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Disclosure about a transparency notification




Ghent, April 23, 18.30 CET, 2021 – Press release / Regulated Information

Disclosure about a transparency notification

(Article 14, first paragraph, of the Act of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of significant holdings)

1.         Summary of the notification

ABO-Group Environment nv has received a transparency notification dated 23 April 2021, from which it can be noted that as a result of the sale of shares on 19 April 2021, Frank De Palmenaer now owns 89.97% of the voting rights of the company. He has thus breached the 90% shareholding threshold.

This sale of shares by Frank De Palmenaer aims to increase the liquidity of the ABO-Group share to meet the admission conditions of Euronext Paris. Indeed, ABO-Group has notified its application for dual listing on Euronext Brussels-Paris on 26 March 2021.

2.         Content of the notification

The notification dated 23 April 2021 contains the following information:

  • Reason for the notification

Acquisition or disposal of voting shares or voting rights.

  • Notification by:

A supervising person.

  • Persons subject to the notification requirement:

Frank De Palmenaer & IDEPLUS NV (Derbystraat 357, 9051 Ghent (SDW))

  • Date on which the threshold is crossed:

19 april 2021.

  • Uncrossed threshold (in %):


  • Denominator:


  • Details of the notification:
A) Voting rights Previous notification After the transaction
  #voting rights Voting rights % voting rights
Holders of voting right   Related to shares Separate from the shares Related to shares Separate from the shares
Frank De Palmenaer 2.444.420.898 9.124.667   86,34 %  
Ideplus NV   383.890   3,63%  
  Total 9.508.557 0 89,97% 0,00%
B) Equivalent financial instruments After the transaction
Holders of equivalent financial instruments Type of financial instrument Expiration date Exercise period or date # voting rights that may be acquired upon exercise of the instrument % voting rights Settlement
        0 0,00%  
TOTAL (A & B) #voting rights % voting rights
  9.508.557 89,97%
  • Full chain of controlled companies through which the shareholding is effectively held:

Mr. De Palmenaer is controlling shareholder of Ideplus NV.

3.         Varia

  • This press release can be consulted on the website of ABO-Group Environment nv via this link:
  • Contact:

ABO-Group Environment NV
Frank De Palmenaer
CEO ABO-Group Environment NV
T +32 (0)9 242 88 22

  • About ABO-Group Environment:

ABO-Group is a specialised engineering company focused on geotechnical engineering, the environment and soil remediation. Through its consultancy and testing & monitoring departments, ABO-Group is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, as well as internationally. ABO-Group guarantees its customers a sustainable solution. For a more detailed description of the operations of the group, please consult the ABO-Group website (


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D-Orbit Successfully Completes Deployment Phase of Ongoing PULSE Mission, Deploys 20 Satellites In-Orbit, and Executes Orbital Maneuvers




FINO MORNASCO, Italy, May 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — D-Orbit, a space logistics and transportation company, today announced that it has successfully completed the deployment phase of its ongoing PULSE mission. As part of this phase, D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier (ION), the company’s proprietary space transportation vehicle, successfully deployed all 20 satellites hosted inside, including eight SuperDoves from returning customer Planet, the US-based Earth imaging company. In addition to the deployment of customer satellites, ION also executed several orbital maneuvers.

The PULSE mission began on Jan. 14 with the launch of ION aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle from the Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The deployment phase was completed on May 11, when the remaining satellites onboard were released. Over the weeks leading to the conclusion of the deployment phase, D-Orbit’s operations team fired six Dawn Aerospace’s B20 thrusters, validated attitude and orbit control strategies and algorithms, analyzed post-firing changes of orbital parameters, and performed flight dynamics processes.

The resulting orbit-changing maneuvers succeeded in changing the altitude by up to 10km, while also demonstrating ION’s ability to change the local time of the ascending node (LTAN).

When we realized that we achieved this new milestone and successfully executed a series of orbit-changing maneuvers, we felt an incredible surge of pride,” said Renato Panesi, CCO of D-Orbit. “Pride for our technical team, for our operations team, and every single individual in our company who has contributed to this mission.”

