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Fall Guys June 27 Update Patch Notes – Fixes & Changes


Mediatonic has released a new update for their MMO title, Fall Guys on June 27. This is the first update after the game became free to play on all supported platforms. 

The update announcement along with the patch notes was revealed on the official Twitter handle of Fall Guys. Since the release of the game as a free-to-play on June 21, it has encountered tons of bugs and required immediate fixes.

Finally, the devs have addressed all of them and this patch update fixes all of them, especially the loading screen and queue errors. Some of the other important bugs such as freeze, purchase and spawning errors are also fixed.


Below are the patch notes for the latest update sourced from the Twitter of Fall Guys. Be sure to check them out to know more about what’s all is coming to the game.

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Fall Guys June 27 Update Patch Notes

  • Teams will no longer spawn in the same place on Team Rounds.
  • Fixed visual issue with Spawn FX on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed visual issue with Lilypad effects on Nintendo Switch Fixed buttons not working on Leading Light.
  • Fixed some static intro cameras.
  • Addressed a bug with Airtime and Sweet Thieves intro cams not following the intended path.
  • Fixed some invisible tiles loading in on Hex-a-Gone.
  • Fixed bug which caused Party members to stay in the queue, despite a new player joining the party.
  • Addressed a bug which caused a freeze when changing controller during bindings Fixed visual issue when grabbing on a turntable.
  • Fixed grabbed Beans not following the movement of mobile platforms
  • Fixed padlock not being removed from Season Pass once bought.
  • Fixed some graphical corruptions on respawn VFX
  • Addressed a bug with controller inputs not consistently being recorded after the bind button pop-up appears
  • Addressed a bug causing other player’s Beans animations to become stuck during gameplay.
  • Fixed bug which prevented players from hearing party members in Voice Chat
  • The Daily Store is currently disabled again.

That’s everything you need to know about Fall Guys June 27 Update. Keep checking the Twitter page of the game to know more about the upcoming announcements.

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  • Source: https://www.dualshockers.com/fall-guys-june-27-update-patch-notes/

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