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Dmytro Shymkiv On Health Tech Prospects



The Ukrainians can freely join start-up programs and take part in investigations in order to experience new possibilities of medicine. This is an opinion of Dmytro Shymkiv, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group, expressed by him at Health Tech Talk panel discussion organized by the European Business Association with the support of Darnitsa and Philips companies.

The top manager said with confidence that the Health Tech rapid development across technology, medicine and pharmaceutics had made prophylaxis and treatment of many diseases more available. Nowadays patients can choose among multiple monitoring tools of health biomarkers and early diagnosis of disease gradually formed herewith. Another trend is to use artificial intelligence and machine learning that make it possible to process accumulated information along with biodata and give recommendations. It refers to cardiology, muscular condition, pressure parameters and other things.

According to Shymkiv, twenty-four-hour health state monitoring of millions of people will result in accumulation of a large database analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI). New possibilities are open when it is applied. In particular, Darnitsa, Pharmaceutical Company, studies the AI implementation to improve business operations overall and investigations in patients’ adherence to treatment.

The managers of Darnitsa Group consider artificial intelligence to apply it in silico investigations. There are no respective platforms developed in Ukraine yet, and specialists of the company study experience of the USA. Darnitsa’s second development trend is to search for new ways of use of the already known molecules.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the pharmaceutical concern emphasized that the Covid-19 pandemic had speeded up telemedicine development. In Ukraine there are start-ups that invest in that. On the whole, it increased by 35%-40% under the influence of the coronacrisis. A doctor’s visit will become a thing of the past, and a primary consultation “via a computer network” will be absolutely real. It will solve another problem, that is shortage of physicians all over the world. However, correct diagnosis is known to be a part of success. Often patients need long term therapy or surgical intervention. In that case, the future is in medical robots according to Dmytro Shymkiv.

Among other important trends the top-manager of Darnitsa Group mentioned the so-called personalized drugs that are systems to identify individual dosages and dynamics of drug treatment being tested in Ukraine as well according to Dmytro Shymkiv. The digital therapeutic trend is also relevant, when in addition to medicines and procedures patients are prescribed mobile applications, which functions can be to track and correct such psychological conditions as posttraumatic syndrome, in particular. Nowadays such applications are already used in treatment of neurosis, for example. They track a sleep stage or tranquilize brain with a specially developed game.

Dmytro Shymkiv said that all top international pharmaceutical companies have branches engaged in digiceuticals. And Darnitsa Group is not an exclusion. Its managers study start-ups and possibilities of partnership. According to the top manager’s forecast, Darnitsa will not only offer pills and infusions but also healing applications after a while.

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Customer Acquisition: 5 Cost Effective Ways to Reach Customers Online



Returning customers will spend 57% more money than new customers. However, this doesn’t mean that you must focus all your resources on keeping current customers.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to reach new customers. The presence of online marketing platforms provides cheap marketing alternatives. Small businesses can now convert new leads without investing in an expensive marketing campaign.

So, how can you reach new customers? Here are five effective strategies for new customer acquisition.

  1. Use Social Proof

You’ve told your customers that your services and products are of the best quality. Yet, most people will believe your claims if another person praises your products or services. These individuals shouldn’t be associated with your company.

The majority of customers buy products recommended by their relatives or friends. It’s important that you request your current customers to provide their honest reviews of your products. You’ll then post positive customer testimonials on your website and social media platforms.

Social proof will increase your brand’s positive reputation and attract new customers.

  1. Use Chatbots

Interacting and answering customer questions is a time-consuming process for any busy marketer. However, you should get chatbot software to converse with and attract customers. The chatbot can answer common customer questions and introduce them to your business.

Unlike human agents, chatbots have a 24/7 online presence. They’ll be doing the job of your sales and marketing team members. You can also use AI to improve the chatbot’s responses to customer queries.

  1. Design Gated Content

If you’re creating good content, you can create restrictions around it. A person will only be able to read that content after they’ve filled a form. This is a smart method since customers will be providing their information in exchange for free content.

Your gated content can include reports, guides, and white papers. The content should be well-researched and present current information.

