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Electrify America plans to ‘more than double’ its EV charger network by late 2025



Electrify America’s EV charger network still pales in comparison to Tesla’s Supercharger grid, but that gap might narrow over the next few years. The Volkswagen-owned company has unveiled a Boost Plan that aims to “more than double” Electrify America’s charging infrastructure in the US and Canada by the end of 2025. When the plan is complete, there should be over 1,800 fast charging stations and 10,000 individual chargers — many of them 150kW or 350kW chargers to support newer EVs like the Porsche Taycan and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Electrify America Boost Plan 2025 EV charger map

Electrify America

The company didn’t provide much detail for its expanded coverage, but the expansion will bring Electrify America to the Dakotas, Hawaii, West Virginia, Wyoming and Vermont for the first time, not to mention the Canadian prairies and Maritimes. There’s also denser coverage in a few southern states (including new cities like Austin) as well as upgrades to densely-packed regions. If all goes well, you’ll have more cross-country routes in addition to more capacity along existing routes.

The expansion could put pressure on Tesla for the first time in a while. The company had 1,101 Superchargers in North America as of February 2021. While that number is likely to grow significantly by 2025, it now needs to build aggressively if it’s going to stay ahead of Electrify America. Not that prospective EV owners will mind. The competition should go a long way toward making EVs more practical, particularly for drivers who can’t always charge at home.

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Amb Crypto

3 Factors Which Affect Cryptocurrency Price



Cryptocurrencies are playing an ever greater role in the way we live our lives, including how we spend our free time online. Increasingly, people are logging on to sites like nolimit casino to enjoy the strategy of blackjack, the thrill of roulette and the entertainment of slots, all while funding their enjoyment using cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

But unlike traditional means of currency, crypto is often subject to volatile price fluctuations, meaning that it can be worth significantly more (or less) one day than it is the next. This can make managing a crypto wallet a difficult endeavor for those who favor the payment system when gambling, shopping and browsing online – so how can they stay abreast of the latest developments in the sector and better understand the factors which affect the market? Here’s a quick run through some of the biggest contributors to the rises and falls of cryptocurrency valuations.

Supply and demand

As with any commodity, a cryptocurrency is only worth what others are willing to pay for it. Some, like Bitcoin, have benefited from the fact that there is a finite supply – some 21 million Bitcoins in total, with around only four million that have yet to be mined. This means that the supply will never increase above that figure, even as demand continues to grow. By contrast, Ripple has a cap of 100 billion XRP coins, over half of which had yet to be mined at the time of writing. This surplus of supply means that Ripple is a lot cheaper than Bitcoin – at least for now.


Because it’s a very new technology, there is understandably a considerable amount of hesitancy among the investment community when it comes to trading in cryptocurrencies. As they become more commonplace and widely accepted in society, that trepidation is likely to ebb away in the long term – especially if they come to be formally recognized by national governments. Of course, the inverse is also true, as was recently witnessed with the news that China has banned financial institutions and online payment companies from accepting cryptocurrencies earlier this year. The shockwaves from the announcement saw crypto prices come tumbling down around the globe.

Public perception

It isn’t just a country’s official stance on crypto which can have a huge bearing on its value, either. Public perception of a commodity is shaped by a wide variety of factors, including the views and actions of societal leaders. A prominent example of this kind of factor occurred earlier this year, when tech billionaire and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk said that he would be dropping all use of Bitcoin until the technology behind the currency became more eco-friendly. The ramifications of Musk’s announcement not only put a squeeze on the price of Bitcoin, but also had a knock-on effect on the valuations of almost all other cryptocurrencies, as well.

Due to their volatility and unpredictability, cryptocurrencies can represent a risky investment. However, the factors which affect their fluctuation in price can be clearly traced, allowing savvy investors to make informed decisions on when to buy and sell crypto.

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Retro Games, Meet the World of eSports



Videogames have come a long way from the days of Pong and Space Invaders. From as far back as 60 years ago, we’ve been running, jumping and dodging projectiles on everything from arcade machines to our mobile phones. eSports have become high-earning professional competitions, with some of the more popular esports competitions sporting prize pools of millions of dollars. With a combination of technological advancement and innovative game design, we’re a far cry from the pinball machines on darkened arcade floors.

