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[Experience Sharing] PMP Quick Pass Guide

I have just passed PMP exam in December 2020 and it happens that a friend has asked a question about it, so I am just going to summarize it.

Table of Contents

Background of the Exam

The PMP exam is a project manager certification exam administered by the PMI organization in the United States. And recognition of the exam is a matter of opinion which differs from the different people. There are about 100 thousand holders worldwide, and China accounts for thousands of them. The average pass rate of this exam is not high, but in China it has a pass rate of over 90%, which I personally feel is so easy.

The prerequisite for enrolling in the exam is the need to complete the PMI recognized training hours certification. The general training institutions training costs range from USD 465.04 to USD 1550.12. Then the examination registration fee is USD 604.55 once. And after holding the certificate, you also need to complete the class certification through the training institution each year in order to maintain the certificate. The SPOTO can handle that and the renewal fee is about USD 15.50 a year.

In the past, the exam was organized four times a year (March, June, September and December), but in 2020 it was postponed and combined several times due to the epidemic.

The format of the exam is 4 hours containing 200 multiple-choice questions in the paper-based paper with answer cards. And the questions are bilingual with a large number of questions to make your eyes are blurred. The result is only Pass or Not Pass with no marks.


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It is said that after June 2021, the PMP will be revised and the content of the exam will be significantly adjusted, so those who are concerned can search for it.

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[Experience Sharing] PMP Quick Pass Guide

My Preparation Time and Financial Cost

I am purely self-study without enrolling in a class, and my job since graduation is mainly as a project manager, so I have relevant experience and the company has also had relevant training. I don’t deny that I have taken the exam because there are many people around me taking the exam. But what’s more, I hope I can have some theoretical improvement and knowledge accumulation. I have gained something in this process of study and certification.

I started studying after November and took the exam on December 5, about 1.5-2 hours a day, but the effective number of days translates to about 1 month.

My Experience in Preparing for the Exam

The first stage is laying the groundwork taking about 1.5 weeks.

The main thing is to familiarize yourself with the framework and content of the exam by watching the chapter key analysis, video and after-school exercises in the web site material.

When you review the whole content of the books, you will find that the PMP exam breaks down the project management process into 5 major process groups which are initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure and 10 major knowledge areas which are integration management, time management, cost management, etc.. Remove the background introduction, the next part are 10 knowledge areas one chapter by one chapter. The introduction of ideas contains 5 major process groups to give you some concepts, methods and tools so that you could deal with the process of project management to know why, to know what to do and to know how to do.


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The video are really hard to watch with every detail. I set the speed at two times to watch them all. After the class you must finish the chapter exercises. This is a very useful and necessary method.

AT the second stage you need to finish questions as more as possible which may spend your time around 2 weeks.

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[Experience Sharing] PMP Quick Pass Guide

The key to the PMP exam(spoto certification) is to finish more questions! The PMI does not publish questions or answers. So the questions you get are the recollections of various organizations and candidates. And sometimes there are some controversial answers, so there is no need to be confused.

The best thing to do is to take 2-3 mock exams on the weekend before the exam to get the feeling for it, and you’ll generally get more than 130 questions correct.

My feeling is that if you have finished more than 1000 questions, you will have no problem with this exam. To avoid being too conservative, I recommend that you finish up to 2000 questions.

At the third stage you should turn back to the basic knowledge spending about 0.5 weeks.

A few days before the exam, I stopped the madness of finishing the exercise and took their own wrong questions to find the answer, thinking about which piece of them are particularly unknown. Because the 10 process groups and your shortcomings will be particularly obvious, and as for some of the methods you often encounter, the more questions you have finished, the clearer mind you will have in the exam.


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Then before the exam I deliberately found a copy of the best knowledge points to read them all to help myself clear up my thinking.

Then I looked at the questions and tried to understand the American’s questioning habits, adjusted my mind, and went to take the exam.

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[Experience Sharing] PMP Quick Pass Guide

Experience Tips of the Exam and Some Other Feelings

On the day of the exam, I felt that the difficulty of the questions was very low, and there were a lot of bonus questions, and there were about 20% of the original questions from previous years.

I feel that Americans are very straightforward in their thinking and do not have to think about the legal and moral principles involved. The first thing you need to do is communicate, then you could consider to change if you can’t get it right. The change should depend on what stage you’re at and you need to apply to the department that has the authority, and then remember to record everything. Don’t go to the change committee or PMO, a senior department.

I’ve always been a big fan of the integration management and risk management chapters, and in fact there are many of them.

After working, I’m really getting lazy. You may not overestimate your self-control and study ability, and your memory is not as good as before. So I suggest not to stretch too long, find your efficient state than anything else!

That’s all I’ve learned from this exam. PMI-PMP Exam Dumps | PMP Certifications – SPOTO

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