  1. Create an Optimized Website

Your websites should be popular and easily accessible if you want to attract more customers. You can create a marketing funnel on your website to categorize potential customers into segments. Targeted ads can then be shown to each segment of customers.

The websites should have visible calls-to-actions on every page. This call to action can appear at the bottom of your pages or as pop-ups.

You must also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Visitors to your website will only become customers if they get a good experience while browsing your website.

Learn more about these strategies by consulting a reputable SEO company.

  1. Create Attractive Social Media Profiles

Your social media followers should be the first people to know about your latest offerings. Therefore, there should be regular product highlights on your social media profiles. Images and videos must accompany these social media posts.

It’s also a good idea to connect your social media profiles to your website. For example, each social media post can have a link or call to action button to your website.

Use Customer Acquisition Strategies to Boost Sales

Customer acquisition is one of the most important things that any business can do. New customers will buy more products and services, and this will increase your overall sales. You can use affordable and straightforward strategies to attract new customers.

For more practical Tech and digital marketing tips, please read our other blogs.


Source: Plato Data Intelligence

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Volta Labs: Improving workflows for genetic applications



The cost of DNA sequencing has plummeted at a rate faster than Moore’s Law, opening large markets in the sequencing space. Genomics for cancer care alone is predicted to hit $23 billion by 2025, but sample preparation costs for sequencing have stagnated, causing a significant bottleneck in the space.

Conventional sample preparation, converting DNA from a saliva sample, for example, into something that can be fed to a sequencing machine, relies on a liquid-handling robot. It is essentially a mechanical arm equipped with pipette tips that moves liquid samples to plastic plates and other instruments placed on the deck. These systems involve multiple fluidic transfers that lead to poor utilization of reagents and samples, which means less DNA sequenced. Moreover, they are systems of separate data silos that lack integration and rely on expensive consumables.

Unlike traditional liquid-handling automation, the suite of solutions developed by MIT Media Lab spinoff Volta Labs provides end-to-end integration for a wide variety of workflows. It’s a sleek alternative to costly liquid handling machines and manual pipetting. “Our technology is a small-scale, benchtop device that is low-cost and has minimal consumable usage, enabling rapid and flexible composition of new biological workflows,” says Volta Labs co-founder and Head of Engineering Will Langford SM ’14, PhD ’19.

The Volta platform is based on digital microfluidic technology developed at MIT by Langford’s co-founder, Volta Labs CEO Udayan Umapathi SM ’17. The core principle behind the innovation is called electrowetting. It allows its users to manipulate droplets around a printed circuit board to perform biological reactions, automating from raw sample to prepared library that can be run on a sequencing machine.

Umapathi arrived at the Media Lab with what he describes as “a fascination for building automation from the ground up.” Though trained as an engineer, Umapathi has applied his skills to a variety of fields. In 2015, he founded a startup that created web and physical tools to enable content creation for digital manufacturing. However, it was while working for a synthetic biology company, engineering liquid-handling systems for genome engineering solutions, that he identified the scaling up of automation as a pain point for the field.

Meanwhile, Langford spent his MIT days at the Center for Bits and Atoms, a proudly interdisciplinary program that explores the boundary between computer science and physical science. His research centered on the idea that engineering could learn from biology. Put another way, all of life is assembled from 20 amino acids, so, thought Langford, why not attempt something similar with engineering?

In practice, this meant he built integrated robots from a small set of millimeter-scale parts. “Ultimately, I was trying to make engineering more like biology,” he reflects. “I see Volta as an opportunity to flip that on its head and use automation to treat biology more like engineering. We want to give biologists tools to manipulate liquids and biological reactions at a finer granularity and with more digital flexibility.”

While Volta’s automation platform simplifies sample prep by integrating complicated workflows, it also drives down costs in the space with a new consumable construction. Between the circuit board and the sample board is a consumable layer, which is removed and replaced after each run. Conventional consumables are expensive, conductively coded plastics or large microfluidic structures. Volta, however, uses a simple plastic film to reduce the cost of consumables, which opens the door for the widespread adoption of gene sequencing.

