch, “Professional Attempt”, on a rocky outcrop far east of Pudding Isle.

Genshin Impact archipelago map

The second conch, “Fog and Exit”, is on a small outcrop far west of Minacious Isle. You’ll need to break some rocks hiding a cavern that holds the conch.

Genshin Impact archipelago twinning isle map

The third conch, “Moon and Wind”, is slightly left of the Teleport Waypoint on Twinning Isle. Glide down from the peak until you see a small gap in the rocks. Land in the gap and break the rock pile, and you’ll find a cavern with a conch. There are also some Illegible Notes, which triggers the “A Trip Through Fog and Wind” quest.

Genshin Impact archipelago map

The fourth conch, “Stone and Phantom”, is on a rocky outcrop far northwest of Broken Isle. The stone blocking the entrance to the cavern will fade away as you approach it.

Genshin Impact archipelago map

The final conch, “Sail and Escape”, is on a small island northeast of Twinning Isle. If you’ve received the “A Trip Through Fog and Wind” quest, clicking “Navigate” on that quest will direct you to this island.

For more conch locations, check our our Songs of a Distant Home set guide. Like the Grand Line set, this set also tells pieces of a story, but there’s a treasure waiting for you at the end if you can decipher the secret hidden in the conches.

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