Many of us have happily been along for the ride, as technological development has brought gaming to a scale of consumer engagement rivalling that of any other major entertainment sector. One could arguably go as far as saying that our gaming experiences form a part of our personal development now. A lot of us remember our first jump in Mario, or the hours of playtime we spent in arcades. While the latest and greatest games are always drawing people in, many older videogames are still juggernauts in their own right. Nostalgia is a strong motivator, and many older titles are still quite competitive these days. If you’re somebody who loves a classic whether it’s slots, fighting games or racing sims, here’s a couple of popular retro games that prove just how significant they are to the growth of the esports genre.

Street Fighter 2

Credit via Unsplash

At the time of its release, Street Fighter 2 was an instant hit. Going on to become developer Capcom’s most successful software title, Street Fighter 2 was the first arcade game that allowed players to compete directly. It was the first game to implement a working combo-system, and inspired groups of players to begin their own competitive tournaments. Street Fighter 2 is widely regarded as one of the most influential games of all time, sparking a resurgence of arcade gaming in the 1990s, and cementing the fighting game genre as a competitive gaming mainstay. One of the top three highest-grossing video games of all time, Street Fighter 2 also had a significant impact on popular culture.

With a roster full of memorable characters, Street Fighter 2 quickly became a cultural phenomenon. With their iconic moves and unique one-liners, most of us know who Ryu and Ken are, or even some of the lesser characters like Zangief or Blanka. There are a multitude of formal and informal Street Fighter tournaments around the world – some of the biggest being the Retro World Series and the EVO fighting game tournament. Old tournaments and current matches are available to watch for anyone who’s interested, and can be viewed on Twitch and Youtube. With the upcoming release of a Nintendo Switch version, Street Fighter 2 isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon.


Credit via Pexels

Despite a highly-successful sequel, Starcraft: Brood War still has a healthy competitive scene in 2021. A decade after its release, it is still considered one of the most popular online competitive games, owed in large part to the evolution of esports in South Korea. After the growth of Starcraft’s professional tournaments, some of its best players in the world went on to become minor celebrities. The game influenced popular culture to such an extent that competitive matches were broadcast on their own dedicated television channels.

Starcraft, and real-time strategy games in general, require efficiency in a few key skills. Some of these skills include base-building, knowledge of unit combinations, production economy, and the overall speed at which you can perform all these tasks. With all of these dynamics working in realtime, there’s no pause button as you and your opponents take each other on in a game of wits and tactics. Starcraft was also one of the first games to introduce asymmetric factions, where each faction had distinct differences in playstyle and unit composition. This allowed for more variety in how matches would play out, increasing the likelihood of a surprising tactic or outcome.

Nowadays Starcraft 2 is the game you’ll find at most tournaments. However, with the Starcraft remaster that came out in 2017, the original has seen a resurgence in players and competitive matches. Turns out all you need for a popular esport is a dedicated fanbase, and a community that will support a worthy game. Despite an increase in global connectivity and communication, tournaments and classic games bring people together in a way that many modern games have difficulty achieving.


Modern esport games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and Counterstrike have become household names. But there will always be those of us who love the games of yesteryear. As each generation goes through its own advancement of games development, we remember the games that we love – the ones that make an impression on us are the ones we enjoy coming back to.

The ongoing support and success of retro games clearly demonstrates the fact that graphics and processing power aren’t everything. Many of us enjoy the memories a game invokes, or the friends (and enemies) we find through competition. A well-earned victory is satisfying in any entertainment medium, and the added interactivity in games make them a unique environment for esports players and spectators alike. Healthy competition will never go out of style, and it’s nice to know that the classics won’t either.

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Four horses to watch at the Galway Summer Festival



The Galway Summer Festival is back and it’s set to run at Ballybrit Racecourse every day next week (26th July-1st August) — making it Ireland’s largest National Hunt racing meeting.

The event’s organisers had proposed a maximum of 5,000 racegoers per day. However, that idea was quashed by the Irish government, who have only granted an allocation of 1,000 spectators for each of the seven days.

Nonetheless, it will be great to see racegoers return to the course, albeit in small numbers. So, as we gear up to the exciting meeting, let’s take a look at four horses to watch…

The Shunter

Favourite to win the Galway Plate, according to the Galway betting oddsThe Shunter heads to Ballybrit with a Cheltenham Festival victory on his résumé. The Emmet Mullins-trained horse beat Farclas by three lengths to win the Paddy Power Plate at the Festival earlier this year, but he couldn’t replicate that feat at the Grand National meeting at Aintree in April, where he finished almost four lengths behind Protektorat in the Grade 1 Novices’ Chase. Third last time out in a Grade B Handicap Hurdle at Punchestown, Mullins will be hoping that he can get back to winning ways in the Galway Summer Festival’s feature race.