All of this points to a more efficient and inclusionary model in the gene sequencing space. Thanks to Volta, soon, it won’t be just large biotechnology companies with the ability to invest in automation. Academic labs, core facilities, and small-to-medium biotech companies won’t need to worry about whether they can afford an expensive mechanical robot. “The thing that excites me is that we’re providing early-stage and mid-to-low-throughput biotech companies with powerful tools that will allow them to compete with bigger players, which is good for the industry as a whole,” says Umapathi.

And the fact is that traditional automation machines used in the biotechnology space come with their own set of problems. They’re error-prone and you can’t scale them. Consider Illumina’s NovaSeq sequencer. It’s capable of sequencing 48 whole human genomes in under two days — that’s 20 billion unique reads — but there is currently no automation to feed those machines at scale. “To run those machines day in and day out, the cost simply doesn’t make sense, which is why we have to tackle the cost of sequencing and sample prep,” says Umapathi.

Volta’s system is built on solid-state electronics, and the Boston-based startup is looking to leverage the scalability of the semiconductor fabrication industry and the PCB manufacturing industry. “The goal,” explains Langford, “is to enable biologists to create an experiment and modify it quickly, iterate on it, and generate the data necessary to see biology at scale.”

Beyond the sample prep bottleneck, eventually, the work of Umapathi and Langfordwork will impact a variety of applications in the synthetic biology industry and the biopharma industry. Diagnostics will be transformed, according to Umapathi. “We can help the biology industry by cutting down on the use of pipette tips by 20 or 50 times. In specific workflows, we can almost entirely eliminate this bottleneck in the supply chain,” he says.

To accomplish all of this, to truly innovate in a field as complex as biology, Umapathi and Langford insist that a multidisciplinary systems perspective is essential. It’s what informs the Volta approach to genomic sequencing in particular, and biology as a whole. “Volta is a new type of biotechnology company,” says Umapathi. “It’s inevitable that more engineers and systems thinkers and those who want to build tools to engineer biology better will join companies like ours or start their own.”

Turning biology into an engineering principle is no small feat, but according to Umapathi and Langford, it’s a necessity.

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Look Beyond Big Tech Investments



Last Monday, Facebook experienced an outage that lasted for about six hours. Users couldn’t access Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp or OculusVR. 

The effects were felt across the world. Suddenly, everyone who relied on Facebook or WhatsApp for communication was left in a lurch. Even Facebook’s own employees had to rely on Outlook emails and Twitter (ouch!) to communicate. 

The outage came a day before whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before Congress about her experiences at Facebook.

When she took the stand, Haugen called on Congress to change the business incentives that encourage Facebook to highlight harmful content for its users. And to push the company to be more transparent. 

“It is unaccountable until the incentives change,” Haugen said. “Facebook will not change.”

Haugen also urged lawmakers to reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which shields internet companies from legal liability for its users’ content. She said the rules need to be changed to make Facebook responsible for its algorithms, which are used to rank content. 

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) answered Haugen’s call: 

Here’s my message for Mark Zuckerberg: Your time of invading our privacy, promoting toxic content, and preying on children and teens is over. Congress will be taking action. You can work with us or not work with us, but we will not allow your company to harm our children and our families and our democracies any longer. Thank you, Ms. Haugen. We will act.

Looking Forward

Haugen’s testimony is only adding more fuel to Congress’s fire. Regulators have been coming after big tech for months. Over the summer, lawmakers have proposed six different bills aimed at reining in big tech companies, including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. 

Whether the bills will pass in the Senate this year is questionable. But eventually, regulators will clamp down on big tech.

So what does this mean for investors?

Big tech companies won’t stop being profitable anytime soon. But as with any tech investment, investors should still look toward the future, however distant it may seem. And they should consider not just the technology itself, but the technology that surrounds it.

Cybersecurity is a major example. Remote work — which also isn’t going away anytime soon — often requires employees to access sensitive information. Crypto exchanges handle billions of dollars in transactions on a daily basis. Social media companies handle billions of users’ data at any given moment. All of this requires top-notch cybersecurity and encryption technology to keep information safe. 