These tests, which barely scratched the surface of what ION can do, qualified the platform as a full-fledged space transportation vehicle with the ability to deploy satellites in multiple orbits different from the one which ION itself was originally released by the launcher. This milestone marks an important shift from precise deployment – already a proven company capability – to orbital transportation. While the mission continues, the operations team will perform additional tests on ION to push the performance envelope further.

This is yet another validation of our approach to spacecraft deployment,” said Luca Rossettini, CEO of D-Orbit. “While we celebrate this milestone and the people who made it possible, we keep looking to the future for ways to build on our technology. We want to contribute to the creation of a solid space logistics infrastructure that will truly enable the sustainable exploration of space and its resources. This is just the beginning.

PULSE is the second flight of ION Satellite Carrier, an orbital transportation vehicle designed, manufactured, and operated by D-Orbit to ferry a batch of satellites in space and deploy each one individually into its own distinct orbit. The vehicle used in this mission, called ION SCV Laurentius, is an upgraded version of the one used in the ORIGIN mission launched in September 2020, with enhanced maneuvering capabilities and larger cargo capacity. In the case of satellite constellations, the ability to precisely deploy each spacecraft, combined with a careful mission analysis and design, can lead to deployment strategies that accelerate the time from launch to operations by up 85% while reducing the launch costs of the entire constellation by up to 40%.

ION SCV Laurentius also features an innovative plug-and-play system for hosted payloads, streamlining the integration of instruments and experiments developed independently by third parties. The mission has entered the in-orbit demonstration (IOD) phase, consisting of a series of experiments on ARGO 1.0, a fully autonomous star tracker developed by EICAS Automazione, and DRAGO, a shortwave infrared space camera for Earth observation developed by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC).

While the PULSE mission proceeds, D-Orbit is debriefing the deployment phase of the mission in preparation for its next mission, called WILD RIDE, which is scheduled for June 2021.

About D-Orbit

D-Orbit is a market leader in the space logistics and transportation services industry with a track record of space-proven technologies and successful missions.

Founded in 2011, before the dawn of the New Space market, D-Orbit is the first company addressing the logistics needs of the space market. ION Satellite Carrier, for example, is a space vehicle that can transport satellites in orbit and release them individually into distinct orbital slots, reducing the time from launch to operations by up to 85% and the launch costs of an entire satellite constellation by up to 40%. ION can also accommodate multiple third-party payloads like innovative technologies developed by startups, experiments from research entities, and instruments from traditional space companies requiring a test in orbit.

The company successfully delivered 44 commercial payloads into space while developing advanced products and services for the needs of tomorrow.

D-Orbit is a space infrastructure pioneer with offices in Italy, Portugal, UK, and the US; its commitment to pursuing business models that are profitable, friendly for the environment, and socially beneficial, led to D-Orbit becoming the first certified B-Corp space company in the world.

For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with:

Corbin Mihelic, CSG

Elena Sanfilippo Ceraso – Media Manager

Caterina Cazzola – Head of Communications
+39 340 2840 792

Follow us on:
LinkedIn: Facebook:
Twitter: Instagram:

Photos accompanying this announcement are available at

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Savosolar signs a delivery contract for a solar thermal system to Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. in China




Savosolar Plc
Company Announcement, Insider information                    17 May 2021 at 4.30 p.m. (CEST)

Savosolar signs a delivery contract for a solar thermal system to Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. in China

Savosolar has signed a delivery contract with Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. (later Guangzhou Power Supply) for a solar thermal heating system delivery in Guangzhou, China. The value of the delivered system is approximately EUR 500 thousand. The system is expected to be delivered in the autumn 2021 and to be operational by the end of this year.

Savosolar informed on April 28, 2021 of winning a tender for Guangzhou Power Supply. The now signed delivery contract is for this earlier informed project. In this project Savosolar large collectors will be installed on tracker following the sun and thus maximizing the clean energy output from a limited installation space. Savosolar’s system will be part of an advanced multi-energy network by Guangzhou Power Supply.

