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Danbury law would allow 4 types of marijuana business including recreational pot, but not on Main Street



DANBURY — The city would permit four types of marijuana businesses — including recreational pot sales — but not on Main Street, according to draft regulations due to be debated this summer.

According to the regulations, drafted by the city’s top planner, the number of marijuana businesses would be capped at no more than four at any one time citywide, and they would be confined to certain commercial and industrial zones where they don’t impinge on schools, parks and houses of worship. Seven other kinds of marijuana businesses, such as cannabis food and beverage manufacturing, would be banned.

“We will see how the debate goes, but me personally, I am comfortable with that,” Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito said on Friday. “The opportunity is there for these businesses, but I would not want to see any more than that, to tell you the truth.”

The city’s top-elected Democrat agreed that it was best to legislate carefully in a legalized marijuana climate that is still new to Connecticut.

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