Artificial intelligence is another space worth watching. As scientists and engineers discover more ways to leverage AI capabilities, its potential applications continue to expand. The healthcare industry is a particularly exciting use case. As telehealth services continue to grow rapidly thanks to COVID-19, companies are using AI to collect patient data, analyze it and even provide health recommendations to patients. Some companies are leveraging AI to treat conditions directly.

And finally, investors should also keep an eye on social media. While Facebook is a dominant force today, a growing number of people are seeking alternative social networks. Many of them — like many of my own friends — have grown disillusioned with Facebook’s data mining and lack of privacy. And as regulators continue to crack down on the company, Facebook’s power may diminish. Discord, for example, grew from 56 million monthly users to 100 million monthly users in 2020 alone. It now has 150 million active monthly users. And growing privacy concerns are only creating more opportunities for new social media startups to reinvent the world that Facebook pioneered.

These are just a few examples of tech sectors that have enormous potential. Agile startups run by smart founders have the ability to disrupt and revolutionize dozens of industries. 

And startups have at least one advantage over big tech. While big tech companies may have the revenue to dominate their markets, public opinion is turning on them. And it’s only a matter of time before the government tightens the leash.

When it does, startups will be there. And they’ll change everything.

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How to Get a Small Amount of Loan With no Credit



Do you ever wonder how you can start getting loans with no credit history?  Every borrower in the world began without a credit history and grew to a more frequent borrower with a pile of credit histories.

And you are not exceptional. However, in most cases, lenders want to prove that you can repay the loan, and they do that by checking your previous credit history.

You will need a small loan at some point in life, and there is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, emergencies often occur, and you may find yourself on a hard rock if you don’t have some savings. However, getting a small loan is always an option to help you solve your emergency on time.

But where did the other borrowers with massive credit histories start? That’s the reason we are here, so keep reading.

Before I tell you how to get a small loan with no credit, let me tell you why you might not have a credit history in the first place.

Why you don’t have a credit history

  • You could be new to borrowing. You cannot have a credit history while you have never borrowed money before.
  • You are a new resident of a particular country. Migrating to a different country can cost you your credit history. You could be having a very excellent credit score while at home,  but that becomes void when you are in a new country or state.
  • Your credit has been dormant for the last two years. This is because the credit bureaus keep your credit history for at most two years, so if you have no recent borrowing history, you will end up with no credit history after the two years.

 How do you get a small loan with no credit history?

1.      Apply for payday loans

Payday loan lenders do not conduct credit checks while deciding whether to provide you with a loan or not. Instead, they largely depend on your paycheck to determine what amount to give you. As the name portrays, you will repay a payday loan during your next payday.

However, payday loans have very high interest rates starting from 390% APR, which is relatively high. But you can consider it if you have no other options.

2.      Use collateral

Every lender out there will appreciate that you are willing to provide collateral in exchange for a small loan. Once the lender proves that you are the owner of the asset you provide, it’s easier to get a loan without credit.

3.      Apply for a small amount of loan

There is always a chance to get some funding when you need a small amount of cash. For example, a lender might be willing to risk some money in exchange for a long-term partnership with a new client.

4.      Consider your friends and relatives

Your close relatives won’t conduct a credit check if you borrow money from them. However, you should be more careful not to ruin your relationships if you don’t pay at the agreed time. So, you better commit yourself to a debt that you can repay.

5.      Go for online direct lenders

Most online lenders do not conduct credit checks when giving out loans. Instead, they will require to prove your affordability by checking your bank transactions. Afterward, you will get the cash in your account within some hours.

6.      Peer to peer lending

You will get this kind of lending mostly on online platforms. You will fill an application form on the site, and then they will match you with a potential lender. The process is easy since you don’t have to search for a lender to accept no credit check loans history. The platform will match you within minutes.

Final words

Now you know that it’s possible to get a small loan with no credit. What you should focus on is getting loans that will help you to build your credit score. However, that will be possible only if you repay the loans you borrow on the agreed time.

Source: Plato Data intelligence

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