Jari Varjotie, CEO of Savosolar: “The Chinese district heating market is estimated to grow annually by 8% in the coming years, and government advances strongly clean energy sources to match this growth. Additionally, the significant industrial process heating market by solar energy is still largely an untapped opportunity. China has recently published its goals of reaching a 20% share of sustainable energy production by year 2030. This in turn will drive the district heating as well as industrial players into adopting more sustainable energy solutions.

With this reference in China, for such a remarkable customer as Guangzhou Power Supply, and it being a subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid, a large state-owned Fortune Global 500 company, we will be able to showcase the unique and competitive solutions of Savosolar in the world’s largest solar heating market. We aim to bring long lasting solutions to the renewable energy market, now also in China with our advanced and highly efficient systems.”


For more information:

Savosolar Plc
Managing Director Jari Varjotie
Phone: +358 400 419 734

Savosolar Plc discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) No 596/2014, ”MAR”). The information was submitted for publication by the aforementioned person on 17 May 2021 at 4.30 p.m. (CEST).

About Savosolar

Savosolar with its highly efficient collectors and large-scale solar thermal systems has taken solar thermal technology to the next level. The company’s collectors are equipped with the patented nano-coated direct flow absorbers, and with this leading technology, Savosolar helps its customers to produce competitive clean energy. Savosolar’s vision is to be the first-choice supplier to high performance solar installations on a global scale. Focus is on large-scale applications like district heating, industrial process heating and real estate systems – market segments with a big potential for rapid growth. The company primarily delivers complete systems from design to installation, using the best local partners. Savosolar is known as the most innovative company in the business and aims to stay as such. The company has sold and delivered its products to almost 20 countries on four continents. Savosolar’s shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Sweden with the ticker SAVOS and on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland with the ticker SAVOH.

The company’s Certified Adviser is Augment Partners AB,, phone: +46 8-604 22 55.

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Savosolar on allekirjoittanut Kiinassa sopimuksen aurinkolämpöjärjestelmän toimituksesta Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd:n kanssa  




Savosolar Oyj
Yhtiötiedote, Sisäpiiritieto                            17.5.2021 klo 16.30 (CEST)

Savosolar on allekirjoittanut Kiinassa sopimuksen aurinkolämpöjärjestelmän toimituksesta Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd:n kanssa

Savosolar on allekirjoittanut toimitussopimuksen Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd:n (myöhemmin Guangzhou Power Supply) kanssa aurinkolämpöjärjestelmän toimittamisesta Guangzhouhun Kiinaan. Toimitettavan järjestelmän arvo on noin 500 tuhatta euroa. Järjestelmän toimituksen odotetaan tapahtuvan syksyllä 2021 ja sen on tarkoitus olla toiminnassa tämän vuoden loppuun mennessä.

Savosolar ilmoitti 28. huhtikuuta 2021 Guangzhou Power Supply:n tarjouskilpailun voittamisesta. Nyt allekirjoitettu toimitussopimus koskee 28. huhtikuuta ilmoitettua hanketta. Projektissa Savosolarin aurinkolämpökeräimet asennetaan auringon kiertoa seuraaville telineille maksimoiden siten puhtaan energian tuotannon rajallisesta tilasta. Savosolarin järjestelmä tulee olemaan osa Guangzhou Power Supply:n edistyksellistä monienergiaverkkoa.

Savosolarin toimitusjohtaja Jari Varjotie: “Kiinan kaukolämpömarkkinoiden arvioidaan kasvavan vuositasolla 8% lähivuosina, ja Kiinan hallitus hakee puhtaita energianlähteitä tätä kasvua varten. Lisäksi markkina teollisuuden prosessilämmityksestä auringon avulla on Kiinassa edelleen suurelta osin käyttämätön mahdollisuus. Kiina on hiljattain julkaissut tavoitteensa tuottaa 20 prosenttia energiantuotannostaan puhtailla energianlähteillä vuoteen 2030 mennessä. Tämä puolestaan tulee ohjaamaan kaukolämmön tuottajia ja teollisuuden toimijoita omaksumaan kestävämpiä energiaratkaisuja.