Belfast Banter

The Galway Hurdle tops Ladies’ Day’s card on day four of the meeting, and Belfast Banter is the ante-post favourite ahead of the two-mile, nine-hurdle race. The Peter Fahey-trained six-year-old had a fantastic end to last season, winning the Grade 3 County Handicap Hurdle from 33/1 at Cheltenham before backing that up with a victory from 9/1 in the Grade 1 Top Novices’ Hurdle at Aintree — the horse’s first victory at top-grade level. He’ll face stiff competition from Scottish Champion Hurdle winner Milkwood. However, with those two massive victories at the back-end of last season, you’d fancy Belfast Banter to see the race out.

Cavalry Master

With four successive victories from as many races to his name already this year, Henry de Bromhead’s Cavalry Master will be well-backed by the punters at 12/1 in the Galway Plate. The seven-year-old landed his first victory since 2019 in the Congratulations Minella Times Beginners Chase at Kilbeggan in April and he has only kicked on from there, with two Novice Chase victories at Killarney wedged either side of a win at Wexford. The Galway Plate will undoubtably be a step-up for Cavalry Master, but those four victories will have set him in good stead heading to Ballybrit.

Tiger Roll

There aren’t many bigger names in National Hunt Racing than Gigginstown House Stud’s prized asset Tiger Roll, and there’s no doubt that those lucky enough to have gotten their hands on tickets to this year’s Galway Summer Festival will be keeping their fingers crossed that the dual Grand National winner will feature in the Plate. The 11-year-old rolled back the years at this year’s Cheltenham Festival, beating favourite and defending champion Easysland by a huge 18 lengths to regain his Cross Country Chase crown. That’s the Denise Foster-trained horse’s only victory in his last seven races, though. So, whilst it would spark massive scenes of jubilation at Ballybrit if he was to win the Plate, a victory from 16/1 doesn’t seem likely.

Source: Plato

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How Online Casino Began



With the internet being over two decades old and if you think about it, the idea of living in a modern world without the internet, especially over the last couple of years, is almost unthinkable.

From sourcing and then buying goods and services online to finding your favourite movie, piece of music or game all have become the norm and with more of us remote working than ever the internet is not just simply ‘convenient’ it’s vital to many peoples lives.

The internet has given space to many online businesses and one of the most successful of them all is the online gambling industry which has a very strong online presence with sites being dedicated to almost every country covering our world. 

From as far back as the Roman Empire and possibly further back than then, gamblings immediate evolution began back in the Wild West where games of poker, roulette and blackjack were enjoyed by the cowboys of America – today we can enjoy all casino games on handheld devices from anyplace and at anytime we choose as long as we have a decent internet connection. 

Sites like provide a full range of online casino games, live games and a wide range of only the most popular slots playable over all platforms which have been developed by only the major players in the online gambling software industry, a far cry from the first online casino which is thought to have been birthed back in 1994. 

A Few Interesting Facts

  • Even though it is thought that the first casino appeared on our pages back in 1994 there is no solid fact pointing to any one casino or even whether it exists today. 
  • Microgaming, one of the games developers that FruityKing utilises helped the launching of the first ever online gambling sites (Cryptologic also played a part here too)
  • The same year Antigua & Barbuda passed its Free Trade & Processing Act which allowed online gambling sites to apply for a gambling license and open offices there, although today the same licensing jurisdiction is tied in with rogue online casinos.
  • It took only one year (from 1996/7) the number of online gambling sites increased from just 15 right up to 200 and from that moment on online gambling sites have not looked back.

Back then online casino sites were not as regulated as they are today and of course the games were pretty crude compared to what is on offer today, so it is not surprising that those very first online gambling sites are no longer operating. 

Standing the test of time for any online casino site is pretty difficult to do given how competitive the market is but there are some that have done well. FruityKing was established back in 2015 and has consistently delivered what it’s players have asked for which makes it one of the ‘must go to online sites’ for many players. 

Just like any other business some sites evolve offering better, safer and more exciting games whilst others regress with the ones at the top of the game have made use of the very latest technology to drive their popularity sky-high, so remember if you are thinking about playing a few games online or fancy a change of site make sure that its one that ticks all of your gaming boxes to ensure an experience that is fun, entertaining fair and true. 

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