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Charity Event – HitGrab X SickKids Go for Gold in the Inaugural Hibernian Summer Games



HitGrab and SickKids have teamed up to raise some funds for sick children and celebrate the Hibernian Summer Games in Clan O’Conall, kicking off next week!

HitGrab X SickKids go for gold in the inaugural Hibernian Summer Games

The Hibernian Summer Games are here: two weeks of fun and gaming to raise money for The Hospital for Sick Children and help Children Thrive!

Grab your Ham and Join the Clan! From July 26th to August 6th 2021 HitGrab will be celebrating the inaugural Hibernian Summer Games through their award winning 2-D action platformer Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag, and raising money for SickKids while the javelins, arrows and punches fly!

Come One, Come All

Livestreamers, gamers and audiences around the world are invited to participate in raising money for SickKids Hospital in Toronto through live events, races, and contests in Clan O’Conall. It’s all to play for as developers, content creators and players go head to head for a hoard of prizes and the chance to be immortalized in Clan O’Conall itself.

SickKids VS: This Is Why

All raised funds from the event will directly support the Toronto based charity SickKids, including 10% of the income from all sales of Clan O’Conall whilst the Hibernian Summer Games are on. The campaign is designed to bring Torontonians closer to the patients at SickKids to demonstrate and support the need to build a new hospital, enabling their physicians and staff to do their best work and empowering the patients and families in their care.

Let the Games Begin!

So take your seats and strap in for the opening ceremony on the 26th as HitGrab and the Clan Team kick off the Hibernian Summer Games with a Developer livestream. Audiences are invited to interact with the team, learn more about the SickKids VS initiative, and donate to see the Devs play with increasingly hilarious challenges.

Over the two weeks get involved in a packed schedule of events including players doing battle with Dullahan the headless horseman in the Moldy Head Toss, sprinting, sliding and leaping to the finish line in the Foot Race, and speeding through the Legend of the Faerie Temple before closing out the games with the ultimate test of endurance in a 12 hour long streaming marathon.

With other events in the pipeline such as an art auction and a member of the dev team throwing down the gauntlet to the speedrunning community by challenging them to beat their fastest run through the game, there’s never been a better time to don the kilts of cloaks of Clan O’Conall, support a good cause and show your fellow clan members what you’re made of!

Where Do I Sign Up and When are the Events?

Sign up and learn more right here! – Hibernian Summer Games | Clan O’Conall (

Media Contact and Further Event Information:

The Game Marketer on behalf of HitGrab for Clan O’Conall, in partnership with SickKids.

Contacts: [email protected]

Event Links:

●        Twitch: HitGrab – Twitch

●        Event Page: Hibernian Summer Games | Clan O’Conall

Clan O’Conall Links:

●        Official Website: Clan O’Conall: The Crown of the Stag | HitGrab, Inc

●        Steam Page: Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag on Steam

SickKids Links:

●        SickKids VS initiative: SickKids launches newest campaign – SickKids VS: This Is Why

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How to master poker



Although the poker boom has now subsided, the US card game continues to enjoy great popularity in online casino charts de. What looks like pure gambling to the outsider, however, is in truth associated with sophisticated tactics.

Read Good poker books

This is one of the oldest methods of learning poker. However, it should be borne in mind that there are so many poker books nowadays that it would be impractical to read them all. Moreover, some of them do not stand at the highest level. In addition, many strategic tips can also be found free of charge on the internet.

Watch poker video

Over the last decade, many “training” sites have been created on the internet, offering access to their educational materials for a smaller or larger fee. In many cases these are videos created by respected and winning professional poker players. They allow us to look into the minds of the best players and see the level we should be aiming for. Learning a lot of things that will come in handy on the way to this summit.

Learn to analyze hands

Hand analysis is a return to the hands played and a detailed look at them. During the game we are not able to pay attention to everything. Therefore, a later analysis of these hands allows us to see exactly whether we have made a good decision. And if not, what should it look like?
Online players can usually mark their interesting hand in the tracker, so it will be easier to find them for later analysis.
Live players must use special applications to quickly save the details of the hand. They can also use the simplest method: a sheet of paper and a pen.

View and analyze your statistics

Analyzing your database, which contains all the statistics about our game, is possible thanks to the previously mentioned tracking programs. They not only store our results, but also collect numerous statistics of our game.
Looking at these statistics, we can notice in our game leaks or lack of consistency in some spots. Moreover, thanks to the use of various filters, we can check how much money we win / lose in certain situations.

Use analysis programs

Programs that help us analyze our slottyway, in addition to tracking programs, can be divided into two categories.
The first is a variety of tools that we can classify into a broad category of equity calculators. They allow you to perform different types of equity calculations, store preflop ranges, and understand the implications of different runouts.

The second category includes programs that can be classified as GTO calculators. These are tools that generate optimal solutions and give us insight into decision trees. These programs are mainly recommended for advanced poker players, although everyone, even a novice player, should have at least one equity calculator.

Analyze total rivals

Population analysis has recently become very popular in poker. Many players devote the most time to it and consider it more profitable than working with GTO calculators.
Population analysis is, in other words, the analysis of trends among a given pool of players. Once we know the trends prevailing among our competitors (e.g. local casino or cash games on the given stakes), we can then develop strategies that will use their standard games. This requires special programs, which usually come in the form of add-ons to existing tracking programs.