Tällä referenssillä Kiinassa, niinkin merkittävälle asiakkaalle kuin Guangzhou Power Supply, joka on valtio-omisteisen Fortune Global 500-yhtiö China Southern Power Grid:n tytäryhtiö, pääsemme esittelemään Savosolarin ainutlaatuisia ja kilpailukykyisiä ratkaisuja maailman suurimmalla aurinkolämpömarkkinalla. Pyrimme tarjoamaan pitkäikäisiä ratkaisuja uusiutuvan energian markkinoille edistyneillä ja erittäin tehokkailla järjestelmillämme, nyt myös Kiinassa.”


Toimitusjohtaja Jari Varjotie
Puh: +358 400 419 734

Tämä yhtiötiedote sisältää tietoja, joita Savosolar Oyj:n on julkaistava markkinoiden väärinkäyttöasetuksen (MAR) perusteella. Yhtiötiedote toimitettiin julkaistavaksi 17.5.2021 klo 16.30 (CEST) edellä mainitun henkilön toimesta.

Savosolar lyhyesti

Savosolarin erittäin tehokkaat keräimet ja suuren mittakaavan aurinkolämpöjärjestelmät ovat vieneet aurinkolämpöenergiateknologian aivan uudelle tasolle. Yhtiön keräimissä on patentoidut, nanopinnoitetut suoravirtausabsorberit, ja tällä johtavalla teknologialla Savosolar auttaa asiakkaitaan tuottamaan puhdasta ja kilpailukykyistä energiaa. Savosolarin visio on olla ensisijainen valinta tehokkaiden aurinkolämpöjärjestelmien toimittajana maailmanlaajuisesti. Yhtiö keskittyy suuren mittakaavan projekteihin kaukolämmön tuotannossa, teollisuuden prosessilämmityksessä ja kiinteistöjärjestelmissä – eli markkinoihin, joissa on iso nopean kasvun potentiaali. Yhtiö toimittaa ensisijaisesti kokonaisia järjestelmiä suunnittelusta asennukseen käyttäen parhaita paikallisia yhteistyökumppaneita. Savosolar on tunnustetusti alan innovatiivisin yritys ja haluaa pysyäkin sellaisena. Yhtiö on myynyt ja toimittanut tuotteitaan lähes 20 maahan neljällä mantereella. Savosolarin osake on listattu Nasdaq First North Growth Market Swedenissä tunnuksella SAVOS ja Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finlandissa tunnuksella SAVOH.

Yhtiön Hyväksytty Neuvonantaja on Augment Partners AB,, puh. +46 8 604 22 55.

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Scatec ASA: Completed share buyback for Employee Share Purchase Programme




Oslo, 14 May 2021: Reference is made to the stock exchange release by Scatec ASA (“Scatec” or the “Company“) published on 12 May 2021 regarding initiation of a share buyback programme.

The Company has completed its share buyback programme. DNB Bank ASA has been engaged to carry out the buybacks on behalf of the Company pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation article 5.

The Company has acquired a total of 43,907 own shares at an average volume weighted price per share of NOK 204.4785. A report of all the transactions relating to the buy-back programme, in a detailed form and in an aggregated form is attached.

The shares acquired is used for the Company’s Employee Share Purchase Programme and sold to employees.

After the acquisition and sale to employees, Scatec does not own any shares in the Company.

For further information, please contact:
Ingrid Aarsnes, VP Communication & IR, tel: +47 950 38 364, email:

About Scatec ASA:
Scatec is a leading renewable power producer, delivering affordable and clean energy worldwide. As a long- term player, Scatec develops, builds, owns and operates solar, wind and hydro power plants and storage solutions. Scatec has more than 3.5 GW in operation and under construction on four continents and more than 500 employees. The company is targeting 15 GW capacity in operation or under construction by the end of 2025. Scatec is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘SCATC’. To learn more, visit, or connect with us on Linkedin.

This is information is made public by the Company pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation article 5, as supplemented by Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 and is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to Section 5-12 the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.


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