Join a poker group

Some people absorb knowledge better in solitude, while others gain additional strength and motivation when they belong to a group. However, poker definitely benefits from learning together, because in this way you can draw on the experience of others and reflect your ideas from people who are at a similar or higher level of knowledge. This allows not only faster, but also more effective learning. So find people you can talk to about poker-whether it’s live or online.

Hire a coach

Private trainers cost money, but they are the best and fastest way to develop good poker strategies and habits. Not only will their advice be tailored to you and the stakes / formats / varieties you play, but you can also hear advice you won’t find in any public places.

Join the poker forum

Posting your hands for review and analysis by other players is a good way to better understand some strategies and learn something new. You don’t even have to post yourself-just read the hand comments that others have posted. Remember, however, to carefully approach advice from people you do not know-often they come from people who are guided by the motto “I do not know, but I will say”.

Do not forget about the game itself

Some people are so dedicated to learning that they forget about the game itself. But you can’t learn everything off the table. Some concepts and strategies can only be learned by applying them directly in action. It’s a bit like learning a foreign language: you can read a million books about Chinese, but you can learn it only by talking to people who know it.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence

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SCCG Management and Data Sports Group Partner to Deliver Sports Content and Analytics to the Media Industry



Las Vegas, NV – August 1 , 2021 – / / – Stephen Crystal, Founder of SCCG Management, announced the completion of an agreement with Sowbhagya Shetty, CEO of Berlin, Germany based Data Sports Group (DSG), for strategic consulting and business development in the US media markets.

DSG provides highly accurate and consistent data for a wide number of traditional sports and esports events. Media publishers can unlock new commercial opportunities and revenue streams while readers get access to well-structured and compelling sports sections that bring editorial together with data & insights.

Said Crystal on the announcement, “We are excited to be able to bring this powerful suite of content and analytics for traditional sports and esports to cable and television, mobile, web, and OTT media companies. The ability to deploy automated, AI-driven video with data and analytics is a powerful capability, which we can now easily deploy through DSG.”

DSG provides highly accurate and consistent data for a wide number catalogue of sports and esports events. Media publishers can unlock new commercial opportunities and revenue streams while readers get access to well-structured and compelling sports sections that bring editorial together with data & insights.

Sowbhagya commenting on the announcement, “DSG’s sports content is a perfect match for publishers, sports websites and betting affiliates. Media publishers looking to use sports betting content to monetize their userbase benefit by integrating our historical and live data across the full spectrum of professional sports”

DSG content suite in North America:

  • Sports Data & Statistics covering 40+ sports, 5000+ competitions including all US Sports
  • Odds feeds from leading bookmakers with prices for several markets 
  • Sports News content, meta-tagged for searchable content structure
  • Data-driven sport videos
  • Create user-focused content & betting research tools using a vast sports content library


Data Sports Group provides live sports data to media publishers and gaming segments with data feed services and rich front-end solutions.


SCCG Management is a consultancy that specializes in sports betting, iGaming, sports marketing, affiliate marketing, technology, intellectual property protection, product commercialization, esports, capital formation, M&A, joint ventures, casino management, and governmental and legal affairs for the casino and iGaming industry.


Stephen Crystal
SCCG Management
+1 (702) 427-9354
[email protected]


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Destruction AllStars Developer Delays Season 2, Releases New Patch



destruction allstars

For all the potential its core game mechanics showed at launch, Destruction AllStars has sort of petered out into the background since its release earlier this year, and it hasn’t helped that the game’s post-launch support hasn’t exactly been the most stellar. Season 1 kicked off nearly three months ago, but with the next season approaching, developer Lucid Games has announced in a blog update that that’s been delayed.

Season 1 is being extended so that the developer can focus on “the game’s core experience”. New tiers have been added to the current battle pass, but a new patch for the game has also gone live, with brings several improvements and additions. Latency has been improved to prevent “ghost hits”, while cooldowns for all slams on all vehicles have also been “drastically” reduced.

Meanwhile, the patch also adds several new things to the game:

  • New high quality skins and cosmetics
  • Online parties for solo game modes
  • A new Quickplay playlist
  • Buffs to AllStars and Hero Vehicles
  • Two Reworked Mayhem maps with smaller arena size (going live in a few weeks)
  • Three new premium AllStar Pass tiers
  • Refreshed shop interface

Destruction AllStars is available exclusively on PS5.

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Crimson Desert Delayed to Unknown Date



Crimson Desert

Adding on to the list of delays this season is Pearl Abyss’s Crimson Desert. The developer/publisher announced on Twitter that the open world title was being delayed in order to “dedicate more time to adding new ideas for an even deeper, more enriching game.” While it’s looking to “create the best possible experience,” the team also wants to ensure “the health and safety of everyone involved in delivering the game”.

Announced at The Game Awards 2020 and originally slated to release this Winter, Crimson Desert serves as a prequel to Black Desert. Though the latter is an online MMO, Crimson Desert is touted as a single-player title focused on a band of mercenaries in Pywel. The player controls Macduff who is haunted by his past and must lead his band to success. Combat appears to be based on Black Desert’s responsive hack and clash gameplay but more grounded and visceral.

While a new release date or window wasn’t announced, Pearl Abyss said it would provide an “updated schedule in the future.” Stay tuned for updates, whenever they may be revealed. Crimson Desert is being developed for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

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